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  1. Kenu

    Free Agents - PS4

    Team player with a big heart looking for potential new home. Contributor on the ice and in the locker room. Favorite position is RW. Currently represent Team Frosty in Elite but looking at options due to no ice time. This has been discussed with Team Frosty and there is no drama involved. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=4 PSN ID: KenuFHR
  2. Kenu

    NHL 19 Tuner Rollback (Limited duration)

    I truly get your point, but here's my take on the issue: They made changes that a lot of loud people thought were the wrong changes. Also, that feedback was given with no previous experience of the game and while people didn't yet know how to play the new game, so the opponents were also not playing the same way as they are today and thus you might have fond memories of beating everyone 10-0 when nobody could play defence. Hence you can't really go purely on the old feedback if the consensus is that you made the wrong changes based on the old feedback and that's why we are painfully reminded about some of the negative aspects of the old tuner today.
  3. Kenu

    ECL 8 Rulebook Update and LA Rulings

    Thanks for the feedback. If this is a common consensus we are of course ready to look at the rule.
  4. Kenu

    ECL 8 Rulebook Update and LA Rulings

    Shouldn't be - it was removed for ECL 8 as far as I know.
  5. Kenu

    ECL 8 Rulebook Update and LA Rulings

    Are you color blind? (I'm not sure if this is too personal a question?) I'm not, so it doesn't disturb me, but that's the reason why we have the post color rule in there. I also don't in particular enjoy the missing helmets (except it makes it easier for commentary when players stand out), but I haven't heard of an argument besides "it's unrealistic" to forbid it. Does it mess with you being able to tell the opponents from your players?
  6. Kenu

    ECL 8 Rulebook Update and LA Rulings

    Agree with you. This is why all cases are manually reviewed by LA. New case:
  7. Kenu

    ECL 8 Rulebook Update and LA Rulings

    The intention is very important here. In the cases which we have handled so far, the intent has clearly been to interfere with the player rather than play the puck.
  8. Kenu

    NHL 19 Tuner Rollback (Limited duration)

    The Game Changers program itself isn't new, but if you're referring to the fact that currently both Game Changers that have daily contact with the dev team and provide feedback and content creators (that are not) are both branded as Game Changers - I agree they should not be called the same. I mean no offence by this to anyone, but it's simply confusing to those that are not in the program. I'm of course in a biased position, being a Game Changer (the first mentioned version), but I couldn't disagree more about the Game Changers (nor the developers) being clueless. Lots of people with different areas of expertise are giving both broad and detailed honest feedback on a daily basis. I agree this tuner is not what our NHLGamer community asked for, but sadly a big chunk of the critiques of the game have been spamming "bring back the beta tuner" and the studio decided to do that for a week to get the feedback. Let's face it - had they brought back only parts of the tuner, the same people would be complaining how "this is not the beta tuner". And thus here we are with the good and the bad parts of it. (These are my own observations and not some internal information) Be sure to fill out this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FZMVS62 However, note that you can only do it once - so best to wait until you have played enough to give your thorough opinion.
  9. Kenu

    ECL 8 Rulebook Update and LA Rulings

    Is he going for the puck or to interfere with the player?
  10. Welcome! I hope some team will give you a chance to come try it out. 👋🏼
  11. You guys made us very proud! Congrats! Let's get some more guys over to Washington!
  12. Kenu

    What do we do?

    Hi, Are you referring to HUT switching to dedicated servers? Do you have a video of the on-ice coach thing happening? Are other teams having issues? I've heard complaints about HUT, but not about EASHL suffering.
  13. Erik "@Eki" Tammenpää of FILADELPHIA is the cover gamer for ECL 8. The toughest, most prestigious EASHL 6v6 league in Europe is back – bigger than ever. Founder and owner Kenneth Lehtinen and the NHLGamer organization is proud to present, in association with Elisa, the 8th edition of the European Championship League – ECL 8, presented by Dr. Oetker Rustica. NHLGamer, Elisa Viihde and Dr. Oetker partner up to produce the 8th instalment in the popular and successful ECL franchise, expanding and enhancing the tournament in a number of ways. The collaboration between NHLGamer and Elisa Viihde will bring increased visibility to the tournament as it enables ECL games to be broadcast on the multimedia platform Elisa Viihde. This development will see the quality of our already-beloved ECL broadcasts make a tremendous leap forward. Starting the second week of January, Elisa Viihde will broadcast three games from the ECL top division, Elite, every week nationally in Finland. These broadcasts will feature Arttu Hämäläinen (of IS Cup fame) and NHLGamer’s very own Jani Hetta in the booth, calling the play and guiding the viewers through the most high-skill, high-pressure situations virtual ice hockey has to offer. ECL 8 Elite will be broadcasted in Finnish starting Wednesday, 9th of January through Elisa Viihde Sport or through the Elisa Viihde Twitch-channel. Broadcasts will also be available in English or without commentary at the NHLGamer Twitch-channel. Our new sponsorship agreement with German-based international food corporation Dr. Oetker will allow ECL 8 Elite to feature an unprecedented price pool of 10 000 EUR as it makes its grand return on January 7th. The prize pool of ECL 8 Elite will be divided as follows: #1. ECL 8 Elite Champion: 7 000 € #2. ECL 8 Elite Runner-up: 2 000 € #3.-4. ECL 8 Elite Semifinal losers: 500 € The ECL 8 Elite Finals will be played on Friday 1st of March at the LanTrek event in Tampere, Finland and can be enjoyed live at the venue or through the above mentioned broadcasts. We are proud to also announce that our cover gamer for ECL 8 is the multi-champion Erik "@Eki" Tammenpää. During 2018 Eki has won the NHL Gaming World Championship in 1vs1 NHL 18, the 2018 Finnish Championship in 6vs6 NHL 19, the 2018 Finnish Championship in 1vs1 NHL 19 and the 2018 European Championship in 6vs6 NHL 19 in the ECL 7 season. As such, we believe nothing to be as fitting as Eki and his team FILADELPHIA being featured in our ECL 8 art. NHLGamer For those of you who don't know us all that well, NHLGamer continuously strives to offer the best experience for any and all gamers who have come to enjoy the competitiveness of playing the EA SPORTS series of NHL games. Our greatest accomplishment, The European Championship League is a league where all the best European NHL gamers create teams and compete against each other in the game mode EASHL (EA SPORTS Hockey League - 6vs6) for the title of Best EASHL Team in Europe. Today, over 5000 website members also visit NHLGamer for all the latest NHL and gaming related news and exclusive content such as developer interviews and early gameplay impressions of upcoming titles. While proud of our achievements and the success we‘ve had in creating and maintaining such a great community of talented gamers, we're only getting started. Our long-term goals include growing the community to host even larger leagues with larger prize pools and working together with EA SPORTS and gaming-focused organizations, to ultimately establish a platform for professional players at the cutting edge of Esports. Ultimately, we believe that if you want to be one of the best players in the world - you practice, chat and play with the pros. Elisa Viihde Elisa Viihde is the leading online entertainment service in Finland. On Elisa Viihde you can find a wide selection of series, movies and a whole lot of exclusive sports for your viewing pleasure. The service also includes a range of TV-channels and a movie rental library. Dr. Oetker The massive international food corporation has been operating on the Finnish market for over 20 years now, being one of the major players in their business. Their most known products include the Rustica pizza, a wide variety of baking products and breakfast cereals.
  14. Kenu

    ECL 8: All You Need To Know

    This is most certainly not the case @Niksu21. The dates are in the rules that will be published in the afternoon. Here's the info you asked for:
  15. Kenu

    ECL 8: All You Need To Know

    Sorry, forgot that in the article. They were also offered and turned it down. Thanks - I'll add it now.