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  1. Have to say that it wasnt 7 games series with Reality Check but eventhough good series and article
  2. Looking for a new team from Elite. Positions: C & LW
  3. Still looking for a team
  4. Free lw/c Former teams: Written in the stars, Sika, Dynasty, Sjukstugan, Almost Famous, Team Frosty
  5. Bitch/Girl found a team..
  6. Free Agent Center/Left winger looking for Elite team to upcoming ECL6 season. Former teams: Written in the Stars, Sika, Dynasty and couple games in Northern Ascendancy Pm here or psn
  7. Lw: Vilupoika, Bugimir, Puantso C: Patzlaf, Penatski, Adetikki Rw: Foppatofflan, Flyerkungen, vatalisti Ld: Nylanderi, Janzuh, jtorro1234 Rd: Snapu48, Totalii, willekunq G: Supreex, s_wild_rus, Cappe
  8. Nampa77

    ECL 5 - Elite Finals

    One more benchwarmer shouting here
  9. Nampa77

    ECL 5 - Elite Finals

    He is lainz-guy, nevahöödi
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