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  1. Virtual Horizons eSports ищет пз и ц под турнир, пишите здесь или вотс +358408708505
  2. https://twitter.com/HorizonsEsports/status/1126818405783363584
  3. Specator mode and Practice mode in CheL
  4. Puantso - MartinDalex - Flyerkungen Janzuh - Jerkix Cappe
  5. https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2373225116548218880/information#
  6. Hello Sailors! We are hosting NHL 19 versus tournament, If you wish, you can take a part in it. You can go through rules by the link in below. https://www.faceit.com/en/nhl_19_PS4/tournament/63d8b843-e127-4678-8c32-1f2bdb6fc66b
  7. Due to the policy of our organization sponsors, we are currently looking for U-22 Finnish Defenders and Wingers, For more information contact me here or Psn. #VirtualHorizonsGG
  8. Virtual Horizons eSports are looking for Defender (Fin, Swe)
  9. 2 weeks after regular season is over, which wasn't best for us, as we didn't hit play-offs spot. We are about to announce couple changes in our roster. IN: @Serg1vratar <--- Bucketeers OUT: @Khemnos ---> Alliance HT @MAYZIIX ---> Alliance HT @JaikenK ---> Alliance HT @BladeRUSher95 ---> Alliance HT @Awptim ---> Alliance HT @berbaboon17 ----> FA @s_w1ld_rus ----> FA @Pair4You ----> FA? @Suolainen_kurkku -----> ? Thanks to Alliance HT for season and good luck in the future.
  10. After good fight and Eagle hunting we decide to go bars, and who we see here Bellizzi brothers , but we are ready for fight. Drunk battle starts at 21:30 CET. Line-up: @MAYZIIX - @Khemnos - @Kenu @Takeo_28 - @JaikenK @s_w1ld_rus www.twitch.tv/virtual_horizons_esports
  11. Basic lazy morning in the sea for Virtual Horizons, but cabin boy @Motya_1 wakes up and sees silhouttes never seen before "What is it?"- he asks from captain @Khemnos. Oh god they are here, he replies, running towards steering wheel and shouts: "Spartan hoplites are coming, palundra sailors!!". Sea battle starts at 21 CET Line-up: @Motya_1 - @Khemnos - @Kenu @MAYZIIX - @JaikenK @s_w1ld_rus www.twitch.com/virtual_horizons_eSports
  12. Recruiting department calls us and says that we have 2 signings to announce for you guys. Kenneth @Kenu Lehtinen #5 aka Evil Genius Jakob @berbaboon17 Arvidsson #8 aka Poika destroyer) Welcome new sailors on board. Art made by @cyberg
  13. @berbaboon17-> Virtual Horizons eSports @Kenu -> Virtual Horizons eSports
  14. Hei yo Sailors, our ECL8 PRO trip continues, and we are going to face Pata Hellalla on ice. Our line up for the fight: @Motya_1 - @Khemnos - @BladeRUSher95 @MAYZIIX - @JaikenK @s_w1ld_rus Battle starts at 20 CET(21 CEST, 22 Moscow) Check it out on our twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/vitual_horizons_esports
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