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  1. Roots 🌱 In: Kaz_zu from Gotham Knights! Out: keranee to FA and Mikax222 to FA
  2. Yeah break from ECL, no needed to play new before new NHL. Just have some fun tournaments for summer 🙂
  3. Tarkov yes, PUBG hell no.
  4. Every other matchup should be canceled today!
  5. Me, migoboona & Rimpe = dream team.
  6. Top 5. LW : Puantso, Joukki, Plee, JM & Kriketsi C : Patzlaf, Dominointi, Anhelkuru, Tbnantti & Jergeli RW : Flyerkungen, Eki, Indi, Nikkedäng & Foppa LD : Nassu, Doumi, Makeakseli, Alphafurian & Janzuh RD : Ilmari, Willekunkku, Samza, Loimu & Viljo G : Jombb, Supreex, Cappe, Sibelius & Hulluedi edit, Joukki was double time there =D fixed now.
  7. swagx88


    Fine. Supreex, Jombb, Cappe. Now everybody moves on. Hidden gem for next season is Uhnikke and if someone dont agree this, then you dont.
  8. swagx88


    Lukas Dostal of ilves voted goalie of the year in liiga. The Urpo Ylönen award for the best goalkeeper is voted for by hockey reporters. The 19-year-old Czech got 39 out of the 61 first-place votes. The runners up were Norwegian Kristian Haukeland of KooKoo Ilves was 4th in the regular season Kookoo was 5th in the regular season Hope this give some perspective of this conversation. Peace ✌️
  9. swagx88


    This is pointless already, probably Im not that good or dont want to I just enjoy save some pucks.
  10. swagx88


    Yh, they are good goalies also, but supreex and jombb actually standing their head most of time of the games when I see them playing and these are my opinions only.
  11. EZ4GOTHAM & X-Factor @ReDMisTi 🦸‍♂️

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