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  1. Surely you don't mean that you want to remove skating backwards? Assuming you mean changing it for the better so it isn't as useful. Please let us know your ides on what the critical things to fix is and where it's most wrong in your opinion and how you would like it to function. And I really mean it - we can all go "It's broken! It's broken!", but in order for the feedback to be the most beneficial, it'd be great to get the most concrete description(s) of what exactly is disliked, what's liked and how we think it could be fixed the best to our liking. From NHL 20 onwards we will be focusing even more on getting the feedback from our community and how we can best communicate it to the producers and I will definitely be asking for more videos this year. I'll post more about this later.
  2. I've had some questions about L2/LT, and I thought I'd address them, but my man NoSleeves12 already beat me to it with this video: So basically it's useless (and hard) to try to remember how exactly it felt in at the end of April, but the important thing is the conversations with the producers about these things and where they want to go with it. I'm also a strong believer in "I believe it when I see it" with such things as seamless puck pickups, but at least I can say everything I saw in Vancouver points to that they're really working on making it better and skating and passing did feel better - not completely overhauled by any measurement, but more smooth and less on rails with certain movements such as receiving a pass. Needless to say, there were many things not implemented yet in April and it was noticeable (which is to be expected during development), so it's impossible for me to say how well things pan out and work when the game comes out. What I can say though, is that the developers put in a lot of time and energy and genuinely seem to share the passion that we have for the game. I definitely want to work on how we are able to provide better and more specific feedback from here on out and that we as a community get good quality videos of things that we dislike, bugs etc. as I can assure you they do look at them and make decisions based on the material we provide them with.
  3. Kenu

    FCL 6vs6 Playoffs - Round 1

    Big thanks to @FlyerKungen for his well written feedback and to everyone who's chimed in! I agree that there is room for fine-tuning especially in the brief Finnish 6vs6 rules that we made specifically for this purpose. We wanted to make them shorter and easier to read than for example the ECL rulebook, but the downside is that we lost some of the detail that makes the ECL rulebook so good (arguable! 😄). I would also like to see the FCL (& eSM) be more of a league (hence the name) with more time and a season feel to it and that is the goal for it next year. Regarding the BO3 vs BO5 vs BO7 - I would love for everything to be BO7 or at least BO5, but due to the time restrictions everyone is playing these games with we felt BO3 is the only format we can be sure that teams can finish during one night. As for the live portion of things, in order to be able to have 4 teams battling it out during one day, at least the semis have to be BO3 (and bronze battle BO1). The problem arises from potential OT's (which we love!) and schedules stretching out. Aside from player, commentator and studio personnel stamina, we have to remember that the audience might not want to watch for 9 hours straight either (Summer Cup 2 Draft ftw 😅). Of course as the NHL esport continues to grow and we can have more events/days it's easier to build a concept that gives a bit more freedom while not making the broadcasts intolerably long. And I will say, to avoid misunderstandings about what I said just above, that I'm very grateful for the confidence our partners have in us and that they let us make our own decisions how we best see fit. Especially with live events there's often a need to compromise so the event makes sense to more than the absolute HC fans. Keep the feedback coming - thank you!
  4. Kyllä, juuri näin! Tarkat tiedot sähköpostitse kun kaikki tapaukset käyty läpi!
  5. Hi NHLGamers! We want to start by thanking all teams and players for making the hectic group stage as efficient and problem free as it has been! We've seen some great battles within each of the groups and it really was a nail-biter all the way to the last round! As the FCL was wrapped up tonight, a situation has arisen in which tiebreakers will have to be applied. The situation in question is as follows: Butterfly Effect (+43), Dynasty (+25), GHETTO FIREBIRDS (+22), Rusty Blades (+23), Symphony (+41) and TIKI TALK (+15) all finished the season with 12 games played, 9 wins, & 19 points. The numbers in the brackets denote the goal differential for each team. Per the rulebook, in the event of such a tie occurring the following tiebreaks shall be used: Unfortunately, we failed to spot that having ‘head-to-head results’ would lead to some pretty major complications due to the multi-group setup that we are running with the FCL. While it works excellently within the groups or solely involving teams that played each other, it can not be implemented in this case. As such, we have decided that as this tiebreaker is only relevant to some of the teams (GHETTO FIREBIRDS vs Symphony and TIKI TALK vs Butterfly Effect), we will have to disregard it from the tie-breaking process and move straight to goal differential instead. Once again, this error is on us for not spotting the possible discrepancy in the rules, as the tie-break procedure was drawn up to be applied in a tournament setting where there is only one group, such as ECL: Elite, or at the very least a tournament with an even number of groups and cross-seeding in the first round. Ergo, as no teams are tied regarding ‘goal differential’, Butterfly Effect will take #7, followed by #8 Symphony, #9 Dynasty, then Rusty Blades, and finally bringing up the rear of the group we have GHETTO FIREBIRDS at #11 and TIKI TALK at #12.With this out of the way then, we can now give everyone a full rundown of the seeding for the playoffs, which will be shown below. As always, we would like to extend a thanks to everyone for competing thus far, as well as wishing good luck to all of the remaining teams! The first round of playoffs is to be completed and reported by end-of-day Sunday July 21st. Playoffs are played best-of-3 - meaning two wins takes you to the next round. Dynasty (#9) vsSymphony (#8) Rusty Blades (#10) vs Butterfly Effect (#7) GHETTO FIREBIRD (#11) vsRaccoon Rampage (#6) TIKI TALK (#12) vs Almost Famous (#5) POGGERS (#13) vsHAVU Gaming (#4) HC Wildcard (#14) vs Northern Ascendancy (#3) Mockba (#15) vs SOPPAJENGI (#2) Invictus (#16) vs FILADELPHIA (#1) For future leagues/tournaments involving more groups, we believe that defining the head-to-head result being applied only within the group and adding a tie-breaker using the placement within the group (i.e. Dynasty #1 in group 4) as the third tie-breaker would help value the group standings better. Please share your opinion with us in the comments. Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs - we can't wait to see what happens next!
  6. Can't confirm specifics at this point, but yeah, the next ECL will be in NHL 20.
  7. Good feedback. Roster has been added to our news story.
  8. Myös @Hbnzo on poistettu hänen toiveestaan aikataulusyihin vedoten.
  9. Zundeh (@Miska) on kuvakaappauksen perusteella ilmoittanut jättävänsä leikin kesken. Hänet on poistettu lohkosta.
  10. @Urban69 on ilmoittanut ettei pelaa pelejä loppuun. Pelaaja on poistettu lohkosta.
  11. @ArtZahh on poistunut karsinnoista vedoten ongelmiin internet-yhteyteen liittyen. Pelaaja on poistettu lohkosta.
  12. @willekunq on lopettanut karsinnat kesken (ei otteluita pelattu) ja täten poistettu lohkosta.
  13. @akweni90 On jättänyt leikin kesken ja poistettu karsinnoista.
  14. @Hanzqa totesi mobiilinettinsä liian huonoksi ja näki parhaaksi jättää pelit kesken ennen isompaa vaivaa. Yksi pelattu peli poistettu ja Hanzqa poistettu lohkosta.
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