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  1. Hey NHLGamers, I am conducting research for my master's and I am in need of participants. In order to take part you will need to have a PC, and a fairly decent level of english (as all forms and documents are exclusively in english). In addition to this, you will also need to set aside 30-35min to complete the study. You will be tasked with filling in two sets of questionnaire blocks. One at the beginning, and one at the end. In the first block there will be a personality measure, in addition to two focusing on feelings of anxiety, and depression. Whereas in the second block, there will just be the latter two. In between the two blocks, you will be provided with a game to play for 20 minutes. Needless to say, all data gathered from this study will remain anonymous and will be remotely stored on a university server. If after reading this you would be interested in taking part and would like more information, please do not hesistate to send me a message here, or on discord (Bobrov, #8165). Thank you!
  2. Well, it's meant to be an 'esport' version of the world championships that were cancelled this year so yea
  3. Why is it stupid? Said teams who have barely lost any points are by far and away a cut above the rest, in fact the difference between them and the rest of elite is effectively an untraversable canyon, so the current system seems pretty fine to me in that it accurately shows that. Also, maybe tone down on the whole sexist overtones. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how so many games are low scoring this year, or why so many teams are playing 'park-the-bus'. Goals are down, not because there's a big conspiracy and people are "ladies", but simply because the game that EA has given us does not lend itself to 6-4 games like it did in the past due to a whole host of reasons, like the impact that small nudges have on players now to name one. It's a shame Consolehockey is rip because I could have shown you tournaments where the 3pt system was in place and let me just say it wasn't pretty. If you thought the current system leads to a runaway top 2/3 then you'd be in for a shock at some of the standings from the past.
  4. On the 29th of April League Administration was notified that during a disconnect in a quarterfinal game between the teams Entourage, and Composure, a player had changed build and therefore violated rule 11.11. The Ruling We have decided that the game played between these two teams must be replayed. As the score was 0-0 at the time of the disconnect, we are allowing the teams in question to start the game afresh if they so choose, rather than replicating the time in which the disconnect occurred and playing from there. If there is a disagreement between the two captains regarding the point in which to 'start' from, then the game will proceed from the moment of the disconnect. Whether or not the game is decided to be continued from the time of disconnect or to be restarted, the player builds cannot be changed from what they were when the original game was started. In Response Over the course of this case, LA have discussed ways to tweak this rule as currently there are some issues that we feel need to be addressed. Namely, we do not want to get into a situation where the players themselves have to ‘police’ the matchup and consequently have to be on the lookout for any violations like this. Alternatively, we also do not want to be too lenient and offer up ‘warnings’ in place of strict punishment, as this could potentially lead to a loophole within the rules. Therefore, going forward we have decided that if a player is found to have changed their build when returning to a disconnected game in which their team ended up benefiting (i.e. lost in OT or won in reg/OT), the game in question will be rolled back and replayed from the moment of the disconnect, providing that LA is made known of the infraction no later than 24hrs after the game has been completed.
  5. Hey NHLGamers, Yesterday EA SPORTS released the fifth update for NHL 20. The biggest tweak as far as 6s goes appears to be the way in which goalies react to passes on net, hopefully meaning they will no longer get locked into a save animation whenever a pass goes near them now. Most of the other fixes will be more noticeable in the 1v1 modes but are indeed very important, such as how the CPU defensemen react to the so-called self-sauce and how the CPU defenseman reacts to odd-man rushes. For the full changelog, please see below. What are your thoughts on the update? Have you had the chance to test it - does it deliver? Let us know in the comments below!
  6. Lulea HF (elite) are looking for a backup forward. Throw me a message here if you are interested!
  7. NHLGamers, Your inaugural eSHL champions have been crowned! Twelve eSHL teams entered, eight progressed to the playoffs, and eventually, we were left with a somewhat familiar-looking matchup in Linköping HC vs. Malmö Redhawks. Both teams are no strangers to winning, with LHC featuring their exact same roster from their most recent ECL Elite victory, and Malmö boasting two players from HAVU as well as four from the Vesa Pompa HC team who won the SCL last Spring. Despite the final series resulting in a BO5 sweep, two of the three games were decided by one goal, and each game felt like it was on a knife's edge. Once the dust had settled LHC emerged as your eSHL champions, continuing their impressive form over the past few tournaments they have competed in. Your new eSHL Champions - Linköping HC / Photo credit: Elias Gammelgård Linköping HC 🏆 Group stage record: 21-1-0 (1st) Round 1: vs HV71 (8) 3-0 Semifinals: vs Leksands IF (4) 3-1 Finals: vs Malmö Redhawks (2) 3-0 GOALIES #72 C. Lundgren @ICappeI DEFENSEMEN #27 A. Loimuvirta @loimmu #40 J. Torro @jtorro1233 #88 J. Virta @SUPERVIRTA FORWARDS #23 N. Tukiainen @NikkeDangles #25 E. Tammenpaa @Eki #44 P. Arontie @PleeMaker #86 J. Paatiala @Juunas After the games were played and Linköping HC had emerged as the champions, our editor-in-chief @jahajaha93 had a chance to talk to @Eki and asked him some questions: You've now managed to secure two titles within a short span of time, what do you have to say about your run as of late? "Obviously a championship always feels great, Cappe did an amazing job setting this up for us so it feels especially great to be able to play for him." Malmo was your expected final opponent for quite some time, did you prepare for that ahead of time? "We expected to meet Malmö in an eventual final. They have a very strong roster and we know their players well, so we didn't actually prepare too much per se since we've obviously met them before and had time to think things over." The eSHL differs quite heavily in character from the ECL for example, what did you think were the biggest differences? "Well, there's quite many but especially the heavily varying level of competition is different. Some clubs went with local talent and it's respectable, but they didn't fare too well in the end. It's obviously a bit of a different mindset going into the game when you're meeting a contender like Malmo versus when you're going up against a team you know you will beat with ease." Finally, how did you like representing Linköping HC in this tournament and what does the future hold for you? "It's been absolutely awesome and the support has been second to none. Linköping is a first-class organization that has really taken care of us players and seen to it that we can perform at our highest level. About the future - our contract term is for the remainder of NHL 20, no talks about extensions have been had yet so that's something that remains to be seen." Eki and all of Linköping HC were all smiles all weekend / Photo credit: Elias Gammelgård NHLGamer would like to congratulate Linköping HC for their championship and thank all of the teams, players and organizations for an amazing first season of the eSHL! Stay tuned for a more detailed season recap later this week.
  8. NHLGamers, The next championship to be crowned in the 9th iteration of ECL is the most prestigious of them all - Elite. Two teams entered. And once the dust had settled, only one was left standing. We present to you the ECL 9 Elite champions in Linkoping HC. This marks the third title for this franchise, and the second in three seasons - no doubt solidifying them as one of Europe's finest. Linkoping HC 🏆 Group stage record: 27-2-1 (1st) Round 1: vs Symphony (8) 4-2 Semifinals: vs Lulea Hockey (5) 4-0 Finals: vs HAVU Gaming (2) 4-3 GOALIES #72 C. Lundgren @ICappeI DEFENSEMEN #27 A. Loimuvirta @loimmu #40 J. Torro @jtorro1233 #88 J. Virta @SUPERVIRTA FORWARDS #25 E. Tammenpaa @Eki #44 P. Arontie @PleeMaker #86 J. Paatiala @Juunas The finals between HAVU Gaming and Linkoping were 7 incredible games, that no doubt treated the viewers to what NHL EASHL 6s looks like at the highest level. All games were broadcast on the NHLGamer Twitch-channel. @Tougie24 and @Cyn once again blessed us with their presence and put forth a great effort in the commentator booth. If you missed that action, you can watch it again here: Games 1-3: Games 4-7:
  9. Hey NHLGamers, Today, the 30th of January, EA SPORTS has released the fourth update for NHL 20. Based on the list of changes, there are quite a few fixes that the community has been asking for. The biggest change is most likely the tweak regarding how players will experience pickups from now on, with a greater emphasis being placed on players properly facing the puck to boost the chances of picking up passes. We should also not see those superhuman behind-the-back one-handed no-look interceptions from the opposing team. Additionally, defensive awareness has seen a buff, with balance whilst back skating being nerfed slightly. An important fix comes to the Xbox, as the goalie puck covering issue should now be resolved. Previously you might experience the goalie unable to cover the puck, turning into a poke check-fest in front of your net, eventually leading to the puck trickling in. This hasn't been much of an issue on the PS4, but Xbox players will be happy to get rid of this inconvenience as well. Last but not least, we'll mention the ability to skip the Play of the Period replays. Think of all those saved seconds adding up throughout the rest of your games of NHL 20! For the full changelog, please see below. What are your thoughts on the update? Have you had the chance to test it - does it deliver? Let us know in the comments below!
  10. NHLGamers, The next championship to be crowned in the 9th iteration of ECL is the second highest tier in our divisional system - Pro. Two magnificent teams faced off in the finals, but only one could call themselves champions at the final buzzer of game 6. We present to you, the ECL 9 Pro champions - Delusion, who had an unstoppable campaign and were only defeated an astounding four times! Delusion will certainly be looking forward to the next season of ECL, as because of their win Delusion are now promoted into the highest division - Elite. Vesa Pompa HC will continue their season with one more matchup - perhaps the most important one of their season, as they will face off against BRAYCE Phantoms in a battle for promotion to Elite. Delusion 🏆 Group stage record: 29-0-1 (1st) Round 1: vs Pata Hellalla (8) 4-0 Quarterfinals: vs Black Horse (8) 4-0 Semifinals: vs GHETTO FIREBIRDS (4) 4-1 Finals: vs Vesa Pompa HC (2) 4-2 GOALIES #98 J. Nobes - @uhNikke DEFENSEMEN #63 Ilmari Töyrylä @iilmarii #82 Janne Nyqvist @Janzuh #93 'N. Svetsjenko' @Prom99 FORWARDS #92 Joakim Nyholm @Joukki #94 Tuukka Röpelinen @Tuukka.R #96 Perttu Kemppainen @Beniittto #97 Santeri Niemi @sannteri The finals between Delusion and Vesa Pompa HC were 6 games of exciting play and a great showcase of the new influx of skill that Elite will surely see in ECL 10. All games were broadcasted at the NHLGamer Twitch-channel. @Tougie24 and @Cyn once again blessed us with their presence and put forth a great effort in the commentator booth. If you missed that action, you can watch it again below:
  11. NHLGamers! The ECL 9 Neo Playoffs are nearing the end, but before we reach that point we still have a pair of very interesting semifinal matchups to be played. The semifinals will start on Thursday the 9th of January 2020 and end on Wednesday the 15th of January 2019. For the relevant rules regarding these playoffs, please find extracts from section 5.7 and 10.7.2 of the ECL 9 Rulebook below. Essentially, each series will be a best-of-five and the higher seeded team will play 'at home' first, then alternate back and forth with the lower seeded team. Without further ado, here are the matchups for the semifinals of the ECL 9 Neo Playoffs: (1) Kuutamokiekko vs. Olympia (8) (2) Seinajoki Noms vs. TanssiiTuhtienKansa (4) As always, NHLGamer would like to wish good luck to all remaining teams!
  12. NHLGamers, The ECL 9 Neo Playoffs are here and we have got some very strong teams that will battle each other. In Neo, the playoffs consist of the top 4 teams from each group being seeded against other teams who finished in the same position (e.g. group winners are seeded #1-4, group runners-up are seeded #5-8 and so on.). The first round of the playoffs will start on Monday the 16th of December 2019 and end on Sunday the 22nd of December 2019. Here is a full schedule of the ECL 9 Neo playoffs: Playoffs Round 1: 16.12 - 22.12 Quarterfinals: 30.12 - 5.1 Semifinals: 7.1 - 13.1 Finals: 15.1 - 21.1 For the relevant rules regarding these playoffs, please find extracts from section 5.7 and 10.7.2 of the ECL 9 Rulebook below. Essentially, each series will be a best-of-five and the higher seeded team will play 'at home' first, then alternate back and forth with the lower seeded team. Here are the matchups for round 1 of the ECL 9 Neo Playoffs: (1) Kuutamokiekko vs. Fat Burritos (16) (2) Seinajoki Noms vs. Bauer Rangers GmbH (15) (3) Eliel Kings vs. United Ryminae (14) (4) TanssiiTuhtienKansa vs. MAD Knogmackers HC (13) (5) Bonusambers vs. Team HulluPullo (12) (6) Oulunsalon Pallo vs. SUNTRIP (11) (7) EIS Force Hockey vs. Augsburg Panther (10) (8) Olympia vs. KulmalaHengaus (9) Good luck for everyone!
  13. Hey NHLGamers, On the 5th of December EA released the third update for NHL 20. Unlike the content updates before it, this one looks to explicitly tweak gameplay mechanics, with backskating facing the brunt of their ire. Aside from backskating receiving a potentially substantial nerf, EA claim to have updated their physics interactions with goalies, as well as fixing the zone camera. Furthermore, in EASHL it should now properly show a player's position when they're being highlighted in a replay, as opposed to being listed as center regardless of their actual position. In addition to this, players will now have the option to have Snoop Dogg as a guest commentator alongside James Cybulski, replacing Ray Ferraro. For the full changelog, please see below.
  14. LA Rulings - December 3rd, 2019 Case 1 (Freddy Mercury Institute vs. Rakish): FMI contacted League Administration about Rakish not responding to communication, nor showing up for their games at the default time. FMI contacted Rakish hours ahead and the captain of Rakish later admitted to making a mistake by not staying on top of the schedule. LA has come to the conclusion that Rakish failed to keep their end of what's considered good communication and as such rule 10.8 would be pertinent to this case. LA has thusly decided to award FMI with WO's from both matches. Case 2 (Virtuoso vs. Kesaloma): Late in the second game (less than a minute remaining in the 3rd) between Virtuoso and Kesaloma, there was a disconnect prior to the center ice faceoff taking place after Kesäloma scored and was only one goal behind. Neither team managed to stop play and the game ended with a CPU player on the ice for the last minute. Virtuoso suggested to Kesaloma to play the game from the start because of the disconnect. Kesaloma didn't agree with that and instead asked League Administration for technical defeats, due to Virtuoso having connection issues earlier in the matchup and Kesaloma suspecting an intentional disconnect when they had good momentum in the game and believed they would tie the game up. LA could not confirm that the disconnect would have been intentional and thus could not give out technical defeats and told Kesaloma to either agree to replay the game or the number of seconds that were remaining at the time of the disconnect. At this point, Virtuoso was reluctant to replay the games though and while LA believes they should honor their own suggestion, LA couldn't force Virtuoso to do so as per the current ruleset. As such, when teams can't agree on how to resolve things, rule 11.11 dictates that games should be continued from the point of the disconnect, thusly LA rules that the two teams shall play out the remainder of the game from where it left off. Additionally, we have now amended rule 11.11 with the following: Case 3 (EBR eSports Official vs. Syntax Error): EBR eSports Official contacted the League Administration about Syntax Error not showing up at the agreed time, instead, they showed up one hour late when they finally realized they were due to play. The issue was caused by miscommunication by the Syntax Error captain. LA has come to the conclusion that both teams agreed to play on Friday 29.11 at 20 CET - as such rule 10.8 would be pertinent to this case. LA has thusly decided to award EBR eSports Official with WO's from both matches. Case 4 (Alliance HT): Alliance HT has been using a player with more than one registered NHLGamer account in multiple games this season (namely, Oo_hazzey_oO / AntiHoma). Additionally, the captain (MAYZIIX) was fully aware of this and still continued to use said player. This is in direct violation of rules 2.4 & 6.1, as shown below. After hearing the explanation for the new account, the whole ordeal seems very unnecessary. Reportedly Oo_hazzey_oO played for Nearbird Fighters in the RCL 5 season and didn't want to use the same account to join Alliance HT in ECL 9, so a new account was created for this purpose. To our knowledge, the player has neither played RCL since joining Alliance HT with the second account and also hasn't played ECL with another account. In other words, had the player just used his regular account to join Alliance HT in the first place - there would be no problem here. The aforementioned circumstance, combined with captain MAYZIIX assuming liability for this situation has been taken into account as a mitigating factor when making the decision. After careful consideration, LA has decided to ban Alliance HTs captain MAYZIIX and Oo_hazzey_oO for the rest of the season (ECL 9 & RCL 5), as well as institute a ban on them being the captain of a team until the end of NHL 20. Furthermore, MAYZIIX will be stepping down from the admin role within the RCL. Additionally, any games involving Oo_hazzey_oO / AntiHoma will remain and not be removed from either respective league. Due to this case, however, LA would like to add the following rule in order to cover scenarios like this in the future: “8.3 Void Games” If a game is played where one (or more) of the players involved was deemed to not be legal, then LA reserves the right to potentially void all games played with the said player(s), and award WOs victories to the non-offending team. The rulebook has been updated with the above-mentioned rule amendments. We would like to remind the ECL Pro teams that the transfer deadline is coming up on Thursday, December 5th. Despite this disappointing news, NHLGamer would like to thank MAYZIIX for all of his hard work with the RCL during the years. We are looking for some new staff members for RCL roles. Good communication skills in English and Russian are important. Please contact @Kenu via private message if you're interested.

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