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  1. Company of Geeks (pro) is looking for active ld/rd. If there is a good lw out there as well, hit me up
  2. Company of Geeks In Tupsukorva13 - (Ghetto Firebirds) LilminxLV - (Silver Sword Griffins) Oggezed (Örebro Hockey) And remember...
  3. Jesus


    Some of the names he mentioned has better career save% and more career wins than your picks even tho they play in lesser teams. If you gonna make some weird objective list over best goalies those kind of stats would probably be pretty heavy arguments to base your list on. But I guess we all take your word for it instead lol
  4. Jesus


    You can be top 3 goalie even if you don't play in top 3 team. Its pretty straight forward.
  5. Team name: Company of Geeks Abbreviation: CoG Team captains: eJezuz C, eCeleste35 A Team roster (PSN ID) eJezuz eCeleste35 Boqvist_3_ Oggezed TommyC142 lilminxLV Copras Otroligaesox TBA TBA https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=80351&platform=ps4 ECL Pro application: Yes
  6. Company of Geeks looking for a ld to complete our roster. Its a starting role we aim for. Don't hesitate to contact me - especially if your free and ready to mingle!
  7. Company of Geeks need two players for ECL. One C/LW and one RD. Contact me. You will not regret it
  8. Company of Geeks looking for two players. LW/C LD/RD We made it to the qf last time in Lite. This time around we wanna win or if we are lucky enough to get a pro spot we wanna do a good job there. Contact me if interested
  9. Quick question. Is there some sort of balancing between teams overall stats? Or is it 80 v 95 ovr etc?
  10. It was always a pleasure to play and talk with Ampu. Rest in peace. You will be missed by thousands❤️
  11. Company of Geeks looking for one defender and one forward. Specific position can be discussed Hit me up if interested
  12. Go Olympia!! Probably the only swedish team that can win something this season
  13. Well, yes FILA will probably win the first season. However to have such a clear winner might also be good for the Swedish nhl community. They will probably set a standard that Swedish teams will have to strive for. Might actually be good for development. To have a good team in a league usually makes other teams better as well. Since there is no restrictions for other nationalities in the IS-cup I do believe it would be rather embarrassing for the swedes to have restrictions against other nationalities in eSHL.
  14. I understand you completly. But you guys also have to understand that it’s not only you that wanna prove yourself in Elite. I do believe there is more teams than the current top 4 that can evolve into something really good. Things happens fast in hockey. A few trades and few change of details can make a huge difference for many teams. You were in the finals in the IS-cup. This does however not mean that everything surrounds around you. Pro is a good deal for you. Accept it and be grateful!
  15. You wrote ”Like we want to 😐” Indicating you’re a ungrateful over your situation. Think you should show more modisty! Rest of remarks is dedicated to Jooonas who wants to put you in Elite - completely ignoring all of the rules!

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