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  1. Top 3 every pos out of top 4 teams (no order) Centers: Anhel_Kuru, xKeskitalo, Jergeli LW: JaKurri, JM, MukiMaisteri RW: eken, neazz1, Timasy LD: Makeaxl, Sile, mikaasi RD: samza96, vviljo, aabeli_ G: jombb, 0 ping RPH, Discokryckan Funny lineup: Puantso - Tbnantti - Bunksteri Rotso - Wille
  2. Still free for eSHL, if anyone needs a backup goalie or skater. I can play any position
  3. Two biggest leagues in world and rivalries.. I really don't think that it is never going to happen But much have been already said I didn't read all comments but 1. Goalie gets to control a player when going to bench (delayed penalty, empty net situation) and 2. Ability to save the changes you make to lines in Versus, please.
  4. 100% playoff team right here
  5. Top 3 players every position (no FILA, no order) C : FlyerKungen, Tbnantti, Penatski RW : Dominointi, Foppatofflan, Indi969 LW : Puantso, Vilupoika, MukiMaisteri RD : Snapu48, Willekunq, Ilmari_30 LD : Torro, Haldeem, Nassustelija G : Cappe, Supreex, Hullued
  6. Thank you @Kenu and everyone who was involved! Event was a success even with the little setbacks on the road GGs to SKY, SYM and DYN! It was fun to see all of you
  7. Last time I checked FinKonna also left but he will not be missed I guess?
  8. I don't know who has made this @zande95 account but it is not mine tho I'm Zande95 even tho my account here isn't Zande but yeah I can continue my life ❤️
  9. Carlsberg HC IN: Penatski (C) from Aapon Taikasauva Vilupoika (LW) from Aapon Taikasauva Terasniska (LD) from Northern Ascendancy OUT: Patzlaf Joukki13 Slaivonen

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