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  1. Just wanted to say that my grandma has found a club. She’s very excited and wants to leave you guys this message: ”My teeth are almost falling out, I need a walker to get to the store and my memory is failing me. But the passion and love for this game has never ended. Today I will rise again together with my ostomy pouch and prove that my Alzheimers won’t stop me. Big hugs / Grandma.”
  2. Release confirmed by the end of 2020. My guess would be December 1st or close to it. Sorry for swedish link. Price at launch? My guess would be $599, which would equal €599 or 5990SEK. https://spela.aftonbladet.se/2019/10/sony-bekraftar-da-slapps-playstation-5/
  3. Any new colorful pants? Hats? Jerseys? Game engine? Helmets?
  4. My grandma needs a team. She knows how to pass and wait for the onetimer in the right circle. She’s 81 years old, LW, an old hag and very healthy.
  5. Congratulations! Happy to see that people with money invest in the NHL franchise. Exciting times for any young gamer. 🙂👍
  6. Has the time come for the NHL franchise to implement cross platform gameplay between Playstation and Xbox? Just to increase the player numbers and improve the experience. What do you think? Post your thoughts below.
  7. I've got a feeling that Kanadan Majavat is a team to keep an eye on. They have really good players.
  8. Hats off @Kenu & co! This is a tremendous feat. Keep it up and make sure you don't stand alone in all of this. 👍
  9. I'm actually impressed with the amount of thinking and composing you've done here Svamp. That's not bad at all. 👍 I agree to some extent here, and here's why. There's a core of 50 players who more or less circulate between around 10 or so teams. These are also the same players who talk about introducing money into the equation and the competetive side of the game. I don't blame them for doing so, but it sort of hurts the relationship between NHLGamer and the rest of the community. With a community as large as 5000+ players/accounts, you can't aim to please the 50. Now, if NHLGamer want's to become an eSport-platform, it has to have a much larger playerbase, smaller thresholds and less "binary"/generic gameplay. It has to be an including and welcoming community who adds value for the players who participate, regardless if they play in Elite, Pro, Lite or whatever. It doesn't neccessarily mean that it has to be money involved, it can and has to be other things. The vast majority of the players can't, don't want to or has no interest in becoming a full time pro NHL-player. They have other things to do. In my honest opinion, NHLGamer should be a community driven platform that appeals to the big masses. Lately I feel it has more and more shifted towards being elitist focused in order to please a few. I might be stepping on some toes for saying this, but the community will never be larger than the last player who decides to join it. I want to add that this criticism has nothing to do with anyone in particular. There's no one to blame here. I understand, know and appreciate all the hard work that all of the guys put into this everyday. You're doing this with your own free time and perhaps you feel that you want to take this to the next level. And if so, that's perfectly understandable.
  10. I haven't played the game post patch. If the match making works now(?) it would be easier to play a few games and see how it feels. The biggest nuisance I've felt is the same in 18 as in 19. The engines incapability of rewarding players who read the play. The puck seems to pass through flesh and bones sometimes and I have to admit that frustrates me quite a bit.
  11. Me too. Make one and add some peeps.
  12. No. And yes, it's pretty fucking annoying and bad that EA haven't managed to sort this out.
  13. Such a great post. I remember (3-4 years back) when the administration (which I was a part of) discussed this. There were many of us who wanted this, and I tried, to contact EA. I talked on the phone with one of their reps in Stockholm. We decided to have a meeting but for some reason they made themselves disappear later on. I didn’t have the time to follow it up that time, since it’s very time consuming. Also, maybe(?) it was a little premature in terms of E-sports then compared to now. I hope the community will find the time and resources this time around. I think the timing is really right and the 6v6 game mode is really much more of a challenge for all the players. Best of luck! 🌹
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