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  1. Hey Kenu. You can delete Hidden Gemz from tournament. If you can do that it will be much help. Thx

  2. Kenu

    Sign Up For SCL 1vs1 Now!

    Hi @Niklas bäcker, Info will be sent out tomorrow. Kind regards, Kenneth
  3. NHLGamers, We are nearing the end of SCL regular season! So far things have been running along fine. Below though is a list of situations were SCL Staff had to be involved. Korpens Finest - Style In the game between Style and Korpens Finest, the goalie leaves the goal crease near the end of the game which results in a goal for Style in an empty net. Korpens Finest claims that this is due to a bug showing a delayed penalty for their goalie, but this claim has not been proven. Thus, the match result stands. Hidden Gemz - Cannonieris Walkover wins are handed to Cannonieris in their matchup against Hidden Gemz. This is because Hidden Gemz rescheduled their game and yet failed to show up to play against Cannonieris. Bydemar, tobbe_persson and Drunken_Swede (Svea Kronor) Svea Kronor has been disqualified from SCL because they are not planning to play their remaining matches. Svea Kronor captains (Bydemar, tobbe_persson and Drunken_Swede) are banned from any captain role in leagues/tournaments on NHLGamer during 2019. robbieaik, Legenden1985 and Carlbrandt-79 (Socialdemokraterna) Socialdemokraterna has been disqualified from SCL because they are not planning to play their remaining matches. Socialdemokraterna captains are banned from any captain role in leagues/tournaments on NHLGamer during 2019. lbjonol (AIK Hockey) AIK Hockey had a player that was not properly registered to the team who participated in SCL matches. This player was present in AIK Hockey registration post and has played in AIK Hockey in previous seasons. This is therefore seen as a minor offence. SCL Staff is handing out a ban of 2 matches for lbjonol that applies in the next two scheduled matches. We are looking forward to an ending of the regular season with good communications between participating teams and SCL Staff!
  4. NHLGamers, Vi börjar närma oss slutet av grundserien i SCL! Det har hittills inte varit några större problem, men här nedan följer några situationer som administrationen varit tvungna att hantera. Korpens Finest - Style I matchen mellan Style och Korpens Finest lämnar målvakten målområdet i slutet av matchen vilket resulterar i att Style gör mål i öppen målbur. Korpens Finest hävdar att detta beror på en bugg som visade avvaktande utvisning hos målvakten, men detta har dock inte kunnat bevisas. Matchresultatet kvarstår. Hidden Gemz - Cannonieris Seger utan tävling ges till Cannonieris i mötet mot Hidden Gemz. Detta eftersom att Hidden Gemz först bokat om matchen till en ny dag men sedan inte kommit på plats för att spela dessa matcher. Bydemar, tobbe_persson och Drunken_Swede (Svea Kronor) Svea Kronor har diskvalificerats från SCL då man inte avser att spela resterande matcher. Svea Kronors kaptener (Bydemar, tobbe_persson och Drunken_Swede) bestraffas med ett förbud att agera som kapten i ligor/turneringar på NHLGamer under 2019. robbieaik, Legenden1985 och Carlbrandt-79 (Socialdemokraterna) Socialdemokraterna har diskvalificerats från SCL då man inte avser att spela resterande matcher. Socialdemokraternas kaptener (robbieaik, Legenden1985 och Carlbrandt-79) bestraffas med ett förbud att agera kapten i ligor/turneringar på NHLGamer under 2019. lbjonol (AIK Hockey) AIK Hockey har haft en spelare som spelat matcher i SCL men som inte varit korrekt registrerad i laget. Då denna spelare varit med i tråden för registrering till SCL och har spelat i AIK Hockey tidigare säsonger så bedöms detta fel vara av lindrig karaktär. AIK Hockeys kapten lbjonol döms till avstängning i nästa schemalagda matchpar (2st matcher). Vi ser fram emot en avslutning på grundserien av SCL med fortsatt bra kommunikation mellan deltagande lag och SCL Staff!
  5. Kenu

    Sign Up For SCL 1vs1 Now!

    Versus, so not HUT.
  6. Hi @Ztefan Pop, Yes, this will be fixed as soon as possible.
  7. Hi, this particular league is for EU only, but of course we love to hear what our NA gamers want to play as well, so keep the feedback coming!
  8. Hey Everyone, This is a bit short notice, but I'm currently visiting EA Vancouver as a member of the Game Changer programme and I have a chance to talk to the developers in person. I would like to give you the chance to get your voices heard through me, so please feel free to send your constructive feedback about what things you would like changed in the game and how. Some categories that you could think about: World of Chel HUT VS Franchise mode Gameplay Menus/User experience Other Don't feel like you have to write an essay about every category - it might be best if you focus on the things that you feel most passionate about changing/fixing/adding. What would make your experience better?
  9. Players are allowed to take part in multiple leagues/tournaments with the same account. It's just important that every player keeps their captain informed of their availability so there are no unpleasant surprises.
  10. There is no prize pool planned for this one, but if many teams feel like having an optional buy-in where the ones participating in the buy-in have a chance to compete for the prize pool, we can look into it.
  11. NHLGamers, It's been a while since the ECL action came to an end and we've all surely been itching for some competitive hockey for quite a while now! The SCL is now underway and the first week of competition has shown a lot of promise - with that being said, we know that the SCL doesn't cater to the needs of all of our community and that's why we're bringing you the Spring League. The NHLGamer Spring League is a free-to-play tournament meant to cater to the competitive gamers in our community. This tournament is a great opportunity for teams to keep up their skill level while some teams will have the chance to face off and test their quality against some of the very top teams - something that wouldn't happen with the ECL format. The Spring League will not feature a divisions framework. The start date for the league is set at Monday, the 6th of May, 2019. Signups start immediately, please head over to the registrations thread in order to sign your team up. The deadline for signing up is Friday 3rd of May 23:59 CEST. Background vector created by freepik - www.freepik.com Further details about the league will be communicated once we have an approximate evaluation of how many teams will sign up, but expect the league to run with a similar ruleset to the ECL, without the divisions framework however. For those wondering, the Spring League and Summer Cup 4 will very likely be running simultaneously for part of the summer. This in no way means that you can't participate in both, but will force players to prioritise a bit for that time period. We look forward to seeing you all on the ice!
  12. Hi! We are glad you're interested in joining Spring League. In case you did not read our sign-up instructions yet, please read the following news story first: Please use the template below to sign up your team!
  13. How to sign up for the SCL for XboxOne?

    1. Kenu


      Hi @maaree93,

      If you mean 1vs1 it hasn't opened yet. The 6vs6 SCL isn't available on Xbox One due to the lack of teams on the platform.

  14. Never happened... 😏(Thanks - fixed!)
  15. Yes, you may! I'm not sure how the laws are in Sweden, but I assume you're allowed to stay at a hotel with your parents permission (if you come to the final event). 😅
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