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  1. Free G for SCL 🙂
  2. Gotham Knights - Mentula SKA will be on the finals! 🧙‍♂️
  3. 25-30 -> 9-13 Hämeenlinna, Finland.
  4. CSGO Team Astralis was Esports team of the year, probably deciders didn't heard about FILADELPHIA...
  5. Pleemaker - Patzlaf - Eki Janzuh - Vatalisti Erholtzi
  6. Free G next ECL Previous teams - Aapon Taikasauva, FILADELPHIA, Gotham Knigths Salary - 0€ Contact here or psn!
  7. He got penalty on jiihoo stream also, you need to be calm down carkonu now!
  8. swagx88


    Nice music! Thanks for the slowmotion highlight on my sav.. troll things...
  9. Only this season? Kinda low ban, we paid lisence with real money on elite and rest season ban? welp
  10. Gz Fila! Biggest fan on first row after Potilas, Mikaasi & Konna! Especially thanks to Potilas who hold my hands when things goes crazy in overtime!
  11. Nice article, more this kind of things.
  12. Thats nice logo!
  13. I got bit of sarcasm also 🙂 hehe! ^^
  14. swagx88


    1.30, otahan siitä mukipoika!
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