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    Spring League - Playoffs: Round 1

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    Hey NHLGamers,

    as the spring itself, our Spring League is closing in towards its end. The temperature is getting higher, as is the intensity on the virtual ice. Over 1.700 matches were played and over 800 players took part in this tournament. We saw tight games, we saw some upsets, we saw some big guns firing everything they've got. The top 8 in points have 100+ points with an average of nearly 4 points per game - who the heck is Gretzky right?

    But there is nothing like playoff hockey, even in a fun and more relaxed league like the Spring League - if you sign up, you want to go all the way and win the whole thing!
    Without further ado we would like to introduce you the playoffs for this seasons Spring League:

    48 Teams are qualified for the playoffs - the top two teams of each group will have a bye round in the first week. In addition, the 4 next teams with the best points per game average (PPG) will also be joining this bye round. The other 32 teams are getting seeded due to the following factors:

    • PPG average during the regular season
    • Wins (per game - as there were some groups with less games than others)
    • Head to Head record
    • Goal Difference
    • Goals scored

    Every series is a best of 5 series, so you need three wins to advance to the next round. The higher ranked team has the home ice advantage. This leads to the following seeding and playoff pairs:

    Teams with bye round: #1 Written In The Stars, #2 Symphony, #3 Butterfly Effect, #4 Northern Ascendancy, #5 Invictus, #6 The Next Gen, #7 Checkmate, #8 Reality Check HC, #9 MUKIMIEHET, #10 Unlucky Boys HC, #11 Supernatural, #12 Almost Famous, #13 Six Sticks Misfits, #14 Vesa Pompa HC, #15 Nordic Stars, #16 Cheers Hockey


    Playoffs round 1:

    #17 Deadly Phantoms HC vs ExBox #48
    #18 LIONHEARTS vs Old Farts #47
    #19 GHETTO FIREBIRDS vs Freddie Mercury Institute #46
    #20 Gotham Knights vs Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat #45
    #21 Raccoon Rampage vs United Crew #44
    #22 Blackdawgs vs EV Duisburg #43
    #23 Horror Hockey vs Beast Hockey #42
    #24 TIKI TALK vs Speedy Bros Hockey #41
    #25 Virtual Horizons eSports vs MahtiAnkat HT #40
    #26 FarmiNaattori vs HC Unknown Diamond #39
    #27 AIK Hockey vs Clowns On Ice #38
    #28 Cannonieris vs EV Fuessen eSports #37
    #29 Company of Geeks vs Murohoki #36
    #30 Bellizzi vs The Black Jacks #35
    #31 Silver Sword Griffins vs UnderRated Lekstuga #34
    #32 Wolverines HC vs SOPPAJENGI #33

    The first round off the playoffs will take place between Sunday 09.06.2019 and Thursday, 13.06.2019.

    We want to wish every team good luck and have fun!

    Captains of the teams which didn't qualify for the playoffs, please check your inbox during the weekend as League Administration will want your teams interest in a lower tier playoffs and if you are ready to participate - or if you'd rather call it a day. Nevertheless we want to thank all of you for participating!

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