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  1. Cama Janbo, I'm sure we will get you that 😀 I will add you to the list. 8 spots left.
  2. Hey everyone! Last year we had the F1 2019 NHL community League with full grid of 20 players and a lot of fun We are looking to do the same this year. Skill level doesn't matter there all drivers of all levels The new F1 will be published 10.7 so we are trying to get the league going as soon as possible after the release. We have 16 players right now, full grid is 20. - League will have at least 10 races (races will probably be on Sundays) -50% Races (18 min Qualifying) - No assist (you can run Automatic gears, ERS and a Racing line if you wish) -PS4 Contact me here, on socials or PSN if you would want to join! Also give me your number at the same time so I can add you to the WhatsApp group.
  3. A win is a win. I think it would be wrong to cut off points for an OTW, especially when the game lasts 15min.
  4. Top 5 every position at this moment IMO (No LHC) LW : Buantso, Joukki, JaKurri, Kriketsi, MukiMaisteri C : Dominointi, Penatski, Tbnantti, xKeskitalo, Jergelii RW : Flyerkungen, NikkeDangles, Eken, Indi, Valluxet LD : Doumi, Nassu, Supremski, Makeaxl, Janzuh RD : Wille, Ilmari, Viljo, Lehmannens, Samza G : Hansu, Sibbe, Supreex, Rundqviist, Swagx88
  5. Eki

    ECL 9 Elite: Season Recap

    ECL 9 Linköping playoff highlights
  6. Respect Jere! You build something from nothing and I hope we will hear from FLY again.
  7. Eki

    Linköping HC

    ECL 9 ELITE Regular Season Recap/Highlights
  8. Eki

    Linköping HC

    ECL 9 ELITE mid-season FILADELPHIA recap/predictions

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