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  1. We’ve made it to the finals of the second-ever NACL season, and whether you've been along for all of it or just a part, let me tell you it’s been an extremely successful season chalked full of entertainment. We’ve gone through 312 regular season games, where we saw 822 goals. We started with 15 teams, but we’re down to the final 2. In a best-of-7 clash, we’ll see the winner take home $2,400, and 2nd place take $1,200. Let’s see how these 2 teams match up! Vertigo Regular season record: 19-4-1 Vertigo comes into the series as the number 1 seed with a 19-4-1 record in the regular season. Being the top seed can bring some pressure heading into the playoffs, but Vertigo showed no signs of crumbling, advancing through both the quarterfinals and the semifinals series scores of 4-2 and 4-1 respectively. Neither one of these series was shy on storylines, however, with Vertigo dominating the opening two games against Montage Moment in the quarterfinals with 7-0 and 8-2 scores respectively. @Nasher and co. (Montage Moment) looked to make it as close as possible, with three one goal games to end the series, until @CaLL Me Jakoo scored the series-winning goal with 18 seconds left in game 6 to advance Vertigo to the semifinals. They had an opening game OT loss to Entourage in the semis, but followed it up with four straight wins, with three out of these four wins being one goal games to cement their spot in the Finals. Leading the way offensively for Vertigo is @P t P 10, who leads all skaters in playoff goals with 17 in 10 games. @CaLL Me Jakoo and @ScaryJoeyy round out the offensive core, with very solid playoff runs with 23 and 17 points respectively. @Gwan led all defensemen in scoring during the regular season and continues his success with 11 points in 10 games in the playoffs. @SamDelisle9 slides in on the right side of the ice, recording 12 points in 10 games for Vertigo. @Denisov x 42 tends the pipes for the squad, and has only let in 15 goals in 11 games during the playoffs, and has recorded an 83.52 save percentage with 3 shutouts. 6th Sense Regular season record: 18-4-2 6th Sense finished the regular season with an 18-4-2 record, good for 3rd place heading into the playoffs. They came up against an always tough opponent in Phantoms in the quarterfinals. They started off slow in the series, dropping the first two games in overtime to go down 0-2 in the best of 7 series. However, they kept their composure and roared back with four straight wins, topping it off with a 7-1 win in game 6, to take the series 4-2. The semifinals against BBB was even more of a barn burner, in the sense that games 2-5 were all finished in overtime and every single game was tight all the way to game 7, where 6th Sense would cap off the series with yet another OT winner, this time to punch their ticket to the NACL Finals. @F0G 19 leads the way with 29 points in 13 games for 6th Sense. @John Bri I 7 I and @TheGreatMP7 finish off the forwards, who put up 25 and 21 points respectively. @Vaporize 17 has been a force from the right defensive side, leading all defensemen in goals (3), assists (12), points (15), shots (19), and is second in hits (51). His D partner @Doops also had a solid run, with 12 points in 13 games. In net is @Seb TopG, who has a 2.31 GAA and a 80.13 save percentage. In the regular season matchup between the two, Vertigo came out with the 2-0 victory in the series, with scores of 1-0 and 5-1. However, both games were close in time on attack and in shots on goal. While Vertigo was the better offensive team throughout the regular season, 6th Sense was the better defensive team, although both teams were at least top 5 in every single statistical category, with both teams seemingly neck and neck in some categories. Expect some very close games, and some high-quality hockey to be played by both teams. The action Sunday, where we will see one team be crowned as the NACL Champion. Tune in for all the action starting Sunday, May 17th at 07:00 PM EST (01:00 CEST) over at www.twitch.tv/nhlgamer!
  2. NHLGamers, While our recent articles gear towards the teams and more importantly, the players, it’s time we heard from the voices behind the mic, our very own broadcast crew. I asked Cody @Tougie24 Tougas, Paul @Cyn Anderson, and Nick @f5penguin DiMeo their thoughts on the recent growth of NHLGamer, the production level, and the 6v6 community in general. All 3 of these gentlemen can be found across our streams and broadcasts, and have made appearances in all levels of play, whether it be ECL, NACL, or the eSHL. << I think they're one of the leaders of innovation when it comes to bringing forth a level of quality in the content and in the gamesmanship, and you see that especially with the ECL and now the NACL breaking through. I only see big things in the future for them. >> Question: We’re entering the 10th season of the ECL, and the second season (of hopefully many) of the NACL. Just recently it was announced that there were a total of 196 teams signed up, a record-setting 15 000€ prize pool for ECL season 10, and new esports organizations such as JYP Jyvaskyla, SJ Gaming, hREDS, and KOVA Esports signing rosters for the upcoming campaign. What’s it been like to watch the site grow at such a rapid pace? @f5penguin: It's interesting to see the site grow at this pace that you mentioned. It's fun to watch the surge happen, especially with everything going on in the world currently. People are looking for an outlet and they're looking for a place to play and do something that is closest to sports while they are confined. I'm of the opinion that esports IS a sport and I've said that for a while, being a new sports and new media advocate. However, seeing a record 15,000€ prize pool, seeing actual hockey teams take on an esports team, and signing a roster for the partnership with the Swedish SHL (eSHL). These are huge, monumental things and I couldn't be more thrilled that NHLGamer is the one responsible for doing some of these things. I think they're one of the leaders of innovation when it comes to bringing forth a level of quality in the content and in the gamesmanship, and you see that especially with the ECL and now the NACL breaking through. I only see big things in the future for them. @Tougie24: It's been amazing. Nearly a year ago I was able to have a conversation with @Kenu (owner and founder of NHLGamer.com) while we were both in Vancouver over potentially doing commentary for NHLGamer. It's something I wanted to get into, seeing as Youtube and Twitch isn't exactly the end goal I have in mind. I'd also been having conversations with Cyn around the same time over our mutual interest in trying to branch out into commentary. He's been someone I've considered a friend for nearly as long as anyone in the Youtube community, and we'd decided pretty early on into those conversations that we were going to be a package deal. After talking with Kenu, I knew that NHLGamer was who I wanted to be affiliated with. The ambition, the vision, of where the competitive NHL scene could be lined up directly with myself and Cyn's. And just in the past year alone, the thought of "backing a winning horse" has come to mind. I already view that decision as a successful one. In the time since, we had our trial NACL run, which has turned into what this series has been, which I'd argue has been successful in turning heads in terms of what type of platform this league is looking to provide. Overseas, the ability to call games not just for the NACL but the eSHL was an honor. I get to see the same drive and ambition that won me over in the first place on display. The team we have all want the same thing. To help improve the footing of NHL esports. And just over this past year alone? No doubt in my mind that's been accomplished. And I can't wait to continue to see where it goes. << While myself and Tougie may be the ones on screen being the proverbial “faces” of each broadcast, what goes on behind the curtains during and days before is just as if not more important than what we bring. It’s really great to see others appreciating the hard work that goes into that side of production because we know first hand just how vital it is to our success. >> Question: A common comment when talking about NHLGamer, has been the level of production in the broadcasting during the featured games. While the ECL has been acclimated to this for a few seasons, the introduction of the NACL has brought in numerous positive comments about the level of detail to make the broadcast the best it can be. These things are also mentioned talking about the casting crew and the level of professionalism yourself and others bring to the table. How do these comments contribute to your current and future broadcasts? @Cyn: That sort of positive reinforcement is quite inspiring to hear. I think we feed off of viewer feedback as a collective group. We all hold ourselves to the highest of standards and anything less than greatness leaves us feeling unfulfilled. It is one of the best rewards of this job to hear that your effort and passion is being appreciated, and that goes for internal feedback as well. We appreciate and value all those involved so much and it’s clear to us that everyone plays a huge part in making each broadcast a success. It all needs to click to look as good as it can. And while myself and Tougie may be the ones on screen being the proverbial “faces” of each broadcast, what goes on behind the curtains during and days before is just as if not more important than what we bring. It’s really great to see others appreciating the hard work that goes into that side of production because we know first hand just how vital it is to our success. @f5penguin: These comments to me I love. You may not know, but I have been broadcasting for 10 years in new media, so strictly online streaming, podcasting, etc. I've been a tech journalist for a long time, and I've been calling esports games for three or four years for other leagues as well. So when I see everybody love what we do, part of me is elated here that definitely without question. I love that people are enjoying the product that we're giving them, but also, part of me knows that this is what we could do. This is what happens when you bring talented people together and give them the ability to create. When you find the talent, you should work insanely hard to grow it, keep it maintained, do everything you can to give them a chance to shine. And I think NHLGamer does a fantastic job that I'm able to have free reign. I'm not told what to say, I feel like I'm not given a very finite script, and I'm able to create freely. Working alongside Drew Goldfarb has been a blessing, I'm learning so much from him and that's amazing. If you haven't seen an ECL broadcast before, here's the latest one from tonight: Question: With the cancelling of numerous sporting events across the world, we’ve seen professional sports teams and leagues shift towards simulating their respective sports to give their fans something to watch during this period of uncertainty. While it’s massive progress to have these organizations acknowledging the presence of esports, especially sports games like NHL 20, can you give your best sales pitch on what they are missing simulating games with the AI, rather than contributing to the 6v6 EASHL community? @Cyn: They are missing perhaps the most important element of entering an online market; timing. I believe they are still sort of trivializing esports, especially NHL which is just beginning to blossom, and haven't done a whole lot of market research on esports and their growth patterns. Otherwise, every single professional team would be scrambling to create their own division devoted solely to esports. The signs are everywhere. Gamers being signed to contracts with streaming platforms, countless tournaments being held both online and on LAN, and legitimate successful and thriving business models devoted to esports. I guess my pitch would be this: You have in front of you a unique opportunity to evolve with the times and cast yourself into an historical undertaking. If you don't get in on the action now, someone else will. Refusing to take the leap with the information we have on hand makes you a dinosaur. This is quite literally a can't miss investment opportunity. @Tougie24: First, from a general standpoint. It's probably somewhat cliché to say, but hockey is a team sport. The individual game is fine, it can be entertaining. From an advertising stand point, it's probably easier to focus on an individual and their personality. But it's simply mind boggling to me that we haven't seen more professional teams step up to support the team game over the individual. That's for both NHL and FIFA for that matter. Now in terms of teams currently presenting AI gameplay? It's a bit more understandable with how unexpected of a situation we're all living in happens to be. But perhaps this look towards the video game side of things for content opens some eyes to the product that's already there, and the opportunities that are there for the taking. << It doesn't matter what your role is, no matter how big or how small your contribution, everyone needs to work together to push this thing forward. >> Question: NHL 20 has seen an explosion of new tournaments, and overall impressive progress to the esports scene, whether it be more teams stepping into 1v1 tournaments, and more relevant to the 6v6 scene; the Caps Gaming Showcase in North America, and the eSHL featured in Europe. These 2 leagues not only broke down barriers in the community, brought new sponsorship opportunities, more legitimacy to the NHL esports community, but most importantly, more viewers and demographics to the community itself. What do you think are the next steps for the NHL community as a whole, but also the 6v6 community in terms of building off the growth and success of these prestigious tournaments? @Cyn: I think the next step to take is to continue to increase production value on the online formats to show that this is a sustainable model for success. We have to capitalize and continue to build on the momentum we as a community have right now and that means content, content, content. I think NHLGamer in particular is doing this exceedingly well. The more interest we generate, the more professional organizations and larger sponsors will have to take notice which will lead to further legitimacy and funding. With that, we can have even more LAN events which are always seen as the coup de grace for each season or tournament. We’re also going to need to work closely with EA to program in features that cater more to 6s esports in particular. The biggest of which would be an observer client and improved servers. Basically, everyone involved needs to be ready to put more skin in the game if we want this to keep exploding and not stagnate. @Tougie24: More important than the destination for competitive sixes is how we get there. Everyone wants more high profile LAN events, larger prize pools, etc. But we're not going to get there unless the community works together as a whole. It doesn't matter who you are, what your role is, what league you're in, etc. Do your part. Whether that's just maintaining a good public image, sharing and promoting stuff on social media, or helping with the production of the league you're in. It all adds up and pushes us forward as a group. Something as simple as sending in a picture to make the presentation look that much more appealing goes a long way. Like I said, it doesn't matter what your role is, no matter how big or how small your contribution, everyone needs to work together to push this thing forward. @f5penguin: First and foremost, we need more buy-in from NHL, the game, the sport, and we need more buy-in from the sponsors. You look at leagues like NBA 2K, and there's a real life crossover happening that is not happening at the scale that it needs to happen here. I think organizations are taking the safe approach by doing 1v1 tournaments, or by bringing it one player to play with a streamer that runs the stream and that's the right move. I think we need a spectator mode. We need the ability to not allow people to skip and press “A” We need better camera angles. We need a replay functionality. We need belief in the system and it's the chicken before the egg. There's no true proven ROI for NHL. It's the fourth major sport in the United States, so I totally understand the reason it's not there yet. Some teams are taking risks, and it's a catch 22, but somebody has to start doing it. Thankfully, we have amazing organizations like the Washington Capitals doing the Caps Gaming Showcase, which is unprecedented, and we wouldn't have seen that had it not been for some of the things that happened last year to bring it to fruition. But we need it on a bigger scale. We need everybody to buy in and do it, and we know we're seeing inklings of 1v1 here and there. Maybe a little bit of threes, but we need 6’s. Every NHL teams should have a 6v6 team, I stand by that. Maybe not locally, maybe they go and fetch people from around the countries. But they need something, and there has to be a reason to watch it and you can air games during intermissions and you can build hype around the teams. You can have him come to the games, there's so many ways to bring this here. Esports is gonna be a $7 billion industry by the end of next year. Why would you not want to be a part of that?
  3. The NHL community loves to do top 10 rankings at each position. These are fun discussion starters for the community, but no one seems to be talking about the best 6’s teams out there. NHL 6v6 is all about chemistry and teamplay, but there isn’t any distinction to the best 6’s teams out there. It’s probably because teams rosters/teams change dramatically after a long event or a crushing defeat. With NHL 6v6 on the rise, and with more and more organizations/sponsors stepping into the space, let this be a PSA to try and maintain a roster for longer than a month. There will be good teams who won’t be ranked here, and that will simply be because they did not maintain a majority roster (3/6 starters) so their previous results cannot be pinned to an individual, and more so to the now-defunct roster. If you are switching your roster that drastically, you would assume they haven’t had success and probably shouldn’t be considered top 10 at this time. This post will contain the top 10 North American teams from the past couple of events in NHL 20. Here are the criteria: 1. Tournament/Event Results will be heavily considered here. Events are long and hard to come by these days, and teams change so much that we will only cover LG S12 and Caps Gaming in this list, as they are the most relevant and most recent. Going too far back leads to too much roster shuffling, but also the meta changing from yearly installments. So we’ll only use those 2 tournaments I mentioned. I’m using a points system, similar to ATP rankings in tennis, or how ESL ranks CSGO teams. Caps Gaming is ranked slightly more (about 5% higher) than LG due to recency. You can learn about these systems here: ATP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATP_Rankings ESL CSGO: https://pro.eslgaming.com/worldranking/csgo/rules/ 2. Opponents played/beat is also an important factor in these rankings. With both of the tournaments above being used, the quality of opponents can vary depending on scheduling/the format in general. In other words, some people may have an easier road than others, and best of 1’s versus best of 3’s+ are also a factor. Each team ranked here will have their notable wins in each category shown to get a grasp of the quality of opponent + placing. Best of 1’s (BO1) will only be a single game, while best of 3, 5 and 7’s (BO3, BO5, BO7) will be a series of wins over the same opponent, making them more noteworthy than a best of 1, where a bad or lucky bounce could change the tide of the game. Best of 7’s is the format of the NHL playoffs, where the first to win 4 games will ultimately win the series. 10. BBB LG Championship S12 - Top 16 Caps Gaming Showcase - Top 16 Bo3: Prophecy Bo1: Resilience, Composure x2 BBB was dominant in NHL 19, winning multiple 6s Championships. Unfortunately, it’s been too long since those events, and BBB hasn’t been able to replicate that same success in NHL 20. They bring back Flowmaster Joe, who was a key player in their previous success and will look to get that old BBB chemistry back and flowing. While they have been consistent in their placements, they’ll need to step it up in upcoming matches to jump in the rankings. 9. Dahlia LG Championship Season 12 - T24 (from Royalty) Caps Gaming Showcase - T8 Bo3: Prophecy, Phantoms, Entourage Bo1: Resilience, Vertigo The Dahlia Type Beat was in full force during the Caps Gaming Showcase and rolled through most of the regular season without a series loss. They play a tight defensive game and can play any team no matter how much offense to close games. They changed @TheGreatMP7 with @KingClutch, who is a proven PSN player in his own right and should be a solid addition to the squad. They’re proving that the gap between Xbox and Playstation players is smaller than people think, and will look to build off their previous campaigns. 8. Vertigo LG Championship Season 12 - T4 (From Legacy) Caps Gaming Showcase - N/A Bo7: Prophecy Bo1: Hidden Potential, Composure, Entourage, Dahlia, Underdogs Vertigo is a recently formed roster, filled with plenty of veterans from the 6’s scene. The majority of this roster comes from Legacy, who had solid 6’s results prior to the switch, but ultimately dropped out of Caps Gaming. They added the Turning Point duo of @Soy los 19 and @SamDelisle9, who you could argue were the two most impactful players on their roster. They then top it off with @Kernsy, @CaLL Me Jakoo, and @DDW4, who have been a part of very solid rosters in the past and are skilled players in their own right. This team has the potential to move up spots in these rankings in the near future, and the only reason they aren’t is because of the DNF in the Caps Tournament. 7. Prophecy LG Championship Season 12 - T8 Caps Gaming Showcase - T16 Bo3: N/A Bo1: Dahlia, Entourage, Vertigo, Phantoms, BBB The long-running brand of Prophecy has had a decent amount of consistency in terms of placing, but nothing too high or noteworthy. They recently went through a rehaul of their roster, bringing in @McLxvinn, @Po1andsFinest and @Sorokin x 90. All three of these guys bring pedigree and experience to the team and look to make a deeper run in future events. 6. Phantoms LG Championship Season 12 - T16 Caps Gaming Showcase - 4th Bo3: Entourage Bo1: Vertigo, Dahlia, Composure, BBB, Entourage Phantoms have been a pleasant surprise of the 6’s scene recently, being a newer roster/brand formed in NHL 20. The French squad surprised plenty in the early going, but then topped it off with a dark horse run in the Caps Gaming Showcase, making it to top 4 and the LAN experience. These guys can’t be considered dark horses anymore and will look to continue their consistent success. 5. Underdogs LG Championship Season 12 - T4 Caps Gaming Showcase - T8 Bo3: Composure, Dahlia Bo1: Dahlia, Composure, Entourage, Prophecy, BBB, Phantoms This French squad is by no means an underdog at this point, as they have been consistently a solid contender in all the events they play in. The Underdogs like to play a high powered offense and have the skill to match any top team goal for goal. They had a tough run in the Caps Gaming tournament, as they had forfeit wins and forfeit losses all over the place, which messed up their swiss ranking and eventually their seeding for playoffs. They have however been one of the more consistent teams in placings, and look to make a run in an upcoming tournament to jump in the rankings. 4. Composure LG Championship Season 12 - 1st Caps Gaming Showcase - T32 Bo7: Phantoms, Underdogs, Resilience Bo3: Resilience, Prophecy Bo1: Prophecy, Dahlia, Hidden Potential, Phantoms, Underdogs Composure is one of the few rosters that’s stuck together for a significant period of time. While they have had success in the past that aren’t mentioned here, the results look a bit hot and cold for the squad. I don’t think that the top 32 placement in Caps doesn’t tell the full story here, as they came up against another top 5 team in Underdogs. They have had wins in all series formats, and with an event win under their belt this year, they know how to get it done in NHL 20. 3. Hidden Potential LG Championship Season 12 - T8 Caps Gaming Showcase - 2nd Bo7: BBB (LG) Bo3: Composure, Dahlia, Prophecy, Underdogs, Phantoms Bo1: Prophecy, Underdogs, Dahlia, Phantoms, Entourage, Vertigo Hidden Potential is a relatively new team, but has made waves in NHL 20. They started off with solid placements and results early on in NHL 20, beating a lot of top 10 teams, and then followed it up with a 1st place regular season in Caps Gaming, and a 2nd place overall finish. They have depth in all positions, adding players like @rickchel, @YungGren, @Remi l9l and IHuskie to round out the utility positions. The next step for this team is an event win. 2. Entourage LG Championship Season 12 - T16 Caps Gaming Showcase - 1st Bo5: Hidden Potential Bo3: Composure, Resilience Bo1: Phantoms, BBB, Resilience, Dahlia, Composure The most recent champion, Entourage looked significantly more prepared for the LAN environment than the other attendees. This showed in their results, as they didn’t drop a single game on their run. Their event win is plagued by their slow start in the beginnings of NHL 20, but their ranking is nothing to discredit. This team is solid top to bottom, have the firepower to run up the score or play a tight 1 goal game. The addition of @Regs84 has proven beneficial in spades, as he brings a puck-moving side to the right defense spot not seen from too many other teams. 1. Resilience LG Championship Season 12 - 2nd Caps Gaming Showcase - 3rd Bo7: Hidden Potential, Vertigo Bo3: BBB, Phantoms, Underdogs Bo1: Underdogs x2, Phantoms, Hidden Potential, Composure, Vertigo, Prophecy, BBB, Phantoms As much as people may feel it’s strange to have a team that hasn’t won an event at number 1, it’s tough to not put Resilience at the top spot. They have been the most consistent, being the only team to get at least top 4 in both events. They also have the best track record in terms of beating top 10 teams, which comes from those deep playoff runs. The Resilience boys have bounced around with different wingers from time to time, but they brought back Stifmeister x7 and @Thibodd, who are arguably 2 top 5 wingers right now. They have one of the most well-rounded rosters and have done everything except win a big event. It feels like the only thing left for this team is to get that coveted trophy. Unfortunately, this team has spread itself out for NACL, joining various top 10 teams to bolster other rosters, so they will not be looking to raise the NACL trophy as a squad. Do you agree with our ranking? Let us know your TOP 10 in the comments below.
  4. The North American Championship league is making its long-awaited return. Would you like to help us come back in a big way? We are looking to bring the most exciting competitive format to the community by proposing a major playoff system change. This will be the first of its kind in NHL esports and we are looking for your feedback. With the new season of NACL, we want to make the regular season more meaningful and the playoffs more exciting. Keep reading to learn more about our proposal and what we plan to achieve by doing this. Proposed Playoff System: Challenge System To illustrate the proposed Challenge System, we will use a 16 team league format where 8 teams make the playoffs. However, this system can be adjusted depending on the number of team signups. In traditional playoff formats the 1st seed will play the 8th seed, the 2nd seed will play the 7th seed, and so on. While this format can still produce high quality matchups and excitement, we believe the proposed Challenge System will give teams more incentive to finish the regular season on top and will add a layer of anticipation to the first round of the playoffs. The proposed format will separate the playoff teams into two groups; group 1 will be teams seeded 1-4 and group 2 will be teams seeded 5-8. Example Standings: Team A Team B Team C Team D --------- Team E Team F Team G Team H Group 1 consists of teams A, B, C, and D, while group 2 consists of teams E, F, G, H. How the Challenge System will work: Team A will pick their first round opponent from any team in group 2 (team E, F, G, or H) Team B will then pick from the three remaining teams Team C will then pick from the two remaining teams Team D will match up with the team that wasn’t picked by the top 3 seeds To make this even more exciting, it is our goal to have the selection process broadcasted live on Twitch with one representative from the top three teams. The key benefits of this system: Additional content and added excitement during the first round of the playoffs Potential for new rivalries Completely eliminates any benefit of seed manipulation This new system is a fantastic way to build excitement and hype for a potential series. For starters, there will be a lot of anticipation to know which teams get matched up. There is also potential for drama during the draft: a team can fake out the stream, playfully trash talk their opponent, or present their case why they think they're number one. All of these factors can create an even more intense atmosphere, which will give viewers and the community more reasons to tune into the broadcasts. With this system, anyone who is looking to gain an advantageous first round matchup by intentionally underperforming won’t be able to, as the control of the pairings is in the hands of the top 3 performing teams. The rivalries that build up during the regular season, especially the rivalries that have been building up for years in other leagues, will be put to the test. Will the high seed play it safe? Will they challenge a familiar team to flex in front of an audience? The possibilities! The inspiration for this format comes from the Southern Professional Hockey League which has also inspired rule changes for the NHL. The most recent change being the implementation of 3-on-3 overtime. We are hoping this will bring a fresh, highly competitive format to NHL 6v6 in North America. Let us know how you feel about this new format in the comments section below.

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