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  1. Free RW. Im am looking for a team that has a competitive mindset and wants to build the team as a long term project. Im really active, so that is also what im looking from a team. I usually play 20-23 finnish time, almost every day. Feel free to contact me in here or at PSN
  2. Free RW Contact here or psn: Lamsa
  3. RW looking for new home, prefer long-term commitment. Active, can play almost everyday. Played the last 5 tournaments in ECL Elite with Rusty Blades/Roots. Contact me here or psn Lamsa
  4. Hello gamers, It is time for me to open up a new chapter of my career. I have played my whole career in Rusty Blades (ECL 3-8) - including the last four seasons in ECL Elite - but now I am searching for a new team for the rest of NHL 19. For those who dont know me, my favorite position is RW (its the only position I've played in ECL). I am more of a shooter than a passer and like to score goals - snipes, one-timers and dirty deflections. This is my player-ID: https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=916 I can play almost every night 19 CET - 22 CET and I would like to find a team who can play competitive hockey while at the same time having fun. No drama - I am an old player so I would like to be in a peaceful group. You can contact me here at NHLGamer or on PSN, my ID is (surprise, surprise!) Lamsa.
  5. why you didn't play and compete in Rusty Blades 🤔
  6. Good job LA, right decision! Tauri, extra day is not an option, remember that.
  7. Let's go Rusty Let's go 🤘

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