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    Summer Cup 3 - Playoffs Round 2




    Hey NHLGamers,

    The first round of playoffs is behind us and while most of the top teams made their way into the second round, we saw some tight battles and a few upsets in the first round. The second round is now underway and you'll find the pairs below:

    (1.) NG KELAMIEHET vs NG Whoforce (26.)
    (2.) NG HANAA vs NG Chaves Carnivores (22.)
    (3.) NG Blue Circle vs NG Finnish Snipers (20.)
    (4.) NG Club Kannunkulma vs NG Paikallinen (19.)
    (5.) NG Alahärmän Pullistus vs White Sharks (18.)
    (6.) NG RIPmoti vs NG Knox (16.)
    (8.) NG Pena ja Setelit vs  NG Puck Nation (12.)
    (9.) NG Blackout vs NG Tampereen Elvis (10.)

    The 2nd round is played in a best-of-three series starting today, on the 5th of July 2018, and has to be finished by the end of Monday 9th of July 2018. No extra time will be given!

    As a reminder, here is the schedule for the playoffs:

    • Playoffs round 1: 2.7.-4.7.
    • Playoffs round 2: 5.7.-9.7.
    • Quarter Finals: 11.7.-14.7.
    • Semi Finals: 16.7.-19.7.
    • Finals: 22.7. 

    We wish all participating teams and players good luck.

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