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  1. Well, yes FILA will probably win the first season. However to have such a clear winner might also be good for the Swedish nhl community. They will probably set a standard that Swedish teams will have to strive for. Might actually be good for development. To have a good team in a league usually makes other teams better as well. Since there is no restrictions for other nationalities in the IS-cup I do believe it would be rather embarrassing for the swedes to have restrictions against other nationalities in eSHL.
  2. I understand you completly. But you guys also have to understand that it’s not only you that wanna prove yourself in Elite. I do believe there is more teams than the current top 4 that can evolve into something really good. Things happens fast in hockey. A few trades and few change of details can make a huge difference for many teams. You were in the finals in the IS-cup. This does however not mean that everything surrounds around you. Pro is a good deal for you. Accept it and be grateful!
  3. You wrote ”Like we want to 😐” Indicating you’re a ungrateful over your situation. Think you should show more modisty! Rest of remarks is dedicated to Jooonas who wants to put you in Elite - completely ignoring all of the rules!
  4. No I think pro for Delusion was a good compromise since there was a lot of spots to be filled in that division. They should be happy with that. You want them to get a free pass for 2 divisions tho. I think that is kind of a stretch tbh
  5. If the Lite QF is a good standard for applying for pro, then the two best relegated seeded Elite teams from last season should be a good standard for elite. Delusion did already get a free pass. They didn’t have to play in Lite even thought they didn’t play there last season. There is more teams in Lite with Elite players that did t get that free pass. Delusion should be grateful. Instead they are nothing but disappointed. Sad to see!
  6. Because the team that won the wildcard (Synergy) have been a consistent Elite team? That’s a pretty good reason. There might be two exceptions next season as well. You want to do the same then? With the current system you need to stick to the rules. Why should Delusion get a free pass to Elite when certain Lite teams can’t get a free pass into pro? Didn't refer to you when it comes to the complaining btw. However you are defending them. Really weird
  7. And how do you solve this practically? Who’s Elite spot will Delusion take? Will you expand the Elite division? Please offer some solutions. Kind of tired of hearing certain teams complain about their place in time. You don’t hear the same complaints from Lite teams that should be in pro/ neo teams in Lite etc. Wise up please
  8. Jesus

    ECL 9 Lite: Preview

    In Horebag we trust
  9. Company of Geeks In P-S-Y-C-H-O Swe from Syndicate Out eSvamp & amadee21 to Miracle (I think). Anyways, it's a miracle
  10. Jesus

    ECL 9 Pro Groups

    Great picks. GL to all pro teams
  11. Yo Geeks looking for a rd for ECL. Big plus if you can play both sides tho.
  12. Team name: Company of Geeks Team abbreviation: CoG Team captains (PSN IDs): JezusKristuz, celeste_sueco, hammarjet Team roster (PSN IDs): JezusKristuz OtroligaEsox TommyC142 eSvamp amadee21 hammarjet celeste_sueco Lerpsukka TBA EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/sv-se/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=80351&platform=ps4 ECL Pro application: Yes
  13. LW/C free for the IS-cup - mainly as backup! Contact here or on PSN: Jezuskristuz
  14. Company of Geeks looking for LW/C and a RD. We will probably take part in the IS-cup.
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