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  1. Welcome to the community @MidnightOdyssey! What's your favorite game mode?
  2. The thread is about a fantasy draft-type of league for the Finnish Liiga. Will make an exception and accept discussion in Finnish for this thread, as the game is only available to play in Finnish at https://www.liigaporssi.fi/.
  3. NHLGamers, The yearly time has come where we announce a recruitment round. As you know, our operations have always been ran with a fairly small crew, but it's a fact that we are growing faster than ever and the future holds several interesting projects. This is certainly a great time to be a part of this community, but another harsh fact is that nothing could be accomplished without hardworking staff. In order to ensure and maintain a high production quality and tackle all these new projects, we reach out to you in order to ask for help. We are recruiting staff for several different positions and are looking for new staff members to work both with our European and North American leagues and tournaments. You will find a list of open positions below: DIVISION LEAD As division lead you are in charge of running the day-to-day operations of your assigned division together with your assigned division assistants. This entails making sure the schedule is being followed and games are reported accordingly, fixing possible errors and communicating with teams in order to solve possible conflicts or escalating the issue to League Administration if required. DIVISION ASSISTANT As division assistant you are helping out with the daily tasks of operating your assigned division. This entails making sure the schedule is being followed and games are reported accordingly, fixing possible errors and communicating with teams in order to solve possible conflicts or escalating the issue to League Administration if required. You report to the division lead. GRAPHIC DESIGNER As a graphic designer you'll be working in tight co-operation with the other staff and will assist in various types of content creation. Examples of content include (but are not limited to) stream artwork, images for news stories or even animations or pictures for social media. We're hoping that you have some previous experience in image editing and have a small portfolio to showcase in your application. You will also need to have access to software required for completion of your tasks. VIDEO EDITOR/CONTENT CREATOR We know there's a great deal of talent out there among you gamers! We are looking to take our content creation to the next level by generating more video content in addition to the traditional stuff that we have been doing. You will be free to pitch ideas of what you want to create and will be working together with our streaming crew and other content creators in order to figure out what type of content to push out. As a video editor you know a thing or two about video and audio quality and putting together a video using tools such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X. You don't have to be a professional, but we would like to see some of your previous work in your application. WRITER/INSIDER You are responsible for producing content as discussed with the editor-in-chief. You are expected to be able to produce coherent text in English by yourself, but your content doesn't necessarily have to be perfect, as it goes through your editor-in-chief before publication. We hope that you have an interest to investigate and dig deep for those juicy stories. Knowledge about players and leagues will come in handy, but is not mandatory. Please send in any articles you might have written previously as a reference. Feel free to sweep us off our feet with your application, in case you don't have previous journalistic references to send in. BROADCASTERS As a broadcaster you will have a very visible role on our Twitch channel.Your tasks will include commentating on matchups that are being streamed and engaging with the chat while doing so. We also hope that you'll have new creative ideas to bring to the table as we're constantly looking to improve out content production. We hope that you have some experience in using Twitch and Discord. Streaming experience is beneficial too. We are mainly looking for English speaking broadcasters, but are also interested in learning about Finnish and Swedish broadcasters, so don't hesitate to let us know if that is the case. For the English broadcasting, we expect you to have a good spoken English and some knowledge about the league and it's players. However, let's not forget the most important trait we value: enthusiasm. As an NHLGamer Staff member, you will have a lot on your plate and we expect a certain level of work ethic, but in return you are provided with an interesting opportunity to enter the esports industry and develop your skills in a supportive environment. Several of our long-time members have made great improvements and taken steps towards a career in esports. The positions are unpaid at this time, but offer an opportunity gain valuable experience and a network of colleagues. Contact Please send your application as an email to [email protected] Please attach an introduction, your resume and a portfolio if you have one.
  4. Hey NHLGamers, I had the liberty of visiting the EA offices for the NHL 20 Producer Tour in Helsinki on Tuesday and sat down with EA SPORTS NHL Producer Clement Kwong for an in-depth interview around NHL 20 and the series in general. As one might expect from me, it was another long session across a variety of topics and I'm happy to say we went beyond the short generic replies on many topics and got a peak behind the scenes in how the game is being developed and what the developers have to take into consideration when making the game. Without further ado, check out this podcast type interview below: Thanks to @SUPERVIRTA for joining in and helping out - sorry the audio is a little bit weaker for his part. At the event we had a chance to play the so called day 0 version of NHL 20, which is the version that everyone will get to play when the game releases. This was a play now match between Virta (WSH) and myself (STL) on one console. It's worth noting that it wasn't a very serious game and we aren't used to playing down-screen, so the playing might not be world class - but we had fun! Please also note that this is in fact offline and uses a bit different sliders than online. As you can notice there is a stick breaking during the play and the CPU is rather aggressive with hitting at times, neither of which we expect to be the case online. Hope you enjoyed this and are as excited as we are to get our hands on the game! Check out more of NHLGamer's social media channels at: https://www.facebook.com/NHLGamer/ https://www.twitch.tv/NHLGamer https://www.instagram.com/NHLGamerOfficial/ https://twitter.com/NHLGamerCOM
  5. Hey NHLGamers, Let me start off by thanking you - our community - for once again providing excellent feedback that you submitted based on the NHL 20 Beta! Tomorrow (Tuesday 27th) we will have a great opportunity to talk to some of the EA SPORTS NHL producers face to face in Helsinki. Like in previous years, we are aiming for another interview compiled from your feedback and specific questions about the NHL series. This opportunity is truly a great way for everyone to voice their opinion and to keep our community and its members recognized as a valuable source of direct community feedback for the development team in Vancouver. How do I submit the feedback/questions? Easy in many ways! 1) Use the comment section below or 2) Write to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! (Pro tip: Use all of the channels to increase your chance of making it to our list of questions!)
  6. A big thank you to everyone who have chimed in and shared their condolences and stories, as well as to everyone who have donated towards the fundraiser! ❤️ Only 2 600 SEK to go towards the goal with 3 days left. If you were thinking about donating to this cause, here is your chance! https://www.gofundme.com/f/qbnw2n-for-the-family-of-daniel-quotfloor17quot-anderzon
  7. I like Laine, but I would have liked to see Barkov picked for this year.
  8. A few weeks ago we learned that NHL 20 will feature Auston Matthews as the cover athlete. Now the cover athletes for the Nordics have been presented, as Patrick Laine and Elias Petterson will be the gentlemen starring on the respective covers of NHL 20 on the store shelves and in the online marketplaces in Finland and Sweden. Laine also appeared on the cover of NHL 19 in Finland and that makes him the first athlete in EA SPORTS NHL history to be featured on the cover for two years in a row. - It was great to hear that EA SPORTS wanted me on the cover again. The new cover is even cooler than the previous one! This sort of recognition brings me the drive to prove on ice that I'm really worth all of the hype, says Patrik Laine. - I'm sure everyone knows that I've been a passionate EA SPORTS NHL fan since I was a kid. A season in the NHL is very tough and playing the new NHL game on the Playstation with my friends is a great way to relax, Laine continues. Laine was picked as one of the superstars that have a NHL 20 Signature Shot in the game. The Signature Shots are - you guessed it - recognizable shooting styles that have been carefully modelled after the biggest stars in the NHL. If you'd like to read more about the features in NHL 20, you can read our previous Full Reveal article and Gameplay Article. Both players got their own short trailers and you can watch them below: Screenshots of both players in-game likeness were also released: Patrik Laine, Winnipeg Jets Elias Pettersson, Vancouver Canucks Don't forget to send us your NHL 20 Beta feedback! Do you think these players were the right call for the cover? Who would you have picked? Discuss in the comments below. Source: EA SPORTS press release
  9. A warm recommendation to post your feedback while it's still fresh and you haven't played too many Summer Cup games! I want to submit the feedback this week.
  10. Ahh oops! I thought the joke was that the draft stream was going to go on until next year. 7th of September, because we believe the early access of NHL 20 will kick off around the 8th (5 days early).
  11. 16 teams go to playoffs: TOP 5 in each group + the best PPG takes the last spot. Within the groups, the seeding works as follows: PPG average during the regular season Wins Head to Head record Goal Difference Goals scored As per our discussion during the FCL, we have decided to honor the following tie-breakers to form the playoff pairs: Group Placement PPG Average Goal Difference Goals Scored In other words: Group winners are seeded #1-3 Group runner-ups #4-6 3rd place #7-9 4th place #10-12 5th place #13-15 The team with the best PPG outside of the top 5 group spots will be seeded #16 (if there are only two teams from the same group fighting for this spot, the group tie-breakers will be used) Sorry about that - wrong setting in the league settings.
  12. Yeah something like that is to be expected. Though a couple years ago it was 9 hours... sooo - let's be closer to 6!
  13. The draft is currently estimated at 17:00 CEST. TBC.
  14. Hello Summer Cup friends! I hope to bring you some facts asap. The FCL finals have taken their toll in the preparation phase of the Summer Cup draft and we are currently evaluating the situation.
  15. Looks like Janne forgot to turn the page of his almanac. 😅 I missed this mistake too, though, so shame on me. Thanks!
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