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  1. Swedish hockey league Edit: Can't see the point of having a swedish league without the rules that only allows 1-2 foreign players on the ice, as in the german and russian league and as we had in the earlier swedish league? Isn't this just going to give us a another european league with fewer teams? Edit 2.0 (since I am not allowed to comment on this site any more) Exactly. The swedish community, and some others, was very excited when the word about a swedish league came out. The disappointment when we realized that this is just another european league just killed the hype. I know many people outside this community that thougt it would be fun to follow a swedish league with the swedish teams. Ridiculous many say.. Most of this comes from the side that not belongs to the top-swedish teams. The side that was supposed to growth and bring new audience(?). Agree. Why have different leagues as rcl gcl shl and ecl if they all will look the same? Pointless..
  2. Team name: The Syndicate Team abbreviation: SND Team captains (PSN IDs): Tauri64-, David_ovic, Strumpan87 Team roster (PSN IDs): benjamint737 David_ovic el_cisne_loco Krangis- minokin- P-s-y-c-h-0-Swe Strumpan87 Tauri64- EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=27917&platform=ps4 Previous team name(s): SPARTANS Team Logo:
  3. Team name/Joukkueen nimi: The Syndicate Team abbreviation/Joukkueen lyhenne: SND Team captains (PSN IDs)/Joukkueen kapteenit: Tauri64-, Strumpan87, David_ovic Team roster (PSN IDs) - minimum 7 players/Joukkueen pelaajat - vähintään 7 pelaajaa: benjamint737 David_ovic DobbyTheJoker_ el_cisne_loco minokin- Strumpan87 Tauri64- Volano97 EA SPORTS club overview/Linkki joukkueen EA-sivulle: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=27917&platform=ps4 Previous team name(s)/Joukkueen aiemmat nimet: SPARTANS Team Logo/Joukkueen logo:
  4. in club members menu? edit: oh, do you mean here on nhlgamer? in that case you have to wait until next tournament.
  5. Something we are working on / looking into.... same answers every year, wtf do the guys at ea sports do?
  6. Why not? Edit: Or do you mean that the puck deflects into the stands after you have accidentally shot on the back of your own net?
  7. Passing feels different, I like it.
  8. The scoreboard.. The rebounds from goalies of a shot from middle zone for example.. Back skate faster than McDavid skates forward..
  9. The replay after every period...
  10. Whats up with the back skate
  11. Team name: The Syndicate Team abbreviation: SND Team captains (PSN IDs): Tauri64-, David_ovic, Strumpan87 Team roster (PSN IDs): Tauri64- David_ovic Strumpan87 Volano97 Versterberg89 amadee21 Provokacija Zaedon EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/The Syndicate Previous team name(s): SPARTANS Team Logo: soon
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