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  1. Free C/RW (SCL)
  2. I would just enforce players to use their real names or something related to your psn id so the commentators would know who scored, assisted the goal etc.
  3. My NHL 19 top 4 in every position right now. No FILA players because there would be too many of them 💸🤪 LW : Buantso, Vilupoika, MukiMaisteri, Joukki13, C : Penatski, FlyerKungen, Tbnantti, Anhel_Kuru RW : Foppatofflan, Dominointi, Indi969, Jumalpeku, LD : jtorro1234, Haldeem, Nassustelija, DieCutterMC, RD : Willekunq, Ilmari30, Snapu48, VesKuLiNe G: IcappeI, Supreex, Hansulinho, Hullued Hidden Gem: NikkeDangles 😍
  4. FILADELPHIA IN: Vatalisti Janzuh FinKonna all from Carlsberg HC Out: XDoumi Lagezickarno
  5. Not sure studying @FinKonna is the way to go🤥😂
  6. You realize we scored over 2 goals one time in the series right?
  7. Great post. Straight facts 💸🔥
  8. I highly recommend someone to pick this guy up. Solid player
  9. Lw: Puantso, Plee, Bugimir. C: Patzlaf, Dominointi, Penatski. Rw: Indi, Foppa, Tbnantti. LD: Janzuh, Nylanderi, Haldeem. Rd: Torro, Vatalisti, oGbiolan. G: Supreex, Cappe, Hiirulainen All-arounder: Mikaasi 😁
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