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  1. EV Füssen eSports (lite) IN: DangledYouOut (FA/Raging Monkeys) Stefan_397 (Banland) oCharlyo (Silver Sword Griffins) lx_RKO_xl (Silver Sword Griffins) Much1979 (Silver Sword Griffins) Out: Gregson91 (FA) Petihino1 (Western Dynasty) S12-123-123 (FA) PBG_95 (FA) Smoky_D85 (FA)
  2. Alex28

    ECL 8 Lite: Season Preview

    Not to watch in Group 6 former Pro Topscorer @Stefan_397? 😮
  3. Alex28

    Player Ban AlexBVB28

    You know that this was already Like 7 months ago right? I changed myself a Lot since that but no one wants to see that anyway. Out now Enjoy yourself laughing but also at least try to understand what I did before judging..
  4. Alex28

    Player Ban AlexBVB28

    Honestly dont know If I can go without. They could Just have let me Play again and nothing would have ever happened again I dont think it helps when you punish a sick man who Just loves and lives this Shit.. I understand it but cant promise anything Like that. Sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Alex28

    Player Ban AlexBVB28

    Yes I know. I Just kinda was obsessed ans maybe I still am and this is what this is leading too. Would do everything to make it unhappened but now it is what it is. I was Just or I am still living the game and I know that this is Just sick and weird but I couldnt and still cant help myself. This Just breaks my heart but LA has to do what they have to do..
  6. Alex28

    Player Ban AlexBVB28

    I am Sorry again couldnt live without NHL at that time same as now. Time to go now thanks for all the nice time Here and all the nice and chill guys I met over years now Here. Wish you all the best even If you hate me or laugh at me now.
  7. Alex28

    FILADELPHIA are the ECL 7 Elite Champions!

    Sick Season Guys congratz. #pleeonparas Symphony also incredible Debut Season!!
  8. Alex28

    Clubs looking for players

    Inter Iceland is looking for a Right Wing/C handedness doesn´t matter. You should like to play quick passing hockey and be really active. We are trying to be very active ECL and GCL playtime guaranteed (maybe starting spot). If you´re interested in a try-out message me here or on psn
  9. Alex28

    NHL 19 Soundtrack Published

    Don Diabloo once again ❤️ But again can´t compare to the old Soundtracks
  10. Alex28

    ECL Videos

    I did cut some clips together that were flying around Hope u enjoy it
  11. Ez Win! Thanks Eki also for letting the Northamericans in the chat shut up. #flawless. MVP altough @plee999 with his suit.
  12. Serious Question. Can u bet on this somewhere?