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  1. gzell60

    NHL 19 Tuner Rollback (Limited duration)

    Actually, I'd like to revise my comment. This gameplay is not 1.00 but some Frankenstein-y version of it. Reverting to the 1.00 tuner while keeping all the changes caused by game updates is a weird approach of comparing the "old" NHL 19 to the "new" NHL 19.
  2. gzell60

    NHL 19 Tuner Rollback (Limited duration)

    Lovely. NHL 19 1.00 was probably the all-time best version of the NHL series. "Limited duration" is a shame though.
  3. Skating on 70 ms is horrible enough already, but goaltending? I don't know man, give it a try though 😄
  4. gzell60

    What do we do?

    That is the case for me as well. Before the switch my 6v6 ping was a clean 23 ms, now it's hovers between 25-32 ms all game long.
  5. Wrong, it's Erik Tampere 🇫🇮
  6. They like to call me gzellGO. 😁
  7. Poll adjusted, please cast another vote if you did already
  8. Having your ID set as your player's surname is worth a thought as well. I like it. Adding it to the poll is kind of late now though. I'll redo the entire poll instead.
  9. No. I edited the poll to say "actual/realistic". If you want to hide your real identity, just come up with a regular name.
  10. This was brought up in the ECL Elite captain chat. Should NHLGamer enforce standardized in-game player names for leagues/divisions covered by media such as Elisa Viihde? Vote and discuss 🤗
  11. gzell60

    ECL 8 Elite: Season Preview

    Quite a wild guess here.
  12. Our lord, our saviour is a big German pizza fan. Man am I proud!
  13. Are you working for Dr. Oetker by any chance? 🤭
  14. The prize pool is bigger than the Caps and Bolts ones. I lol'd.
  15. Germans know their shit. Food especially 🍕