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    Summer Cup 3 - Playoffs Round 1

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    Hey NHLGamers,

    the regular season of Summer Cup 3 is in the books and we go further into the process and start the playoff action!

    We hope that the final episode of competitive NHL 18 action has been and continues being fun for all participants and everybody has had the chance to fulfil their expectations: get in touch with the 6vs6 mode, get to know the NHLGamer community, learn swear words from foreign languages and last but not least - we hope everyone has had FUN.

    On behalf of the NHLGamer organisation we would say thank you to all 433 participants and especially those 40 serving as primary captains. Not everybody got the four required games played, but we had a look at all of the cases cases where a player did not play enough and currently no team or player has been punished and as it looks, no one will be. The captains did a good job at communicating with their teams and did their best to get all players onto the ice.

    Now we are heading into the playoffs, where 32 out of the total 40 teams have made their way. The seeding is based on PPG and the usual tie-breakers (as per the rules) and these are the pairings for the first round:

    (1.) NG KELAMIEHET vs NG Stanley Cupcakes (32.)
    (2.) NG HANAA vs NG Misfits (31.)
    (3.) NG Blue Circle vs NG Thunder (30.)
    (4.) NG Club Kannunkulma vs NG Pucktroopers (29.)
    (5.) NG Alahärmän Pullistus vs NG JERRY 69 (28.)
    (6.) NG RIPmoti vs NG Capitals (27.)
    (7.) NG Definitely Maybe vs NG Whoforce (26.)
    (8.) NG Pena ja Setelit vs NG Nighthawks (25.)
    (9.) NG Blackout vs NG We Dem Boyz (24.)
    (10.) NG Tampereen Elvis vs NG Dekes of Hazard (23.)
    (11.) NG Mousetrap vs NG Chaves Carnivores (22.)
    (12.) NG Puck Nation vs NG Spring (21.)
    (13.) NG Rough Riders vs NG Finnish Snipers (20.)
    (14.) NG OldbutSlow vs NG Paikallinen (19.)
    (15.) NG Kings vs NG White Sharks (18.)
    (16.) NG Knox vs NG Intl Hooligans (17.)

    The 1st round is played in a best-of-three series starting today, on the 2nd of July 2018, and has to be finished by the end of Wednesday 4th of July 2018. No extra time will be given!

    As a reminder, here is the schedule for the playoffs:

    • Playoffs round 1: 2.7.-4.7.
    • Playoffs round 2: 5.7.-9.7.
    • Quarter Finals: 11.7.-14.7.
    • Semi Finals: 16.7.-19.7.
    • Finals: 22.7. 

    We wish all participating teams and players good luck.

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