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  1. Team name: Northern Ascendancy Team abbreviation: NOR Team captains: MartindalexC (C), The_Alpha_Furyan (A), cHIIMEERa (A) Team roster: Supreex MuKiMaisteri ma0niii cHIIMEERa (A) Kanelipena The_Alpha_Furyan (A) Tacterz MartindalexC (C) EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=30&platform=ps4
  2. I can't speak for 6s (probably because the rest of the team is made up of people from Sweden / Finland), but when I was trying to find some draft champions games the other day the search was legit timing out, despite the person I was trying to play getting games after only 15 seconds tops. So there is definitely something weird going on with how the game is trying to matchup people in countries not named Sweden or Finland, almost seemingly refusing to 'widen' the search to teams / players outside of the immediate area.
  3. Hey there NHLGamers, Coming sometime today (1st of October) will be the first content update (often also known as a patch) of the year for NHL 20. Contrary to last year, EA will not be releasing a tuner just yet. Releasing tuners often is something they have done for the past few years, which especially last year was criticised by many players for changing the game for the worse or simply too often. As such, the main focus of this update will be to fix bugs that have been reported across many modes, from World of Chel to Franchise. That is not to say that there are just bug fixes, as they have tweaked some aspects of the game in order for the user to have a better experience when playing the game. In the content update notes the community manager "Clappy" gives the details about the update, but also points out the development team in Vancouver are monitoring and would like feedback about: Interceptions from behind Inconsistency of low relative speed hits from console to console Puck loss when pivoting at high speed The team is also looking at the ping (=one way of measuring connection quality) in Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) not reflecting the user experience in responsiveness of gameplay. Be sure to give your opinion in the comments below. On the updated side of things, there is a lot of added art and fixes to things such as presentation and lots of "nice to have" things, but there is also a good amount of things that could really improve your gameplay experience, such as: Fixed a case where players could get their limbs stuck in the net Fixed multiple cases where the puck could go through the goalie’s pad Improved cases where slap shots would be missed when taken near the boards Various goalie animation fixes Fixed cases where goalies were sometimes trying to perform controlled/redirect saves when the puck had a high chance of being deflected and would leave them more vulnerable than they should be Improved goalie tracking when the puck is behind the net Improvements to shot angle selection logic for some rare cases Improved cases where players on loose pucks would perform a snap shot when a slap shot would be expected Fixed rare cases where one-timers would miss the puck completely There have also been many fixes to issues such as the game crashing or the game desyncing (often called looping or the "faceoff loop" and competitive HUT players will be happy to hear that the opponent name will not anymore be visible before the faceoff, so the ability to dodge players by leaving without a loss against tough opponents should be much harder to pull off now. Below you'll find the full changelog for the update: What do you think about these changes? What else would you like fixed? Let us know in the comments below.
  4. Hi NHLGamers! 29 teams down, 2 remain. The finals for SC4 are to be played by the end of the 10th of September. Furthermore, this series like all before it, will be played in a best-of-5 format meaning that whoever gets to 3 wins, clinches the tournament. NG Vilun Taksi (#2) vs. NG Moevenpick (#7) As always, good luck to both teams! As for spectators, keep an eye out for any streams for this, as we're sure it's going to be a very interesting matchup and a great way to conclude NHL 19!
  5. Hi NHLGamers! The semifinals are to be completed and reported by the end of Thursday the 5th of September. The playoff series are played in a best-of-5 format, meaning that three wins takes you to the next round. We would like to add that whilst the 5th is the deadline, it is encouraged that teams try to play their games as soon as possible, as we're sure most want to get ready for the release of NHL 20 as soon as possible! NG Karaokemiehet (#1) vs. NG Moevenpick (#7) NG Vilun Taksi (#2) vs. NG PepeHands (#6) As always, good luck to all remaining teams!
  6. Hi NHLGamers! The quarterfinals are to be completed and reported by the end of Monday the 2nd of September. The playoff series are played in a best-of-5 format, meaning that three wins takes you to the next round. We would like to add that whilst the 2nd is the deadline, it is encouraged that teams try to play their games as soon as possible, as we're sure most want to get ready for the release of NHL 20 as soon as possible! NG Karaokemiehet (#1) vs. NG Pay To Win (#12) NG Vilun Taksi (#2) vs. NG Swedish Giants (#8) NG Take Me To Church (#3) vs. NG Moevenpick (#7) NG Baraben (#4) vs. NG PepeHands (#6) As always, good luck to all remaining teams!
  7. Hi NHLGamers! With the regular season of Summer Cup 4 being concluded yesterday, we move on to a series of playoff rounds that are... hectic, to say the least. As always, we would like extend a massive thank you to all teams and players, playoff bound or not, for taking part! Without further ado though, let's get to the playoff pairs! The first round of the playoffs is to be completed and reported by the end of Thursday the 29th of August. Playoffs are played with a best-of-5 format, meaning that three wins takes you to the next round. We would like to add that whilst the 29th is the deadline, it is encouraged that teams try to play their games as soon as possible, as we're sure most want to get ready for the release of NHL 20 as soon as possible! NG Karaokemiehet (#1) vs. NG Spacemonkey Mafia (#16) NG Vilun Taksi (#2) vs. NG TYV HC (#15) NG Take Me To Church (#3) vs. NG Setelit (#14) NG Baraben (#4) vs. NG Rumat ja Kaunis Ilmari (#13) NG You Got Floored (#5) vs. NG Pay To Win (#12) NG PepeHands (#6) vs. NG Blue Circle (#11) NG Moevenpick (#7) vs. NG Baarikarpanen (#10) NG Swedish Giants (#8) vs. NG Kesahessut (#9) Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs - we can't wait to see what happens next! --- Edit: The schedule appears to have an error in it, in that the team with the better seeding ends up having to play the first game at home, then goes on to play the next two games away from home. This is not intentional, as such we ask that teams try to emulate the Home / Away / Home / Away / Home structure instead (from the perspective of the better seeded team). Edit 2: Fixed.
  8. This year’s iteration of EA NHLs franchise mode has tried, more than any before it, to radically change the way in which the player builds their team. They have attempted this by shifting the “meta” of the mode away from the idea of just getting the highest rated players, to a much more holistic approach, where in order to have a good team you will need to juggle a host of intertwined factors. Heading up this radical change is what EA are calling a “coaching overhaul”. In NHL 20, coaches will effectively be ‘players’ behind the bench, they will have their own set of attributes, goals, statistics, even a generated face to put to the name, both in game and in the menus. It should be noted here, that the statistics screen for both coaches and players will now show which team they ‘played’ on for each year, a minute change, but a very welcome one for sure. In fact, players can retire and have their likeness preserved in game if they decide to 'become' a coach, using the same system that allowed players to retire and become scouts in 19. Coaching Overhaul Coaches with a penalty kill attribute for instance will effectively act as a ‘buff’ for penalty killers on the team. Whereas, a bad attribute here will result in a detrimental impact on the ability of the penalty killers. In addition to this, coaches will now have a ‘teaching speciality’, what this means is that each coach will have a bias towards how they grow (or even stagnate / decline) skaters (offensive or defensive), or even goalies. This is tied quite heavily with the ‘teaching’ attribute. In essence then, certain coaches may be good on a rebuilding team, where the teaching attribute will be valued highly, but will have reduced ‘value’ on an older, more established team, as there are less players to ‘grow’. Furthermore, it sounds as though that with good teaching, a coach may in fact be able to increase a player’s potential, raising their value to a rebuilder even further. Not only will coaches now have individual attributes for you to weigh the value of, but they will also have specific strategies that they would like the team to use, as well as a general bias of how offensive / defensive / physical they want to play. Of these ‘strategies’, there are three distinct types, namely: Line strategies, Team Strategies, & Scheme Fit. The last type is not strictly a strategy, rather it’s an indicator of how well the team’s composition and the coach synergise with each other in a way. Line strategies effectively signifies how the coach wants each line to play. For instance, in the video ‘Coach Toms’ wants the 1st Forward line to play an overload strategy, with a carry and shoot bias, with a balance between efficiency / energy, and don’t block / blocking of shots. With the 4th Forward line however, ‘Coach Toms’ would rather that that line played a much more direct style of play and ‘crashed’ the net. These line strategies pair with an individual players’ propensity to play a certain way, to give us ‘Line chemistry’, which we will cover later. Moving on to the second type now, we have Team Strategies. Generally speaking, this is how the coach wants the team to setup as. For instance, ‘Coach Toms’ wants the pressure exerted by the defensive and offense in 4v4 and 5v5 to be ‘normal’ and ‘standard’ respectively. Whereas, in 3v3, he wants the offense to be aggressive. Additionally, the team strategies page also lists the coach’s individual style in how he wants the team to be set up. Apparently, the four styles at the moment are offensive, defensive, balanced, and finally physical. Which style the coach ‘subscribes’ to will determine in turn which individual strategies he wants to use, as well as affect how he assigns ice time. For instance, a physical / defensive coach is much more likely to rely on his bottom 6 than an offensive coach is. Finally, we have Scheme fit. Essentially, scheme fit is a representation of how well a coach thinks a player (as well as the team as a whole) fits into his preferred style of playing. In other words, an offensively geared coach will prefer offensive players to balanced, or even defensive players. As far as gameplay impact goes, it does not seem as though that having a bad scheme fit in and of itself results in anything, instead it simply gives you a quick way to check how well everything synergises, since having a higher team / scheme fit can be an incredibly useful thing thanks to another new feature in Line Chemistry. Line Chemistry looks to add more depth to line-up creation for players. Instead of the only challenge in assembling a ‘good’ line being cap restraints, players will now have to contend with the line strategies set by the Coach, and the preferred way that the individual players would like to play. Maximising line chemistry can be especially important, as a poorly managed line can result in an extreme penalty of -5 ovr across the three players, whereas a line that works well together can receive a +5 ovr boost. In addition to this, players will also receive negatives for chemistry is they play in the wrong position (e.g. a RW on LW), as well as if they are set up with player types that don’t mesh together very well (e.g. three snipers, instead of twf, grinder, sniper). What this means in practice then, is that it should be worth having ‘role’ players that fit with the coach’s ethos that are technically not the best, but can easily slot in and out of the line up across all lines, as a way to give a ‘boost’ to a line that maybe does not have the greatest chemistry to begin with. Finally, with an overhauled conversation system, players can now conduct interviews with coaches that you may want to hire, in order to see how interested they would be in joining the team, as well as what strategies in particular they subscribe to. For example, some coaches may have a preference for teams with a large (or even small) fan base. In fact, with the said conversation system, coaches can come to you the GM / owner with suggestions of how to better the team. You will then be prompted with three main options (Agree / Disagree / Persuade), with a fourth option in ‘Promise’ being available after the first statement has been replied to. The persuade option in particular has a likelihood of failing dependent on the subject of the conversation. Additionally, if you promise to make a change, you will receive morale, however if you fail to carry out said promise, you will lose double what you gained in morale for the coach. Scouting To help with finding players that could be a good fit with your team, the scouting for franchise mode in NHL 20 has been updated as well. Pro scouting now provides you with a readout showing how well a certain player would slot into your team, naming which lines in particular would be a good fit for him. For instance, in the video Vancouver’s pro scout assessed Hampus Lindholm and decided that the only lines he would fit in with ‘Coach Toms’’ strategies would be on the power play, whereas Getzlaf would fit in on the power play, as well as the 1st line. Additionally, pro scouts will now provide information on which strategies a certain team employs. As far as pro scouting goes, this appears to be the main changes, so with that let’s move on to Amateur scouting which has received a bit of a facelift. To help inform the player on prospects, there will now be two additional pieces of information that a player will have access to, namely: NHL ETA, and Scheme Fit. NHL ETA mostly does what it says ‘on the tin’ in a way. It tries to make a guess on how close / far away a particular prospect is from making the NHL, whether he’s ‘NHL Ready’, 1,2,3,4, or even 5 years away. Whereas for scheme fit, the amateur scout tries to decide how well the prospect in question would fit in with the team / coach quite simply. These two new categories combined should make the entry draft even more important than in previous iterations, as players can now make more informed decisions regarding who to draft, since if you happen to be contending, it may be better to draft someone who can play almost immediately and make some form of an impact. Whereas, if you’re a rebuilder, you can afford to take the hit of not getting any impact from the players for a few years before he’s properly NHL ready. Furthermore, with the scheme fit element, it may promote players to select slightly lower potential players, if they will fit in well with the team once they grow enough, in turn raising the chemistry of the line they happen to find themselves on. Finally, players will now have the ability to conduct draft day interviews with players. Similar to the interview that can be conducted with prospective coaches. Trade Finder Moving on to quite possibly the biggest feature for playability and reducing annoyance, we have the trade finder. Previous to NHL 20, if you wanted to trade a player, you would just have to flick through all the teams across the league, and just start plugging away, throwing in players and draft picks, getting rejected a bunch of times, before finally arriving at a deal that the AI would accept. Now, instead of having to go through that arduous affair, players have the option to select what they want to trade, then simply hit “Find trade (Open block)”, and voila, the game will go through each team automatically and give you a list of trades that each team can do with the players you selected being the principal pieces. In addition to this, the logic behind trading has been updated. So, it seems as though that rebuilding teams will be much more likely to take on cap dumps (provided they receive a good enough ‘sweetener’). Furthermore, AI teams will be able to make use of this as well as human players, meaning that teams will prioritise shifting cap burdens in order to make space for their expensive UFAs / RFAs. Misc. Tweaks Users will now find that players who have yet to play in an NHL game but have a decent enough overall (e.g. ~84), will no longer ask for a contract around the 3-4mil mark, but instead will ask for a contract around the 900k-1mil mark, as they have not in a sense ‘proven’ that they are worthy of such an expensive price tag. Carrying the topic of price tags, players will not be priced based on their performance in the last season, and not just their overall. So, if a player scores at a point per game pace but is a fairly low overall (say, 80), then they will ask for a larger contract the proceeding off-season compared to NHL 19. This also goes the other way as well, in that a highly rated player will ask for a lower than usual contract, if they just so happened to have a pretty poor year previously. For goalies, this is also the case and they will go off of SV%. Additionally, there are now exempt contracts. Specifically, players that are signed to entry deals and currently play in the OHL, WHL, and the QMJHL, will no longer count towards the 50-contact cap, instead they will now have their own internal cap of 40. This means that players will no longer have to let prospects walk because they simply don’t have enough space, furthermore it means that the AI will have some flexibility now that has not been afforded to them in the past, leading to potentially more AI - AI trading. Better goalies will now be more likely to appear later in franchise mode than years past Goalies and wingers by default will have less trade ‘value’ than centres and defenders. Although, if a goalie has a high rating (90+) for instance, their trade value will be comparable to that of a similarly rated centre, however, as the goalie’s rating falls, his trade value will drop off very quickly and no longer be comparable to an equally rated centre. Players on 1yr deals will have reduced value as the year goes on, being significantly lower on draft day. This should make rental deals much more attainable and affordable. Additionally, teams will no longer reject trades on the day of the draft if a player with an expiring contract is involved. There will be fewer franchise and elite goalies available in the draft An ‘auto-owner’ mode will be an option; in case you do not want to have to deal with the upkeep of the stadium and its facilities Players will now receive trade alert pop-ups The efficiency of scouting has been reduced, making it harder for players to find ‘gem’ and franchise level players as it will take longer for the scouts to compile a complete report. By default, there will be more 100pt scorers in the simulation. However, players will now have the option of changing the rate of scoring league wide, ranging from High, Medium, to Low. Finally, franchise mode will have ‘Icon Integration’, allowing players to play against legendary ‘all-time’ teams, such as Gretzky on the Oilers. For the full write up by EA, click here. Additionally, you can find @Tougie24's take just below!
  9. Hey NHLGamers, Anyone keeping up with the NHL 20 news over the past few days and weeks no doubt has been subjected to the widespread speculation regarding whether or not there would be a beta, as well as when said beta would become available. As a response it appears, EA have announced that there will indeed be a beta, albeit with some fairly extreme caveats. Additionally, whilst the release date has not been officially confirmed just yet, it seems as though that it will in fact go live today sometime during the "evening", which timezone this evening is 'set' in is anyone's guess, but it certainly lines up with the idea that it will be playable from 15:00 EST (or 21:00 CEST) onwards. So, all we can say is keep your eyes peeled as the upcoming evening goes on! Anyway, probably most importantly I would like to take a minute and go over the caveats that I spoke of previously. EA have been rather uncharacteristically forthright about the upcoming beta, stating that “… we cut the beta build eight weeks prior to today, meaning that there are 8 additional weeks that you’re not going to see and feel in the beta. You’re playing an early, work-in progress version of the game. Some of our new gameplay features were not fully ready to be included in the beta build …”. In essence then, this beta, more than any before it, stands as more of a proof of concept than the ‘finished article’. Despite this disconnect between what we will be playing and where the game actually is at, EA have tried their best to assuage the problem by attempting to get the general feeling of the main three additions (Shooting overhaul, Explosive Transitions, & Goalie Intelligence) in the beta, at the potential cost of stability. Therefore, with the disclaimer that there will be some “inconsistencies”, players should expect to see the following improvements over NHL 19 in the NHL 20 Beta: As always, we will be setting up bug reporting threads that we will then compile and send to EA once the beta has concluded. Furthermore, these threads will be available in English, Finnish, Russian, & Swedish. In addition to this, the full (and especially extensive) post-beta changelog is as follows: Again, please note that the changes immediately above will NOT be visible in the beta. We will let you know the moment the beta is released. Edit: The beta is now available for download!
  10. Hi NHLGamers! Earlier today EA released a gameplay trailer for NHL 20. Among the 'innovations' shown were: RPM tech 2.0, Signature shots, Contextual shots, Explosive transitions, & finally Goalie intelligence. Of the five innovations, around 2.5 have been already been loosely shown off by EA previously in the reveal a few weeks ago, namely the new signature / contextual shots, as well as some improvements made to the RPM tech which debuted last year. Anyway, the trailer in question is available just below so let's get straight into that... Per EA, here is the rundown for the RPM Tech Speed & Shooting as shown in the trailer: In addition to the RPM tech, they also released a "deep-dive" regarding Goalie Intelligence. Once again, this is per EA. NHLGamer SHORT TAKE The puck pickups have been one of the most debated subjects in recent years, although almost annually promised to have been improved, very little has actually happened on that front. RPM tech was an exciting and positive overhaul of the skating in NHL 19 and can be expected to greatly increase the flow and speed of the game now that it's being implemented in shooting and puck pickups too. Goaltenders will also receive some new tools to combat rebounds and crease bounces too - a much welcomed addition. In the end, it comes down to how well these animations respond to surprising in-game events. We'd expect nothing less than for our community to work out these kinks and provide some valuable feedback in order to fine-tune the end product eventually. Finally, we'd like to provide you guys an opportunity to ask some gameplay related questions. Eight of the EA Game Changers had an opportunity for a hands-on experience with the game in the development phase at the EA HQ in Vancouver. @Kenu as our inside man made the trip in late April and might have some insight to your questions. Shoot your thoughts and questions in the comments section below!
  11. Hey NHLGamers! After a week of games fraught with upsets and demolition jobs, the groups are slowly coming together, and we are starting to get a good idea of who will end up making it in to the playoffs. Indeed, it appears as though the end of this week will be one entertaining way to end a season as almost every group is still up the air, so much so that for many groups, the final three playoff bound teams may not be properly decided until the final night of the season in a few days. Let's quickly look over what we are looking at with the FCL: The FCL is an abbreviation for the Finnish Championship League, which is an independent follow-up to our national GCL, RCL and SCL leagues. We're partnering with tech giant Gigantti in order to bring you this experience, which will culminate at Assembly Summer 2019 in Messukeskus of Helsinki, Finland. A total of 36 teams are divided into five groups of 7-8 teams. These teams will play every group opponent once in a home-away matchup, after which the top three out of each group will advance to the playoffs, starting already on Friday, the 19th of June. The playoffs will be played in a best of three format. Tomorrow, Tuesday 16th of July, we'll be broadcasting two FCL matchups - your favourite caster Arttu Hämäläinen will be calling the action. Stay tuned for a more specific announcement later today or early tomorrow. Anyway, let's get into how each group is doing, who are favourites to finish in the top 3 based off of p/g averages, who are within range of making a challenge and gaining entry in to the top 3, and finally who are in danger of missing out / have already been eliminated. Group 1 1. SOPPAJENGI (1.8 P/G, 10gp) 2. HAVU Gaming (1.67 P/G, 12gp) 3. Mockba (1.36 P/G, 14gp) -- Group 1 probably holds the lone distinction as the only group where the top three teams have all but clinched their playoff spots already. In fact, the only team within range is Supernatural, who would have to win at least 4 of their remaining games, although in practice they would probably have to roll closer to 5 if they wanted to become a lock for the playoffs. Nevertheless, if they are able to trade blows with SOPPAJENGI, then run the rest of the table then stand a very good chance of displacing Mockba and entering as the third seed. Group 2 1. Rusty Blades (1.75 P/G, 8gp) 2. Northern Ascendancy (1.67 P/G, 6gp) 3. TeQuila Sunrise (1.5 P/G, 6gp) -- If group 1 was all but finished already, then group 2 is the antithesis of that as every team bar one (Uuteen Nousuun) stand a decent enough chance of cracking the top 3 providing they go on a bit of a run. It is especially cliché, but the adage that "every game counts" has never been more applicable than it is here. Group 3 1. Almost Famous (1.83 P/G, 6gp) 2. Ghetto Firebirds (1.5 P/G, 10gp) 3. Symphony (1.38 P/G, 8gp) -- Moving on to group 3 we have another somewhat open set of teams, Virtual Horizons eSports for instance are currently in 6th place with a measly 2pts, however they have only played 4 games, with 2 of them coming against Symphony where they were able to steal a win in regulation. Ghetto Firebirds head up the group currently with 15pts in 10 games, however if they are to lose any more games, they may very well find themselves on the outside looking in once the dust has settled. Group 4 1. POGGERS (1.67 P/G, 6gp) 2. Kaupallinen Yhteistyo (1.5 P/G, 6gp) 3. LIONHEARTS (1.43 P/G, 7gp) -- You wanted an absolute free-for-all as a group? Well, look no further! Every team bar one not only are 'technically' within range of a top three finish, hell, they each stand a decent enough chance at it. Cannonieris for instance are currently sitting in 6th place with 6pts in 8 games, a total that in other groups may very well have spelled doom for them, in group 4 however all that means is that they are just 3pts out of a playoff spot, throw in some upset wins against the leading teams and the mounting of a comeback from those in positions 4,5 & 6 should not be deemed to be out of the realm of possibility. Group 5 1. Raccoon Rampage (1.83 P/G, 6gp) 2. TIKI TALK (1.75 P/G, 4gp) 3. Butterfly Effect (1.29 P/G, 7gp) -- Last, but certainly not the least we find group 5. A group in which no one has been mathematically eliminated, and one in which one slip up by any team could cost them very dearly as far as their playoff hopes go. Raccoon Rampage & TIKI TALK are perhaps the only ones who have some breathing room, although if this 'breathing room' ends up being squandered due to two losses they could very easily find themselves back fighting in the thick of it to claw back those lost points. As every other team is seemingly on their tails. That's all for now! Remember to stay alert for our broadcast announcement, which matchup would you guys like to watch?
  12. Team name: Northern Ascendancy Team abbreviation: NOR Team captains: Supreex (C), Kanelipena (A), Azestine (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Supreex Kanelipena AzeStiNE The_Alpha_Furyan (Swedish) Nampa77 Minokin- MartindalexC (British) EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Northern Ascendancy Team Logo:
  13. Northern Ascendancy are looking for a starting C for the upcoming FCL. If you're interested, feel free to throw me a message here.
  14. It's physically impossible for everyone to have the same connection.
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