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  1. Hallo GCL Leitung, ein großes Dankeschön für eure bisherige Arbeit und ganze tolle Texte zu den Teams. Wir freuen uns sehr auf die neue Herausforderung und natürlich auf die GCL Teilnahme. Wünschen allen Teams viel Spaß und Erfolg 😉💪🏼 GM of Minotaurs Pascal / Toni
  2. Team name: Minotaurs Team Abbreviation: MIN Team captains (PSN IDs): RPH__95 (C), RPH__75 (A), BennKu (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): RPH__95 🇨🇭 RPH__75 🇩🇪 rammstein-bob 🇫🇷 RonnieGreen76 🇫🇷 Drunken_Goood 🇩🇪 BennKu 🇩🇪 Julleonparas1 🇫🇮 Ionisus-sam_moth 🇩🇪 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Minotaurs Team Logo: 
  3. Helo, We are looking for LW / LD for upcoming ECL / GCL and all time seasons... play each every day from 21.45 Cet... Best regards RPH Management 😉 
  4. Very great Final / Event, hope you guys enjoyed and have nice time. Congratulations " SKY " for the Trophy Greetings @CzE Toni
  5. CzE Toni

    Welcome to the NACL

    It's nice to see that we get bigger and bigger...welcome to all 😉💪🏼
  6. what you guys talking about, if they wrote it was only a visual thing??? I more wired about, that the Games are 80% without icing 🤔😅
  7. @jurisc1989 thx for your words, if longer people was and play here, they forgot it's just a Game to have fun and relax together. For sure we got and need Rules, but if we start to be piggy for every small thing, we must make Rules longer than our hole live. Don't forget we wanna have fun together, and have a nice break from our stressful days at work and....😊
  8. Hello friends of skids sports Unfortunately, we have not completed the current ECL 8 season as hoped. Nonetheless, we head up from the ice rink and try to prepare and improve for the next season. For this reason, we are looking for the next season two motivated goalkeepers who want to accumulate for our colors. One of the two would be the fixed number 1 in goal and the backup goalkeeper would then play in defense. What awaits you here is a humorous squad on and off the ice. Since we not only have German-speaking people in the team, we speak in the parties German and English. Most of our trainings start at 9.30 pm and last until midnight (sometimes longer). What you should bring with you: You are too reliable and have a degree of maturity, that means you can deal with criticism, but you also get involved if you see improvement points. Your headset should work smoothly, so you do not get any disturbing noises in the parties. If you still have league (ECL / GCL) experience will be nice. The RPH Management Team is looking forward to your applications and hopes to welcome you soon in a training. Best Regards @CzE Toni / @RPH__95
  9. Congratulations to all Clubs...we wish all Clubs good Luck / special DPH 😉💪🏼 Greetings Toni / RPH
  10. Danke Franky... Lg Toni Rising Phantoms HC
  11. Oh nice question, we like to know that too 😉💪🏼
  12. it's little bit confusing and funny how that change and behave at all...not really realistic and same for all of us
  13. Helo, pls behave the respect and accept our work. Enjoy and rejoice. We do it all in free time additionally our private live. Thank you, best regards your ECL Writting Team 😉💪🏼
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