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  1. Small change, but still would be nice if they got rid of the smoke in the background of the World of Chel menu that makes my ps4 become louder than an airplane
  2. Free F/D for any SCL/GCL/RCL/any other non-ECL leagues
  3. good luck finding a game to anyone who is even a tiny bit recognizable 🤣
  4. An English football's ''FA cup'' type tournament could be interesting. Put all participating teams in a home-away 2-game series knockout bracket and last one standing wins. Potential for some crazy upsets and storylines.
  5. PSchibra

    Welcome to the NACL

    "NaCl" love the appropriate name for a North American league 😂
  6. Real names do look more professional, but I think esports titles should leave that to real sports and try to be more casual and viewer friendly because there's a limit to how professional you can make a game look when you have players crouching down and spinning around (L1), chopping their stick every time the puck is dumped in, diving on ice in frustration etc. Also, no offence to anybody, but for anyone who's not from northern Europe or a part of this community, something short and sweet like "Eki" is easier to learn/recognize than "Tammenpaa". (I don't know if i spelled that correctly sorry)
  7. (Regular season) 1.FILA 2.SYM 3.SKY 4.AIK 5.DYN 6.FLY 7.TF 8.RB 9.UB 10.NOS 11.SYN 12.RES 13.DPH 14.aF 15.BUC 16.WILD Championship: FILA Potential dark horse: RES Potential underperformer: NOS
  8. It's not a terrible idea, but I think that if there were 4 divisions, it would suck if you were a really good team and had to start in the ''wood'' division, but then you would have to wait until the next NHL game if you want to get to Pro division. + I'm not an expert, but, from what I've seen, the number of teams that "don't want to be promoted to pro" is really little. ECL should always be competitive and a 4th division would be kinda pointless imo. If people want to play competitive and casual at the same time, there should be a different tournament taking place parallel to ECL (like the Magic cup). Also, this level of competitiveness and equality among teams, I think, is almost impossible to achieve for Lite, because every season you get a few teams in Lite that don't know how to skate/shoot/pass and some that could even play with the big boys up in Elite. Right now ECL Lite is kind of in the middle between being a lower-level, yet competitive or just a plain, casual league. I think the tournament organizers should decide which one they want it to be and fully go for that. I'm all for lowering the number of teams that make the playoffs to 32, because, as everyone has asked for, that gives the teams more meaning to their games and also one less playoff round (6 was a bit too much). And yeah, I get that there will be more teams that quit mid-way during the season, but if a team has the mentality of quitting, then that team isn't what this league needed anyway.
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