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    Last chance to sign up for Summer Cup 3




    Hey NHLGamers,

    we want to remind you that the deadline for the Summer Cup registration is only 1 day away (Wednesday, 6th June 2018 23:59:59 CEST).
    Over 370 players will already take part in this Summer tournament and we would be proud to break the mark of 400 participants.

    This tournament will increase your network within the community and especially newcomers are welcome to enjoy the possibilities which NHLGamer has to offer. We are doing a live-draft event on Saturday, starting at 16:00 CEST, where every team captain will complete their roster piece by piece by hopefully drafting a great bunch of players who will have a ton of fun together.

    If you missed our original Summer Cup 3 post, here is the structure of this upcoming event:


    • Team building: No more than 2 players from a single ECL 6 team are allowed to play on the same Summer Cup team. This rule applies to the final rosters, after transfers and free agents.
    • Team names: The Summer Cup will be played in dedicated EASHL teams which will have "NG" as a prefix - for example "NG Golden Knights".
    • Sign-ups: To rule out unfortunate circumstances when it comes to player positioning, holidays and other aspects, the sign-ups will follow a clear structure, allowing captains to recognize fitting players more easily.
    • Draft procedure: The team captains will be taking part in a snake draft, where all of the signed up players will be drafted during one night.



    • Summer Cup Season 3 will take place on the PS4 version of NHL18.
    • Last day to sign up is Wednesday 6th of June 2018. 
    • Players sign up using the registration tool linked at the bottom of the post.
    • Due to the latency issues experienced by the North American players in Summer Cup 2, Summer Cup 3 is only for European players.
    • All signed up players are aimed to be seeded into teams with a size of 10 players (may vary).
    • Out of all registrations, NHLGamer Staff will select an according number of team captains from the players that offered to take on a captaincy role in their sign-up post - anyone is allowed to apply for it.
    • Team captains will receive a draft sheet on Thursday 7th of June, containing all signed up players and relevant information in a structured form.
    • Team captains will be taking part in a live draft event on Saturday 9th of June picking their roster until all players are seeded. The draft will be streamed live on our Twitch channel.
    • All games are played 6vs6 using dedicated EASHL teams.
    • The Summer Cup is set to start on the week of June 11th and aimed to be finished in July.
    • Full rules will be released after registration is over.



    To participate, make sure you are logged in or create an account first, visit the sign-up page and fill in all fields of the registration form like below - make sure the player positions in your Player Card are up-to-date so captains know who they are drafting! You can update your Player Card on the "Edit Player" page.


    Sign-up page: Click here!


    Be a part of this record breaking crowd and sign up for this years Summer Cup!

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