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    RCL 6 Finals: Preview


    Tonight is the night of the RCL 6 finals!

    On Sunday, the big online finals of NOVA vs Blackdawgs and the Russia's first full broadcast in EASHL will take a place. As the 6th iteration of the country's virtual hockey league is coming to a conclusion, it can be stated that the league is well established and has a place in the hearts of Russian gamers.

    The finalists of RCL 6 prepare for the games, and the organizers frantically adjust the latest settings before the broadcast. Today we will see the whole series live commentated by the golden voice of Ufa (Hc Salavat Ulaev) - Azamat Muratov. Update: Unfortunately Mr Muratov had to cancel last minute due to personal reasons.


    Path to the Finals

    Of the 12 teams in division 1, only two remains. The teams have passed a long road full of difficulties on their way to the finals, but they look like the very armored train that blows away everything in it's path. Both had an uneven regular season and who would have thought that the fifth seed team would reach the final and on top of that go into the finals as a favorite. 

    NOVA NOVA.png

    NOVA slightly stalled at the beginning of the season, but the guys quickly got a taste of victory and have strung together 17 wins in a row now. They played their series with Virtuoso ending in a score of 4: 0, we'd love to tell you how they disassembled the Rusty Bulls, but rather we show.

    To your attention the highlights of the NOVA vs Rusty Bulls series:

    In every single match, NOVA was faster than their rivals, their ideas on attack looked fresher than that of the Bulls and the defensive game was more reliable, which led to this result.

    Blackdawgs Blackdawgs.png

    The very lazy regular season threw Blackdawgs in fifth place to end the regular season, but in the playoffs this team is hard to recognize, the defending champions have won every match and done it in beautiful fashion. 

    Here are the highlights from their semifinal matchups against Exen esports:

    Even the most daring predictions couldn't have expected a victory for the Blackdawgs in the semi's, but it was they who caused Exen's first defeats in  RCL playoff history. BD demonstrate incredible understanding on attack and draw their combinations to the joy not only of themselves, but also of the audience. The sum of all these combinations and numbers gives us the most attacking and unpredictable finishing in history. It might sound corny, but the one who scores more goals will win, because the shootout will be serious - it's going to be one exciting series.

    Key players:

    In all statistical aspects, NOVA looks a little better, but this is an echo of the fact that BD opponents were stronger in general.

    @xMotzz vs SPB_AlexZver_22

    Both left defenders are captains of their teams, in the semifinals it was their goals and their salvation in difficult moments of the match that decided the fate of the series. This is a matchup between the best defenders of the league.

    @lapa98 vs @Virusactive

    @lapa98 has consistently been one of the best in the league for several seasons in a row and this is no exception, and @Virusactive is the leader of the attack in these playoffs.

    @sumskoy26 vs Alex_rus17 

    Almost all skaters in the league dislike these guys, but is there a better compliment for a goalkeeper? When you put all your strength into your attack, beat a few people and now go out 1v1 with the goalkeeper, then know that if these guys are in front of you, you are going to have a tough time.

    @Ollizhki vs @Valluxet

    In the playoffs, every player brings their maximum effort to the table, and at those moments beating several opponents with individual skill is considered a luxury. Here are the players who are able to decide the fate of matches alone.

    Where to watch? 

    The complete finals will be streamed on Twitch, the games will start at 19:30 CEST (20:30 EEST) 

    Twitch: www.twitch.tv/nhlgamerrus

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