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  1. It was a pleasure to play the last ECL with you Ampu. How sad news when I heard this. Rest in peace... 😥
  2. Free Goalie for ECL (Lite or Neo) https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=686
  3. In EASHL, The search system (matchmaking) is far too limited for Western European teams for Germans, Swiss and French for example. We would like to have the opportunity to meet Swedish or Finnish teams because the search time is extremely long and the number of teams is very limited. Would it be possible to have a quick update on this subject to resolve that?
  4. Free Goalie for the next ECL season... Better for me to have a backup role. You can contact me here or to my psn ID trollstivegen.
  5. Old : 12-16 ms New : 12-16 ms 100km of Paris, France
  6. Free Agent Goalie !!! I'm loocking for a team (doesn't matter the division). Experience goalie and can also play aswell C / RW and RD if needed... If you are interested... PM me here or in my PSN account : Trollstivegen Language : english
  7. PSN: dalessandro28 Positions: RD / C with left handed About me: I come from France. 34 years old and I play EASHL since NHL10. Captain: Not interested in being captain I will be offline from 29 july to end of august for vacation

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