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  1. I remember our Twitter conversation from 2 days ago where you did not sound like the fighting rule is "very vague" and ended it by calling it "pointless". How come?
  2. Not a fan either, especially the late shots thingy. Instead, make it clear that fighting is only disallowed for the acceptor (which seems to be people's favourite solution) instead of just saying "Players are not allowed to fight" like before. It's not like this is the first time LA ever had to add more clarification to the rules in all these years
  3. Nothing changed in 🇩🇪 either. Just hovering between 22 and 25 versus different opponents.
  4. Whew. 11 ms from Moscow? Considering the map below, the changes maybe have not been in effect yet for us yesterday (as was pointed out already). Probably gonna give it a couple more days and will report back if I see any changes.
  5. That would be the easy way out, but not a smart or balanced approach. In our case (DPH), we would likely end up on the UK server, in which case we all pretty much face equal latency - for our home game only though. Away games against Swedes/Finns would still end up being a fairly different story then.
  6. Well, is that going to be the case? That's what I am most curious about: How will games between Swedes/Finns and e.g. Germans or Russians be matched? If these games take place on the new Stockholm (?) server exclusively, there will be serious disadvantages. Or is the matchmaking designed to find a common ground (e.g. FIN vs. GER taking place on the "old" UK server with ~ equal pings for both teams, or US West teams vs. US East teams taking place on the new US Central server)?
  7. 23 -> 23 Germany 🤷‍♂️
  8. Great content. Shame it has only ~300 views so far.
  9. There's no difference in skating, that's why I was talking about a Frankenstein-y rollback a couple of days ago.
  10. How is the old tuner NHL 18 though? It has nothing in common with 18. 18 was an awful delayfest in all regards.
  11. Actually, I'd like to revise my comment. This gameplay is not 1.00 but some Frankenstein-y version of it. Reverting to the 1.00 tuner while keeping all the changes caused by game updates is a weird approach of comparing the "old" NHL 19 to the "new" NHL 19.
  12. Lovely. NHL 19 1.00 was probably the all-time best version of the NHL series. "Limited duration" is a shame though.
  13. Skating on 70 ms is horrible enough already, but goaltending? I don't know man, give it a try though 😄
  14. That is the case for me as well. Before the switch my 6v6 ping was a clean 23 ms, now it's hovers between 25-32 ms all game long.
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