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  1. Gratulations guys 🏒🏆 @CzE Toni
  2. Gratulations HAVU Gaming !!! 🏒🏆 Greetings @CzE Toni MightyWolves NHLGamer Staff
  3. Great thx @Haldeem and enjoy...Greetings to Switzerland and the team 😉@CzE Toni
  4. Gratulations to all, we wish all Teams good luck and fun for PO's😉 Greetings @CzE Toni Fearless Knights NHLGamer Staff
  5. Hoi @all😉 first of all we would like to thank you again this season for the great work of the admins and employees of NHLGamer. Wish all teams a great and successful season. Greetings @CzE Toni Fearless Knights NHLGamer Staff
  6. Congratulations that we have made it so far, but also a big thank you and respect to all NHLGamer Staff and the time that this project sacrificed a lot of their private time😉😊💪🏼🏒 Greetings @CzE Toni NHLGamer Staff
  7. Saku agree...we must learn be a Community at this points and not unfair opponents at points like that😉😘💪🏼
  8. In and after my career with real life hockey start to play virtual 1994...in the hole time I was mad about some unfair moments, but never be mad to people around me about things that not our fault or anything like that...that's the point...
  9. Helo @PlaymakerSJ, it doesn't matter if anyone like your club or not. I feel sry for you guys and can't accept this story, what you talking about. We all GER / CZE / RUS and more played the last seasons with ping like you said or more bad too...it's upsolutely approximate and unsportsmanlike, reactions like this now, cause EA provide this for us too now !!! ECL stands for all of us and not only for Scandinavian and I hope for you and us all, we can stop this reaction and be the Community for that we all work !!! Respectful @CzE Toni Fearless Knights 😉😘⚔
  10. Teamname: Fearless Knights Team abbreviation: FK Team captains (PSN IDs): Zimowski95 (C), CZE__75 (A), CMB-wf-(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Zimowski95 🇨🇭 CZE__75 🇨🇿 CMB-wf- 🇱🇻 DFR-wf- 🇷🇺 MaEnkl1992 🇩🇪 rammstein-bob 🇨🇵 Rakna89 🇩🇪 bboyedd1987 🇱🇻 Don_geilo_1987 🇩🇪 EA SPORTS club overview:https://www.ea.com/de-de/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=152984&platform=ps4 Logo: same like GCL 5
  11. Dear @cHIIMEERa on this way we want say thank you for your great job for us. That's not only a picture / logo for us, it was the beginning of our new project. Proud to show you what happens with your work for us... Greetings @CzE Toni & @Zimowski95

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