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  1. Aze


    đŸ»WE ARE BACKđŸ» Forwards: MuKiMaisteri Wirtsuuu jjonij s_a_k_i_s91 Defenders: DieCutterMC AzeStiNE Since2009- oGBioLan Goalies: Lagezickarno ___________________________________________________________ (We are still looking for goalie📝) https://twitter.com/MUKIMIEHET_
  2. Well, its time to move on and try something new for myself as a player. I already planned to play as forward last offseason, but decided to give #onemoreseason as a defender. I have played some games as center in ECL7 (Elite) and improved myself on versus games also so i might have something where to start I would prefer to play as RW but who knows what position will be the best at the end. Thanks and RAI (Contact me here or PSN) https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=927
  3. Old: 29-32 New: 14-16 JypinkylÀ, Finland
  4. #Norrishoosi
  5. Selke Paahtis😎 Congrats fellasđŸ»
  6. Team name: Almost Famous Team abbreviation: aF Team captains (PSN IDs): AzeStiNE (C), Ikavalko (A), jahajaha93 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Ikavalko SadaPoika Chafak Nampa77 AzeStiNE kikiukko jahajaha93 Vaporik SepiDN taiguri9 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Almost Famous ECL Elite license: Yes Team Logo:
  7. Aze

    Almost Famous

    Roster for the ECL7 Forwards: Ikavalko SadaPoika Chafak Nampa77 Defenders: AzeStiNE jahajaha93 kikiukko Goalies: Vaporik taiguri9 Many thanks to @cHIIMEERa for creating us a logo We are ready for the upcoming game and seasons in the ECL, see you guys on the ice! https://www.facebook.com/almostfamousecl/
  8. End of NHL 18 C : Penatski / Flyerkungen / I_Eki_I LW : Vilupoika / MukiMaisteri / Pleemaker RW: Foppatofflan / KingOfApes / jumalpeku LD: Janzuh RD: vatalisti / Snapu48 G: ICappeI /JANURI98 / Hullued
  9. 6v6 - Kuudes kenttÀpelaaja voisi jo pikku hiljaa alkaa olemaan itse veska eikÀ botti - Mailapuolustuksen arvolla sekÀ poken toiminnalla nÀytetÀÀn tÀllÀ hetkellÀ paljasta persettÀ, ei mitÀÀn tolkkua sellaisessa systeemissÀ, ettÀ joko se on liian hyvÀ tai sit ei yhtÀÀn mitÀÀn. Kaiken maailman nettiongelmat sun muut shaibat ovat enemmÀnkin jo perinne, eikÀ mikÀÀn varsinainen ongelma. KyllÀ ne siitÀ yleensÀ on tasaantunu koko versioon. Poken merkitys edellis versiossa oli loppujen lopuks aika iso, mikÀ muutti ainakin omasta mielestÀni pelin suuntaa enempi joukkuepelaamista tukevaksi. Betassa oleva helvetti on taas sit aivan pÀinvastainen, pokella et kÀytÀnnössÀ tee yhtÀÀn mitÀÀn, karkeasti sanottuna, mutta taklaaminen onkin sit jo vÀhÀn arcade maista joissain mÀÀrin. Eikai sitÀ kultaista keskitietÀ löydetÀ koskaan tÀmÀn poke mekaniikan suhteen, edellinen oli hyvÀ mutta liian op kun taas nykyne on jÀrkevÀmpÀÀ mutta hyödytön. Kaikkeen kuitenkin tottuu, oli se lopullinen sÀÀdös tuohon hommaan mikÀ tahansa, peli kuitenkin ostetaan pommin varmasti. Kohtuu hyvÀltÀ tekeleeltÀ vaikuttaa kuitenkin
  10. Almost Famous (Elite) We are looking for RW. Contact me here 🙂
  11. Almost Famous (Elite) Well, army strikes back again and we have to let "Rimpe" to go service this great country. So we are looking for 1-2 forwards, C / LW / RW Would be nice if you have some wadamuuv experience Contact me here for more info
  12. Aze

    Almost Famous

    We just finished our elite relegation games and Almost Famous won 4-0, so we will be at elite next season. Thanks to Pata for the series and best of luck for the next season Also congrats to Monarchs for winning whole shit last night
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