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    Summer Cup 3 - Quarter Finals




    Hey NHLGamers,

    We closed round number two in the Summer Cup 3 playoffs last night and were lucky enough to see the deciding moments in a total of three different matchups on our stream last night. Overall, the second round saw the home teams winning as expected, with one big exception: NG Paikallinen - ranked #19 after regular season - managed to win against NG Club Kannunkulma, who finished the regular season 4th and was certainly one of the teams we had jotted down as one of the candidates to win the whole thing.

    As we move forward into the Quarter Finals, the matchups look as follows:
    (1.) NG KELAMIEHET vs  NG Paikallinen (19.)
    (2.) NG HANAA vs NG Blackout (9.)
    (3.) NG Blue Circle vs NG Pena ja Seteli (8.)
    (5.) NG Alahärmän Pullistus vs NG RIPmoti (6.)

    There were a few requests to include Sunday as a game day, due to players wanting to watch the FIFA World Cup semi finals and as there is no negative impact and the Semi Finals were planned to start on Monday the 16th anyway, we have agreed to this request. However, the teams that decide to finish the Quarter Finals on Sunday are required to report the scores by midnight, so that NHLGamer staff can prepare the Semi Final round on time.

    The quarter finals are played in a best-of-three series starting tomorrow, on the 11th of July 2018, and has to be finished by the end of Sunday the 15th of July 2018.


    A note to the remaining teams regarding logos and broadcasts:

    There are quite a few teams still missing logos and if you wish, we can still add a logo for your team. That makes the teams more recognizable and definitely helps us make the streams and the ads for the streams better looking. If you want a logo added, just send me a private message here on the forums. If you need help with something, let me know.

    Secondly, if you want your teams games to be broadcasted with commentary on the NHLGamer Twitch channel, please consider the following:

    • Inform @Kenu as early as possible about:
      • What teams are playing on what date and time
      • Who is streaming the content for us to capture
        • Also let them know to turn off the commentary in the game and not include the party chat or any overlays on the stream.
      • What is the roster for both teams that are playing

    As a reminder, here is the updated schedule for the playoffs:

    • Playoffs round 1: 2.7.-4.7.
    • Playoffs round 2: 5.7.-9.7.
    • Quarter Finals: 11.7.-15.7.
    • Semi Finals: 16.7.-19.7.
    • Finals: 22.7. 

    We wish all participating teams and players good luck.

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