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  1. Free RW/RD for next ECL. Looking for chill, mature group of players to play with. Hit me up with PM Here or PSN: haaga_
  2. Still up for try outs!
  3. Looking for a competitive lite/pro team. Played RW/C for a few seasons both in pro and lite. Can play RD too but prefer att. position. Looking for a chill, mature and active group of team players who will participate in upcoming tournaments. Finnish/English. Contact me here via private message or on PSN: haaga_
  4. Your old new ping(or whatever) was only displayed as half of the true latency due to visual bug. So if you are seeing your ping doubling after patch nothing should've changed in terms of the feel of gameplay. They just fixed a visual bug.
  5. 32ms - > 11ms Hämeenlinna, Finland
  6. This is something that boggles my mind. If the servers truly are dedicated, why does in-game responsitivity vary so much or am I just making shit up for lack of skills? Steady 29ms and still I could have extremely fluid experience controlling my player or then feel like I'm fighting the game controls for 60minutes on ice. I feel like there is some p2p shenanigans going on or then Ea has more servers and some matches get distributed to more non-favourable locations.
  7. Just like in every other esports the commentators go with usernames. Follow the industry standard
  8. I agree completely. It's not about the fact that we get shoved with yearly release with full price tag point. It's about the competence of the developer team. I think they have the heart and passion but unfortunately not the developer skills to get it done in a year. This however doesn't matter since NHL series sales have been stagnant for years no matter the end product. What screams the good old f-you, at least for me as a consumer, is the fact that they re-did the whole 'World of CHEL' mode from ground up, including netcode for the game, released a beta, received the complaints about the Dressing Room Errors and matchmaking issues from players and still the didn't make a public note about the issue even being acknowledged. Now here we sit a month later and all I've read on the official forums is "We have identified the issue and are working on it". After that it's been tumbleweed and silence with vague promises of maybe deploying a patch in the coming weeks. We are living the prime time of annual EASHL games (ECL included) up until new years and it's been a month of uphill climb for the player base. It's just disgusting how we are being treated. Dear god, some of us even paid extra money to get to try play this game three days early.
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