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  1. Thanks, sorry about that - it was wrong on the list we received. Fixed now!
  2. Yeah, the divisional play is the only competitive mode that allows more than one player controlling the team and other people can select whether or not they allow more than one opponent in the game search. On top of that, you can use the invite function to invite friends to play. I believe you can play up to 4vs4 in this mode.
  3. Hey @TomBarrasso, Yes, it's possible when you use the invite a friend feature. On Xbox you can use guest accounts and on PS4 you will need a PSN account for each as far as I know. You don't need to have PS+ for more than the primary account on each console, though.
  4. Anything for the team! 😉 Seriously speaking, our mistake while rushing the art out - thanks! Fixed now.
  5. Kenu

    ECL Schedule Update

    Hey NHLGamers! We hope you've had the chance to wind down with some nice holidays among family and friends - perhaps even briefly shifting to some other games outside of NHL! We have heard your feedback around the ECL schedule being a bit hectic, especially now around the holidays. Thus, we have agreed to add some time to finish the current rounds as follows: ECL Neo: January 7th 23:59 CET ECL Lite: January 7th 23:59 CET ECL Pro: Playoffs - January 7th 23:59 CET Relegation Battles - January 9th 23:59 CET ECL Elite: January 6th 23:59 CET There will be a one day administrative day before the following round. Good luck to all teams!
  6. That is our wish too, but if we wish to have the finals in an environment with a lot of people, we have to look at when relevant events are being held. I believe we will be able to do this better and more according to our own wishes in the future.
  7. Thanks for the valid feedback. This is something we've wanted to improve as well and the original plan was to release a quite extensive plan in August. There were some changes that forced us to move and realign a lot of the puzzle pieces, as getting everything to work together and be as inclusive as possible is something we put a lot of effort into. Below is some high level information about the planned timing of the upcoming leagues, but please take it with a grain of salt, as things are very much work-in-progress. Fact: eSHL Q1 GCL Q1 Absolutely not confirmed: FCL Q1 ECL Q2 SCL Q2 NACL TBC RCL TBC (TBC = to be confirmed, will happen - could be Q1, could be Q2 etc.) Again, please don't treat these as facts, please don't share them as facts. Thank you. 👋🏼
  8. Just for clarification, the eSM rules (written by the Finnish Esports Federation - SEUL) in 2019 said that an organization would have to be based in Finland in order to be represented. I haven't seen the 2020 rules, so I can't comment on that, but wouldn't find it surprising if it was written in the same fashion. FCL was under the eSM license in 2019 and I believe that will be the case in 2020. However, the licensing hasn't been announced for the eSM 2020-2021 applications yet. No current announcements about any upcoming IS Cup, but unless it is operated under the eSM license, it is up to IS to decide what kind of tournament setting they want. IS Cup 4 was open to all of EU.
  9. Kenu

    ECL 9 Lite Groups

    You are very correct, thank you! Round 1: 16.-23.12 Round 2: 29.12-5.1 Quarterfinals: 7.-14.1 Semifinals: 16.-23.1 Finals: 25.1.-1.2.
  10. Hey NHLGamers, We've had a great journey together and we couldn't be more excited about where NHLGamer is headed in the new year! While we continue to grow and develop at a fast pace, it's important for us to take some time to reflect on what we've accomplished, to date, and how to improve moving forward. One of our community members is currently writing a thesis and is interested in writing it about NHLGamer, specifically our social media channels. This gives us an opportunity to both help them graduate and educate ourselves with some survey findings. We would love for you to answer an anonymous survey questionnaire. We promise it won't take more than 5 minutes of your time and it will help us understand what you value and where you would like us to improve when it comes to social media and content. The survey is available in English and Finnish and will close after the weekend. Edit: Survey has ended - thank you for all the wonderful replies! Thank you in advance for your time and have a great weekend!
  11. It is a league format and the regular season is played during Jan-Feb. More details to answer all of these very good and relevant questions will be communicated as we move closer to the beginning of the season.
  12. Just a heads up to everyone to manage expectations: The SHL-teams are looking at their team building as a long-term project and many of the teams are building their teams from their local players.
  13. Hey NHLGamers, Due to a recent case that LA was tasked with, we have decided to tweak section 14 (transfer regulations) of the rulebook. The amendment reads as follows: "14.11 Transfer Rule Exemption In the event that a player has not played a game in the current ECL season, they are allowed two transfer opportunities, provided that any transfer does not violate the rules outlined in section 14." The rationale behind this addition is so that players who, for whatever reason, have not played any games, are afforded the chance to find another team and play by being able to potentially transfer to a team one more time than they would have previously. The rulebook will now have been updated to show this change, but if you wish to view it directly from here a link will be attached below. ECL 9 Rulebook
  14. Thanks for your amazing contributions to the community @cyberg! Sad to see you leaving gaming, but I know you have a big heart and the world has great things in store for you! Let's stay in touch.
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