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  1. Kenu

    Viestiketjut vastustajan kanssa

    Kiitos @Hullued! Ja kiitos @xGuentzel hyvästä kysymyksestä. Nämä ovat välillä itselle liian itsestään selviä asioita, joten ei muista ajatella asiaa uuden käyttäjän näkökulmasta. Lisäsin nyt tuonne turnaussivulle myös yksityisviestit valikkoon, jotta päääset ne nopeasti tarkistamaan ilman ylimääräistä kikkailua. (Huom! Turnaussivusto ei automaattisesti ilmoita uusista yksityisviesteistä. Voit nähdä uudet viestit täältä keskustelupalstalta ja itse esim. saan sähköpostia jokaisesta uudesta yksityisviestistä.)
  2. Kenu

    Bracket 1 finaali

  3. Kenu

    ECL 7 Elite: Power Rankings - Week 2

    Someone reported the wrong game at eSM - not me! But yes, I forgot to fix it even though you told me about it. Should be in the right season now. The game itself needs some fixing, but isn't messing with your ECL stats anymore.
  4. Kenu

    Ottelun tulosta ei voi ilmoittaa, FIFA

    Moikka, nyt onnistuu!
  5. Kenu

    Team Radical disqualification

    The League Administration would like to take this opportunity to remind all teams and players that the LA does not wish to ban any players or teams and would much rather help the team captains with any issues they might have, so that the team can continue their season despite any issues. By contacting the Support/League Administration as soon as possible* when you run into issues you're unable to resolve yourself, you are not showing weakness - on the contrary, you are taking responsibility and show that you care about your team and are doing your best to get things resolved despite issues. * This does not mean you shouldn't do your best to cooperate with the other team. We always appreciate captains that can be flexible with other teams and are able to agree to compromises and get things done without LA involvement. RADICAL DISQUALIFICATION ECL Elite team Radical have been disqualified and removed from the ECL 7 tournament. On Wednesday the 31st of October the League Administration got information about team Radical folding. The team lost two key players and team captain @Tuukka.R (KingOfApes_) gave up, leaving the team's internal WhatsApp group. There didn't seem to be any big efforts to fix this situation and instead of the captains asking the League Administration for help, players seemed to be wanting to transfer to other teams. In the process, the assistant captaincy was changed a couple times without proper agreement and the responsibility remains with the original captains. While the main captain is the main leader and in this case was one main reason for the team folding, the assistants (in this case @Joukki (Joukki13) and @Penatski) are also expected to show leadership and responsibility for their team. As such, the team is disqualified and its captains will face the following disciplinary actions: KingOfApes_ (C): ban covering the end of ECL 7, and a 10 game suspension in ECL 8 in addition to a two season ban from being able to take a role of a captain/assistant captain during ECL 8 & 9. Joukki13 (A) & Penatski (A): ban covering the end of ECL 7, in addition to a season ban from being able to take a role of a captain/assistant captain during ECL 8. The rest of the team are able to transfer to another team for the rest of the season and will receive no disciplinary action. The ECL Elite License will not be refunded and the prize pool remains untouched. All Radical games will be voided and the team will be removed from ECL 7. While making its decision, the League Administration looked at and evaluated the following rules: We received some feedback about the rules not being quite conclusive and partially inconsistent in some cases and we agree with the feedback, that we can clarify and unify the meaning of some potentially contradicting sections. In any case the intent of the rules is to hold the captains accountable for their team and the LA believes the ruling reflects that. We will be taking this valuable feedback into account and make adjustments to the ECL 8 rulebook. - League Administration
  6. Kenu

    ECL 7 - Lite Playoffs: Round 1

    Hi there NHLGamers! Due to the ECL Lite regular season being extended due to the EA server downtime, some discrepancies in game reports and after the weekend still taking it's toll on staff this announcement was slightly delayed. Nevertheless, we're here to announce the Round 1 Playoff matchups of ECL 7 Lite! The games will be played best-of-7, meaning it takes four wins to make it into the next round. Due to the EA server downtime pushing the regular season end and causing the Playoff pairs to be published quite late, we're allowing one extra day for the first round of the playoffs, meaning the round has to be finished by Monday the 12th of November. Below are the pairs for round 1: 1. The Next Gen vs 64. Bombers Hockey 2. Finnish Snipers vs 63. Hockey Hooligans 3. The Black Jacks vs 62. HC Keskikalja 4. Mentula SKA vs 61. HC Finlandia 5. Clowns On Ice vs 60. Magic Mushrooms 6. Prowlers vs 59. KulmalaHengaus 7. FarmiNaattori vs 58. TEHOTTOMAT 8. Supernatural vs 57. HARDCORE NAPPIAIVOT 9. Rajatorpan Mafia vs 56. Unknown Ice Breakers 10. HokiDogit vs 55. HC Aurinko 11. We Kings vs 54. Red Devils HC 12. SPARTANS vs 53. Swedish Match HC 13. Freddie Mercury Institute vs 52. Stayhard Stallions 14. Inter Iceland vs 51. Melting Point 15. Perttilan Kommandot vs 50. Nearbird Fighters 16. Kalamasu HT vs 49. Niederrhein Canucks 17. Team France vs 48. Clusterpuck 18. Dubnation Gaming vs 47. SHECANGO 19. Kaukosen Luistin vs 46. Rising Phantoms HC 20. Blackdawgs vs 45. SKA 21. Poston Fruits vs 44. DEG eSports 22. HC Bidon vs 43. Pink Panthers HC 23. K A R H U T vs 42. Falcons 24. Supremacy vs 41. Cancun Pirates 25. Finnish Hockey Legends vs 40. Outrageous Falcons 26. Suomen Sonnit vs 39. Last Period 27. Elämäm Kiekko vs 38. TeQuila SunRise 28. Infinity vs 37. Bare Knuckley Hockey 29. Etelan Vetelat vs 36. Red Light Zone 30. Saucer Hockey vs 35. Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat 31. Puck Panthers vs 34. The Dudes 32. Lehmannen Badboyz vs 33. WESTEROS HC Good luck to all of the teams!
  7. Kenu

    ECL 7 Lite Season Extended

    Yes. Pairs are completed - but double-checking everything before announcement.
  8. Kenu

    ECL 7 Lite Season Extended

    Late December/Early Jan. TBC.
  9. Late December or early January. TBC.
  10. Kenu

    ECL 7 Lite Season Extended

    NHLGamers, Due to the downtime of the EA servers on Thursday 1st November 2018, it was not possible to play any scheduled games. Therefore League Administration has made a ruling to extend the Lite division regular season from the original November 2nd 2018 until Sunday 4th of November 23:59 CET. We ask all teams with games remaining to finish their games until this new deadline and report their games immediately so we can further process the results and prepare for the upcoming playoffs. If you are unable to find an agreement with your remaining opponent, please open a new support ticket to league administration. The Lite playoffs will start on Monday, 5th November 2018. - League Administration
  11. Kenu

    ECL 7 Pro: Team of the Week - Week 2

    We have something cooking for Elite too.
  12. Kenu

    ECL 7 Pro: Team of the Week - Week 2

    Great work guys! Note to Pro teams: Please take nice high quality screenshots of your team so we also use other teams besides Deadly Phantoms for the cover art of this series (even though they have been playing great!).
  13. Red Jackets GCL Registration & Member Ban The team Red Jackets - registered by member @schlundleo15 - will not be allowed to participate in the GCL3. This decision was made after reviewing the accounts of all captains who registered teams. During this check it was discovered that the captain schlundleo15 had registered the team Western Dynasty as user man-at-work-74 before, after which he removed the registration without notifying the assistant captains. This lead to further account investigations during which we discovered that the user holds up an overall of so far six known accounts on NHLGamer, each associated with different PSN ID's/Gamertags. Western Dynasty's registration has been recovered and the team will be allowed to start the GCL3 season. The discovered accounts so far are the following: sebbo xtreeem42 Luroalel sabre2411 man-at-work-74 schlundleo15 This is a not acceptable behaviour and also not in line with the rules for competing in tournaments on NHLGamer.com. Therefore all accounts except one (chosen by the member within 24 hours) will be removed. The user is required to unveil any other possible account belonging to him. If an existing account that NHLGamer was not notified of within 24 hours is detected, this will also affect the ban period. As a result of the current findings, the user will be banned from all NHLGamer leagues and tournaments until December 31st 2019. If during this timeframe any new infractions or new registrations with a different ID are detected, the ban will be prolonged and can be changed to a lifetime ban. - League Administration
  14. Kenu


    Moi, kyllä!