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  1. Gudas-Macdonald, best d-pair!! ❤️
  2. I dont think that a team that plays shit in their pants have that good shot on winning the title anyways
  3. I think that solution to this ¨fkin stupid¨ thing is to make a summer cup-style draft teams for elite so there is no this kind of stupid situation!!! So called ¨mailajaot¨
  4. Best players in Nhl 20 in my opinion, not in any particular order (no LHC also): C: Dominointi, Pena, PlaymakerSJ, Antti, Jergeli, RW: Kungen, NikkeDangles, Eken, Indi, MartindalexC LW: Puantso, Joukki, Mukimaisteri, JM , Krike RD: Wille, Ilmari, vviljo, Samza96, Lehmann LD: Nassu, Doumi, Supremski, Antoniomannen, Janzuh G: Hansu, Sibe, Supreex, Rundqviist, Jombb-
  5. Funny to see that it wasnt problem with Luleå.. They are 3/8 Swedish. But we are very happy and excited to represent Linköping and bring more organizations in to this scene! Lets go boys!
  6. Yeah i get SC's purpose. Since Kenu asked opinions i thought to tell mine. Like i said SC doesnt seem to be a tournament for me
  7. Well i enjoy more playing with better players so idk does it help that teams would be more equal to eachother but worse overall considering what i prefer. But anyways thats why i dont participate
  8. Well im not going to participate anyways, but from my experience having selected by a captain that plays in lite or nowhere (= having a little to zero knowledge about players) didnt exactly elevate my motivation with their questionable picks. And having the #1 format would be quite heavily leaning to that happening again. So yeah maybe i take this tourney too serious and the SC isnt for me but thats how i think
  9. Say no more (i said this so @Penatskididnt need to)
  10. loimmu

    Sign Up For ECL 8 Now!

    I vote no because Joukki cant play due to his hands shaking all evening on Sundays.
  11. loimmu

    Team Radical disqualification

    Someone isnt happy because didnt get pena and joukki to his team
  12. Ggs, awesome event and huge thanks to @Kenu for making this possible!

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