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  1. Company of Geeks (PRO) looking for ld. Nationality isn't an issue. It is however essential that you can perform against good teams. Contact me here or on psn: eJezuz (cool name - I know!)
  2. You say it as it is a positive thing... How is a big company buying the rights to a title a good thing, when that title of course should be multi platformed? Better for the developer and consumer. I guess your not a big fan of crossplay either? Exclusive rights to a game is not part of the future. Let me tell ta! As a consumer you really should not support a company that work this way. On the contrary you should fight it. 😎
  3. If we back up two generations, the Xbox 360 actually sold better than PlayStation 3 in Europe. At least until PS3 Slim was released. The market share was about 50/50 at that time. PlayStation 4 killed Xbox One tho simply because it was the better console. So what your stating isn't necissarily true
  4. I prefer to play on Xbox. Better controller historically, a cooler vibe and far superior online service. Xbox Series X also outdue PS5 in all but the ssd. So I see no reason why not go for Xbox. Xbox is in a great place. If they don't mess up like last time and releases with a reasonable pricing they might be the winners of this console war (besides Nintendo of course) Since most people will buy what their friends buy I do believe a change of plattform for NHL might be a reality!
  5. Well, I guess they invited the nations that were to play this World Championship.
  6. Not sure a 3 point system awards attacking. On the opposite I do believe the team that has the one goal lead plays even more defensive in order to protect those points. There is a charm to that as well but not sure it leads to more goals. OT is also in general less exciting since both teams already lost one point each. Think 2 point system is good since there is a playoff as well. Makes the group stage a bit tighter.
  7. Company of Geeks (pro) is looking for active ld/rd.
  8. Company of Geeks In Tupsukorva13 - (Ghetto Firebirds) LilminxLV - (Silver Sword Griffins) Oggezed (Örebro Hockey) And remember...
  9. Jesus


    Some of the names he mentioned has better career save% and more career wins than your picks even tho they play in lesser teams. If you gonna make some weird objective list over best goalies those kind of stats would probably be pretty heavy arguments to base your list on. But I guess we all take your word for it instead lol
  10. Jesus


    You can be top 3 goalie even if you don't play in top 3 team. Its pretty straight forward.
  11. Team name: Company of Geeks Abbreviation: CoG Team captains: eJezuz C, eCeleste35 A Team roster (PSN ID) eJezuz eCeleste35 Boqvist_3_ Oggezed TommyC142 lilminxLV Copras Otroligaesox TBA TBA https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=80351&platform=ps4 ECL Pro application: Yes
  12. Company of Geeks looking for a ld to complete our roster. Its a starting role we aim for. Don't hesitate to contact me - especially if your free and ready to mingle!
  13. Company of Geeks need two players for ECL. One C/LW and one RD. Contact me. You will not regret it

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