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  1. Looking for team to play with next ECL season, the higher the better, but its not a key thing to me. [FIN/ENG] -Prefering any F, but I can try being D or G if needed. -Like playing with fast passes and trying to reach empty space to use. -Played in Old Farts and Tiki Talk. -Unemployed so can play any time. PSN: KXnet1b
  2. Moro! Olisin joukkuetta vailla ens ecl kaudelle, aikasempina joukkueita oli Old Farts ja Tiki Talk. Pystyn pelaa jokasta paikkaa, ja ikää muutaman kuukauden vajaa 19. - Yo! I'm looking team for next ecl season. Recently played in Old Farts and Tiki Talk. I am able to play any position and I'm few months away from turning 19 years old. Psn: KXnet1b
  3. Yo, I'm back on track with NHL and so I'm looking for a team. Prefering experienced long-term teams. I have experience from NHL 13-15 EHL and I can play every position needed, including goalie. I have always played by passing a lot and not focusing that much to do individual plays. I am 18 years old, from Finland and I can join discord, whatsapp etc when/if needed. Add me on psn so we can discuss with better details: KXnet1b

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