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  1. Exen esports We are looking for starting LW who can speak Russian. Russian because we are going to play in RCL and there can be only one not speaking Russian.
  2. Exen esports IN: @Benne Tallgren, benjamint373, G, from The Syndicate @lapa98, Lapin98rus, RW, from Blackdawgs @Viktorperm_17, Mitrakov_V, C, from Nearbird Fighters
  3. Название команды: Exen esports Аббревиатура: EXE Капитны: MAYZIIX (C), mons3223 (А) , Lapin98rus (А) Состав: MAYZIIX mons3223 Lapin98rus Mitrakov_V benjamint737 xMotzz_ Pelkoneen Migo_boona kozlikX khemnos Ссылка на профиль команды на сайте: https://nhlgamer.com/leagues/66/teams/125 Ссылка на профиль команды на сайте EA sports: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=620930&platform=ps4
  4. 2 seasons in a row we played in eliminations, lets see what happen after our roster changes🙂 but yea we expected that we can finish in top8, we failed in end of regular season I want to thank the friends with whom I have played really long time, @Khemnos, @Awptim, @BladeRUSher95, @Denisovl17l, @aidonei Good Luck😪
  5. EXEN ESPORTS (PRO) Looking for strong Goalie
  6. Exen esports (PRO) We are making big roster changes, after our veterans make decisions to end with eHockey career😢 Looking for C, RW, G. Contact me here or on PSN: MAYZIIX for more information.
  7. Free RD looking for team. Languages: Finnish, Russia, little English My ping is mostly 21, Helsinki Last team, Alliance HT
  8. Название команды: Alliance HT Сокращённое название: AHT Капитаны команды (PSN ID): MAYZIIX, Khemnos, awptim_ Состав команды (PSN ID): MAYZIIX Khemnos awptim_ Denisov_D_I17I mons3223 FINSeRe BladeRUSher95 dibikol EA SPORTS обзор клуба: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=2283&platform=ps4 Моя команда хочет участвовать в квалификации за место в Division 1: YES🔞
  9. Есть место вратаря в Alliance HT, кому интересно, пишите, проверим. Возможно будем участвовать в RCL6
  10. eECL 2.0 without this rule👀
  11. Delusion is top5 team in elite but playing in pro, niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee✌️🥳

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