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  1. EV Füssen eSports In: LW/C Krinke (The Black Jacks) RW Fire_019 (The Black Jacks) G Darth_SidiouzZ (Silver Sword Griffins)
  2. Seems Like this Update made it worse for Germans had a nice and fluent Game before the Patch with 20ms average and our whole Team Had pings Up to 100 yesterday on european servers tho.. but yeah you're right with the Thing about our Internet 😂👍
  3. Possible yeah but somehow it does feel way more slow than the last tuner and is not fun at all. And its way more than double thr Ping I had + package loss..
  4. Good Job EA from 20 before the Patch to 65 average now with package loss even Sometimes 👏👏
  5. Had Like 27-30 now it says 20-22 Germany, Bavaria
  6. EV Füssen eSports (lite) IN: DangledYouOut (FA/Raging Monkeys) Stefan_397 (Banland) oCharlyo (Silver Sword Griffins) lx_RKO_xl (Silver Sword Griffins) Much1979 (Silver Sword Griffins) Out: Gregson91 (FA) Petihino1 (Western Dynasty) S12-123-123 (FA) PBG_95 (FA) Smoky_D85 (FA)
  7. Not to watch in Group 6 former Pro Topscorer @Stefan_397? 😮
  8. Alex28

    Player Ban AlexBVB28

    You know that this was already Like 7 months ago right? I changed myself a Lot since that but no one wants to see that anyway. Out now Enjoy yourself laughing but also at least try to understand what I did before judging..
  9. Alex28

    Player Ban AlexBVB28

    Honestly dont know If I can go without. They could Just have let me Play again and nothing would have ever happened again I dont think it helps when you punish a sick man who Just loves and lives this Shit.. I understand it but cant promise anything Like that. Sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Alex28

    Player Ban AlexBVB28

    Yes I know. I Just kinda was obsessed ans maybe I still am and this is what this is leading too. Would do everything to make it unhappened but now it is what it is. I was Just or I am still living the game and I know that this is Just sick and weird but I couldnt and still cant help myself. This Just breaks my heart but LA has to do what they have to do..
  11. Alex28

    Player Ban AlexBVB28

    I am Sorry again couldnt live without NHL at that time same as now. Time to go now thanks for all the nice time Here and all the nice and chill guys I met over years now Here. Wish you all the best even If you hate me or laugh at me now.
  12. Sick Season Guys congratz. #pleeonparas Symphony also incredible Debut Season!!
  13. Inter Iceland is looking for a Right Wing/C handedness doesn´t matter. You should like to play quick passing hockey and be really active. We are trying to be very active ECL and GCL playtime guaranteed (maybe starting spot). If you´re interested in a try-out message me here or on psn
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