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  1. Still looking, I would like to also add to this that I'm available almost anytime on the weekends so time won't be an issue then and for those worried about latency issues do not worry my internet can handle it. Would like to join a team already in the ECL or aspirations of joining the ECL in it's next season
  2. Galley___ LD/RD I play can many different play types and styles. Primarily play as a speedy PMD (3v3) or bulky OFD (6v6) both as LD, if I play RD I usually settle into a more defensive role either DD or TWD but can do anything from either side. Righty shot 23 Philly Would love to try out for a high level team to see if I have what it takes Just regular EASHL with the boys, won a few elite cups in our time Galley#0159
  3. Looking for a team, new to the community, veteran of the game and series 23 y/o English speaking American available at prime CET play times (21:00-0:00 even later if possible) due to my job LD/RD Prefer LD for offensive purposes but can play RD and can settle into a more defensive role if team requires it. 3v3 I usually play a fast PMD, 6v6 a bulky OFD, can play DD too, like I said if team needs/requires it Message me here or on PSN: Galley___ (That's 3 underscores)
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