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  1. NHLGamer, in co-operation with Ilta-Sanomat, SJK eSports and SEAMK will be organizing the Finnish Championship in NHL 19 and FIFA 19. The sponsors of the tournament named IS Cup 3 are ED and PlayStation. IS Cup 3 includes three tournaments: NHL 19 1vs1, NHL 19 6vs6 and FIFA 19 1vs1. Purchasing an eSM license will grant a player eligibility to participate in all of these tournaments. Please note that participation also requires Finnish citizenship. The total price pool amounts to 15 000 €. The first event of the eSM tournament series will be held in the beginning of November (2.-3.11.) at the GameXpo-exhibition at Messukeskus in Helsinki. The second event will be held at the OmaSp Gaming House in Seinäjoki, after which the final tournament is back over in Helsinki at Kauppakeskus REDI. www.is.fi/cup will be the place to follow the progression of the tournament throughout October, November and December. Three main events The first IS Cup 3 final event will be the NHL 19 6vs6 final at GameXpo on the 3rd of November. At this event, the four top teams from the online qualifiers will be competing for a price of 4500€. The FIFA 19 1vs1 event will be held at the OmaSp Gaming House in Seinäjoki, the event takes place on the 24th of November. Six players will qualify through online qualifiers, and two players will receive invites from the organizers. These players will battle it out for the price of 2500€. The NHL 1vs1 tournament takes the IS Cup back to Helsinki, as 16 players (four invites) will be fighting for a price of 8000€ at Kauppakeskus REDI on the 15th of December. A qualifier tournament will be held on the 2nd of November at GameXpo, the two top players will secure spots in the final. The remaining ten spots will be secured through online qualifiers between 8.-28.11. How to participate The online qualifiers will be organized by NHLGamer. There is no maximum amount of participants in the online qualifiers. As stated, an eSM license and Finnish citizenship will be required to participate. The license costs 5€ and can be bought at http://www.esm.gg/pelaajalisenssi/. One license will grant eligibility to all tournaments and events. Registration takes place at NHLGamer.com. Schedules for the tournament can be viewed at NHLGamer.com. For now, the schedule is an estimate. The final schedule will be confirmed after the registration is closed. For more information on how to sign up, visit www.is.fi/cup. For all of our international members - don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you! Sign up for ECL 7 now and stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the near future!
  2. Kenu

    Sign up for ECL 7 now!

    Thanks for the feedback, @vatalisti! The plan for ECL 7 was shaped with the help of the ECL Elite teams and this is a bit of a compromise between the ideas shared by the captains. I agree it would be better too if everyone is in, but we'll have to see what the teams think about it. If everyone agrees, we can run it 16/16 for ECL 7. Why the semifinalists get money? The thought behind that is that perhaps not all teams believe they can win, but perhaps they believe in their chances of reaching the semifinals and earning their license cost back - thus we can involve more teams. Again, open for feedback, so keep it coming! He didn't comment on your comment.
  3. Hi! We are glad you're back in action for ECL Elite in ECL 7. In case you did not read our sign-up instructions yet, please read the following news story first: Please use the template below to sign up your team!
  4. Hi! We are glad you're back in action for ECL Pro in ECL 7. In case you did not read our sign-up instructions yet, please read the following news story first: Please use the template below to sign up your team!
  5. Hi! We are glad you are interested in joining ECL Lite for ECL 6. In case you did not read our sign-up instructions yet, please read the following news story first: Please use the template below to sign up your team!
  6. Kenu

    We Need Your Help! - Looking for artists

    Love the man, but he's busy as a beaver. 🤭 He will hopefully be able to help out here and there nevertheless.
  7. Kenu


    Ahh. It does sound suspicious and stupid of someone to do that.
  8. Kenu


    Was it someone from our community, or is it possible you're being delusional?
  9. Kenu

    Free Agents - PS4

    Played some really tough 1vs1 games against this guy and he's both a good sport and an excellent player. Future superstar. Highly recommend. Welcome to the community!
  10. Kenu

    NHL 19 Soundtrack Published

    In my opinion the soundtrack is great this year! I don't necessarily listen to all of these songs outside of the game (I usually get an overdose in the menus), but the fact that there's now 21 songs instead of the 5 we are used to - not to mention the "NHL 15 theme" that we were listening to on loop in previous years - is very much appreciated. The best NHL intro is NHL 98, though. Just so you know:
  11. Thank you! We want to review it, but we're still waiting for a review copy. I like the idea about a bug page and suggestions for improvements and been thinking about finding the time to add that here too - or at the very least have a thread about it here on the forums. The ECL default times in previous seasons have been 20:00 CE(S)T and 20:30 CEST on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  12. Thank you! And hahaha, yeah I had the mic a bit too far from myself so while Rammer sounds great, my voice was with room echo.
  13. Imagine not escaping from my judgement even in the game. 😅 Yes, I agree. Rammer really comes off as an EASHL-fan himself. It's still a business and the return of investment has always been taken into consideration when making decisions.
  14. Hey NHLGamers, On Friday I had the privilege to attend the NHL 19 press event in Helsinki and talk with lead producer Sean "Rammer" Ramjagsingh about the game. A couple weeks ago we asked you to send us your questions for the NHL developers and once again the community delivered! We had a bunch of messages on the forums, Twitter and Facebook and while I didn't get the chance to ask all of them, I'm positive that we got most of them covered. The event itself was very well organized and this time around EA had set up plenty of game units connected to the internet, so even the most serious gamers could play head to head without the disadvantage of playing down-screen. NHL Gaming World Championship 2018 winner Erik "@Eki" Tammenpää, who recently joined Sampi, was a very wanted guy for the press at this event and he was giving interviews left and right throughout the day. I also had the pleasure of playing my only game of NHL 19 against him and an exciting game it was! There were quite an amount of familiar faces at the event and you should be able to find at least @Dominointi, @Eki, @Hansulinho @MakezCR @Nieppii & @PleeMaker in this video. It was a pleasure to meet the guys, as always! « Huge thanks to all of the NHLGamer community out there for all your beta feedback! » -EA Sports NHL producer Sean Ramjagsingh extending a thanks to our community Rammer and the dev team was very pleased to see that our community had sent us loads of questions, we were even able to provide some ideas they haven't thought of previously. The producer and the whole team wanted to extend a thanks to all of you. « As the community knows, EASHL in my opinion is one of the greatest experiences we have in the game. By building out the World of Chel and the multiple different experiences, I feel like we can lower the barrier of entry into the EASHL ecosystem which is only going to make the competition better. » – Rammer on the development of World of Chel and EASHL We were very pleased to hear that the thought behind World of Chel wasn't just to bring out an enjoyable game-mode, but also to lower the barrier for new players to enter and experience the fun of EASHL. Hopefully we'll see a growth in the player base of EASHL and get even more skilled players into our community. « I think being able to practice is a big part of the learning curve in EASHL from a team-play perspective. This year we made a big decision to try and build out the experience around EASHL with the World of Chel. We think it’ll be an important tool for us to bring newbies and more people into the competitive EASHL scene. » – Rammer on Practice mode in EASHL Without further ado, check out the video below! What do you think? Did you like what you heard? Something we missed? Let us know in the comments.