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  1. TOP5 elite LW: Plee, Ippe, Mukimaisteri, Joukki, Krike C : Beniitto, Seppo, Paatiala, Kuittinen, jergeli RW: Eki, NikkeDangles, FlyerKungen, Indi, Eken LD: Nassustelija, Torro, xDoumi, Makeaxl, Janzuh RD: loimmu, willekunq, iilmarii, vviljo, samza96 G: Cappe, Hansu, Supreex, Jombb, Sibbe TOP3 pro (no enigma) LW: Wirtsuu, jorma2001, Edholminho C : Jamssonii, Mumsi, Kattenjansson RW: pardy, Krisutus, Isindar LD: Supremski, Terasniska, Haldeem RD: vJokkee, Miiqu81, originaljets G: SpiderRoyal, Hullued, Vesqgame
  2. New club searching for Ds & Gs (well be playing in pro) msg me here or psn crisu_rottis if youre interested
  3. Willing to update my options with my current team struggling hard with activity LD role only
  4. Free LD/RD for next ECL. Looking for a backup spot.
  5. Round 1 (BO5): 28.-30.10. Will the 1st round start when all the games are played?
  6. Sandstorm Is looking for a G and a defender/all-arounder Msg me here if youre interested
  7. Sandstorm In: Puke85 XxProArskaxX (kuka oikeen noita Xx käyttää..) Kookasi Yrjoo Mozja- Randomjanne
  8. New club called Sandstorm is looking for goalie(s). Message me here if you are interested.
  9. Lets just say its uninstalled and i need to be paid to download it again.
  10. Pääseekö kännis maalii?
  11. I can’t really say anything about Daniel other than that some people are taken away way too young, my deepest condolences for the family and friends of Daniel. If there is a time for a hat off, this is it. Rest in piece Daniel.
  12. I feel like summercup is more to have fun and get to know with other players than your own ECL teammates, atleast this is how i have taken it, but also everyone can understand the other side of this, everyone wants to get picked by elite player rather than lite. I do hope that someday we can have all of the captains from 1 division (elite or pro) and then there would be more knowledge about players within captains, but this would require activity from high tier players.

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