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  1. GJ Eki and Eken Lets try to make this Final Event as Europe based as we can
  2. SadaPoika

    Free Agents - PS4

    Free C/Lw/Rw Previous teams: Unlucky Boys, Almost Famous, Evolution, Sjukstugan and Written in the Stars. 5 different teams in the last 4 seasons, quite impressive i would say
  3. SadaPoika

    ECL Videos

    Early as always
  4. SadaPoika

    ECL Videos

  5. SadaPoika

    ECL Videos

  6. SadaPoika

    Free Agents - PS4

    Free C (i could lw/rw but i really would like to play center). You can ask me for tryouts on Beta if you´re interested Not free anymore
  7. SadaPoika

    ECL Videos

  8. SadaPoika

    ECL Videos

  9. SadaPoika

    ECL Videos

  10. SadaPoika

    CHC vs OTA

    https://nhlgamer.com/match.php?matchID=9789 OT goal 00:53 C.Blaydes (K.Valta, H. Huumetucca)
  11. SadaPoika

    ECL Videos

    @Vilupoikaja vaan puolet vedoista plekseille
  12. SadaPoika

    Free Agents - PS4

    Free lw/c/rw
  13. SadaPoika

    ECL Videos

  14. SadaPoika


    rip evo
  15. SadaPoika


    Last video will maybe be ready before christmas