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  1. Danke für diese tolle Zusammenfassung und die dazugehörige Zeit mir viel Arbeit verbunden😉💪🏼 Grüße Fearless Knights @CzE Toni
  2. Fantastic / great and proud to be a part of this😊🏒💪🏼 @CzE Toni
  3. Congratulations guys, ggs / gj 🏆 Greetings @CzE Toni GM / Fearless Knights
  4. Gratulations to you first title at the league gaming on nhlgamer🏒🏆 Greetings @CzE Toni
  5. Hoi Franky / GCL Leitung, grosses Lob und Dabkeschön. Wir die Deutsche Community wachsen und sind auf einem guten Weg. Hätte euch paar Infos zu uns geben können... Wünschen allen Teams eine gute und vorallem spasverbundene faire Saison. Lg FK GM'S
  6. Teamname: Fearless Knights Teamabkürzung: FK Team Captains (PSN ID's): Zimowski95(C) CZE__75(A), SwissGoon(A) Team roster (PSN ID's) : • Zimowski95 🇨🇭 • CZE__75 🇩🇪 • SwissGoon 🇨🇭 • CMB-wf- 🇱🇻 • DONEBI666 🇩🇪 • coustguard 🇩🇪 • DeadFearRus 🇷🇺 • MaEnKI1992 🇩🇪 EA SPORTS Club Overview: https://www.ea.com/de-de/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=152984&platform=ps4 Previous team name(s): Neu gegründet GCL DIVISION 1 ANFRAGE : Nein, beginnen Division 2 Team Logo :
  7. same here...or we search hours to get opponent 😥
  8. True words 👍🏼 maybe only the score / result box up not down 😉
  9. like every year...enough only a Patch for 20€ 😅
  10. Good Question, but if so much people talk about that and play it constant, think yes 😊
  11. thx, yes i know, but it is really hard to play Contest when now the most Scandinavian got 8 - 12 ms and the rest 35 - 40 ms 😅 if EA can not invest for more Server, that's true that's not impossible...when I think back minimum NHL10 we got never o not that much problems with connection. 🤔
  12. Same connection for all of European was more important and interesting... Since nothing really changes and really improves every year, it would be enough release patch for 20 €...
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