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    Written In The Stars Is Your Spring League Champion!

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    Although a bit overshadowed by the NHL 20 Beta hype, we've yet again concluded a season in one of our leagues. The Spring League was started due to heavy interest from the community to have some competitive games going on and with 78 teams signing up we can call this one a success. At the end we had two teams remaining who battled it out for the title as Spring League champion. Written In The Stars played their last game under that name (now HAVU) as they faced off against Butterfly Effect in a best-of-5 series. Here's how it went:

    Game 1: Written In The Stars - Butterfly Effect 3-2 OT

    Game 2: Butterfly Effect  - Written In The Stars 0-3

    Game 3: Written In The Stars - Butterfly Effect 1-0

    Written_In_The_Stars.png Written In The Stars
    Regular season record: 22-0-0
    Round 1:
    Round 2: vs HC Unknown Diamond 3-0
    Round 3: vs The Black Jacks 3-0
    vs Nordic Stars 3-1
    vs Unlucky Boys HC 3-0


    #16 V. Voutilainen @VesKuLiNe

    #88 H. Kettunen @Hansulinho


    #43 Y. Wilhelm @willekunq

    #65 N. Mooh @kojowaa

    #78 M. Katajisto @Nassustelija


    #6 I. Lehkonen @Buantso 

    #13 R. Järvi @Dominointi 

    #25 E. Tammenpää @Eki

    #87 T. Keränen @topikeranen 

    #91 T. Kuha @FlyerKungen 

    NHLGamer congratulates Written In The Stars for the title!

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