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    Spring League - All you need to know

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    Hi NHLGamers,

    it's time for our very first Spring League! A total of 82 teams registered for this non-divisional tournament which will feature some of the very best ECL teams alongside some newcomers. Without further ado we would like to give you a short briefing of the important details of this tournament:

    The Spring League season kicks off tomorrow on Monday 6th of May, however we would like captains to attempt respecting the suggested gamedays as follows: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.




    There are currently no special rules for the Spring League, but we would like to refer to the known ECL rulebook - the rules will be most likely to display the rules which are set for the Pro division. We will update the rulebook and release it as soon as possible.


    League Administration

    All league related verdicts will be decided by the League Administration. To open up a case, visit the new Support section on the forums.

    Please note: before contacting League Administration, teams are expected to solve issues they might have on their own. Familiarize yourself with our rules first, as they include lots of guidance for different issues. League Administration is always to be used as the last resort to solve any disagreements.


    Spring League Groups:

    Below is the complete list of the teams participating this season and in which groups they will play. We decided to make a total of 6 groups.

    Here are your Spring League groups:

    Group 1:

    Beast Hockey
    Cheers Hockey
    Deadly Phantoms HC
    HC Dynastia Hockey
    HC Unknown Diamond
    Nordic Stars
    Puck Panthers
    Raccoon Rampage
    Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat
    Scrubs of Sweden


    Group 2:

    EV Fuessen eSports
    Gotham Knights

    Hepola United
    Horror Hockey
    Kouvola Screaming Eagles
    Power Of Diesel
    Reality Check HC
    Silver Sword Griffins
    Speedy Bros Hockey
    Sweden Wikings
    The Next Gen
    Wolverines HC


    Group 3:

    AIK Hockey
    Butterfly Effect
    Elamam Kiekko
    Les Affranchis
    Six Sticks Misfits
    Sulkavan Sudet


    Group 4:

    Eagle Town Hockey
    Electric Ice
    Masse and the Beavers
    North Pole Huskies
    Old Farts
    Reborn Raptors
    UnderRated Lekstuga
    United Crew
    Vesa Pompa HC
    Virtual Horizon eSports


    Group 5:

    Banterfield Battalion
    Clowns On Ice
    HC Slapshot
    MahtiAnkat HT
    Northern Ascendancy
    Pink Panthers HC
    The Black Jacks
    The Syndicate
    Unlucky Boys HC

    Group 6:

    Almost Famous
    Company of Geeks
    EV Duisburg
    Freddie Mercury Institute
    Knogmackers HC
    Mighty French Roosters
    Nearbird Fighters
    Written In the Stars



    The eight best teams out of each group will be making the playoffs. This totals up to 48 teams. 16 teams will have a bye week for the first round, these 16 include the top two teams out of each group and the four next best teams determined by PPG. Alike the playoffs in ECL 8 Lite, the remaining 32 teams will then be seeded according to PPG and matched up against each other based on that. A new seeding will be done after the first round. The playoffs will be played in a best-of-5 format throughout.



    Although we have a set schedule with gamedays that should be respected, please ALWAYS contact your opponents ahead of a scheduled game. This way several misunderstandings can be avoided and eventual rescheduling can be agreed upon. We recommend contacting your opponents both on PSN and NHLGamer.


    How to report games

    Game reporting is essential in order for the league to run smoothly. All captains should familiarise themselves with how the function works. For detailed instructions, please read our manual here.

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