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  1. Patzlaf = Selke 🏆 Congratz Linkööpping
  2. Earlier: 32-40 Currently: 13-15 Location Nuuskakaira
  3. I view real names would 'look' more professional then random nickname for example 'Kuukerin Nelli'.
  4. @Kenu is NHL eSports Gary Bettman without fans and crowd 'booing' to him, they cheer for him. ❤️
  5. Contgratz to Sjukstugan. That ECL Elite logo has really take good upgrade. Love it 😍 Now we need emoji too.
  6. Congratz to FILA champ champs. Selke Paahtis confirmed? 🏆
  7. Puantso - Patzlaf - Flyerkungen Janzuh - Vatalisti Zande95
  8. Patzlaf Selke 🏆 How big difference maker it's having upgrades defense compare to last ECL.
  9. Does L1 spam work again? Have you guys test it?
  10. Ranksu

    Beta Impressions

    We can't be sure will this stay in the game or challenge team mode, but after game there is only 1min time frame after game kick you back in the lobby. So when we're taking screenshots / photos for game reports its quite tight time frame to do it. I hope they will delete that time window away from the game.
  11. Its crazy how big difference there was at the end. I bet everybody in here knew Eki would be favorite, but even at GWC broadcast they told Eki wasn't their favorite and they were totally blown away, it was like its unfair Eki vs. NA guys. Looks like toughest games were played in Sweden and not in Vegas.

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