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    NG Moevenpick is your Summer Cup 4 Champion!

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    In the background of all the NHL 20-hype, we've been experiencing the finals of our annual Summer Cup and as we're used to, we saw some great stories and a somewhat surprising champion at the end - congratulations to NG Moevenpick!

    The Summer Cup is a tournament aimed to generate new friendships (or rivalries) and unite our community into a more casual environment while still having competitive games going on for you guys. With the somewhat renewed drafting system we employed in this years iteration we wanted to both level the playing field in the sense that teams would be more balanced and simultaneously promote the networking aspect of our tournament.

    NG Moevenpick 🏆
    Regular season record: 11-4-3
    Round 1: 
    vs NG Baarikarpanen 3-2
    Quarterfinals: vs NG Take Me To Church 3-2
    Semifinals: vs NG Karaokemiehet 3-2
    vs NG Vilun Taksi 3-0 

    #29 S.Netcirgenov @Darcam
    #33 J.Plattner @Joshua Plattner (C)

    #9 M.Tetarenko @Toneee9
    #19 S.Braun @Charly
    #55 R.Sepp @x Holtbeast
    #63 N.Schmitz @xXPsykoSkillsXx

    #6 J.Palapuz @Krinke
    #11 S.Seibert @Seibertus94
    #22 B.Stotz @xxairmax1oo
    #34 F.Kiss @ProfaneKiss
    #79 T.Mouting @LosTypos
    #89 A.Eder @Fire_019
    #96 -.Zettsyuk @Playmaker

    Congratulations to our champions NG Moevenpick!

    Captain Darth-SidiouzZ comments on his teams success as follows: "No one really expected us to go that far and to even win the whole tournament makes it that much more satisfying. It was a really exciting league, but now we wish all the best for all teams in NHL 20 😉👍"

    We're hoping to hear your thoughts on this years Summer Cup, so please share your feedback in the comments section. We know you guys are passionate and want games to play throughout the year, how can we make your experience even better? Keep in mind the original reasoning behind the Summer Cup though, we want to keep it casual and promote networking. Shoot!

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    I think the system was good. However we need to find a way to attract more captains in the future or implement some sort of cap. With such big rosters SC is probably not a positive expierence for the majority of players.

    But you already know this. So no need to point out the obvious, even tho I just did exactly that.

    Congratz to NG Moevenpick aka Team Germany.

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