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  1. Virtual Horizons eSports Out: @oo-joyst1ck-oo @ANIMALpak82 - > Perjantaipullo @Zoueli @mons3223 - > AIK Hockey @Freakmund In: @valta15 from Hc Reality Check @ilikkaa from Supremacy @xLVxRitchey from Sliver Sward Griffins @Serg1vratar from Bucketeers @Sluibaaja_88 from vacation @JanneK. (Januri98) from Butterfly Effect
  2. Virtual Horizons eSports looking for RD
  3. Team name: Virtual Horizons eSports Team abbreviation: vH Team captains (PSN IDs):@lycki10, @Nakkertoni, @Serg1vratar Team roster (PSN IDs): Serg1vratar_vH 🇷🇺 xMotzz_29 🇷🇺 Sluibaaja_88 🇫🇮 Lycki10 🇫🇮 Nakkertoni 🇫🇮 xLVxRiTchEy 🇱🇻 Valta15 🇫🇮 KrisutusB 🇫🇮 Ilikkaa 🇫🇮 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Virtual Horizons eSports Team Logo:
  4. Virtual Horizons eSports looking for RD and G (50/50 games), for FCL and ECL 9.
  5. Free G FCL, living in Finland Previous ECL seasons: Bucketeers (ECL 8 Elite), Gotham Knights (ECL 6 Elite)
  6. Virtual Horizons eSports ищет пз и ц под турнир, пишите здесь или вотс +358408708505
  7. https://twitter.com/HorizonsEsports/status/1126818405783363584
  8. Specator mode and Practice mode in CheL
  9. Puantso - MartinDalex - Flyerkungen Janzuh - Jerkix Cappe
  10. https://www.toornament.com/tournaments/2373225116548218880/information#
  11. Hello Sailors! We are hosting NHL 19 versus tournament, If you wish, you can take a part in it. You can go through rules by the link in below. https://www.faceit.com/en/nhl_19_PS4/tournament/63d8b843-e127-4678-8c32-1f2bdb6fc66b
  12. Due to the policy of our organization sponsors, we are currently looking for U-22 Finnish Defenders and Wingers, For more information contact me here or Psn. #VirtualHorizonsGG
  13. Virtual Horizons eSports are looking for Defender (Fin, Swe)
  14. 2 weeks after regular season is over, which wasn't best for us, as we didn't hit play-offs spot. We are about to announce couple changes in our roster. IN: @Serg1vratar <--- Bucketeers OUT: @Khemnos ---> Alliance HT @MAYZIIX ---> Alliance HT @JaikenK ---> Alliance HT @BladeRUSher95 ---> Alliance HT @Awptim ---> Alliance HT @berbaboon17 ----> FA @s_w1ld_rus ----> FA @Pair4You ----> FA? @Suolainen_kurkku -----> ? Thanks to Alliance HT for season and good luck in the future.
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