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  1. SOPPAJENGI is looking for one player to be added into our roster. Playtime available in the spring league. It's a good thing if you can play multiple positions.
  2. SOPPAJENGI is looking for one rw/lw to complete our roster. Playtime available in the spring league. PSN: Pro-m99
  3. Team name: SOPPAJENGI Team abbreviation: XXX Team captains (PSN IDs): pro-m99 (C), Mehiiss (A), Nouluuk14 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): pro-m99 Mehiiss Hullued Ollizhki MrNiceguyEddie Nouluuk14 tuketj Hervantaheijari Randyyb EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/SOPPAJENGI Previous team name(s): - Team Logo:
  4. SOPPAJENGI is looking for one forward and a goalie to fill our starting lineup. Guaranteed playtime in the Spring League up for grabs. PM me if interested.
  5. Free LD/RD Elite/PRO 🙂
  6. Looking for a pro/elite team for next ecl. Pos LD/RD
  7. Baltic Sea Eagles (PRO) looking for C/LW/RW & RD for next ECL. If u are interested pm here or psn pro-m99, Thounimeister or JusaSoLow
  8. Free ld/rd. Can play with left or right handed stick. I’m going to the army in july so I’m looking for backup role.
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