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  1. It's a good idea but you then have to come up with answers to questions such as where do you place new teams that have some skilled players already and is the climb from lite to elite gonna be too long and discourage some clubs from joining, etc.
  2. NHL 19 starting 6: LW - Vilupoika - One of the most lethal forwards in the game. Haven't faced him much this year but the few times I have come up against him, he always finds a way to score. Has exceptional creativity & skill. ------------------------ C - Dominointi - This guy has been elite for quite some time now and this year it looks like he's found the right team with the right chemistry and improved his game even more. Always a very tough match-up for any center in the league. ------------------------ RW - FlyerKungen - So tight between him and Eki (as close to a tie as it gets) but I have to give this to "eKungen" for winning 3 out of the last 4 tournaments he's played in and making many many finals appearances this year. It's not easy to go from elite to the best but I think he did that this year. ----------------------- LD - Gzell60 - Maybe an unexpected pick, but for me he's one of the best offensive D-men out there. Near impossible to get the puck off of him and he always finds the open pass for a good scoring chance. ------------------------ RD - willekunq - As solid as it gets. Great all-around player with not a lot of weaknesses. Extremely reliable defenseman that doesn't make a lot of mistakes and one that every team would like to have on their roster. ------------------------ G - Hansulinho - Just wow. LAN beast. Don't get to play a lot of games against him cause Sky/Havu only play against 💸 opponents but perhaps that's a blessing in disguise cause every game against mr.Burns is bound to be a frustrating night for even the best of forwards. Honorable mention: RW - NikkeDangles - Watch out for this kid...
  3. Make it so you can cancel a saucer pass without doing a one hand tuck every time (I didn't try it in beta, just know that it's in nhl 19) Pucks go over the boards too much Need to get rid of the poke animation where you press R1 and he does a super slow motion poke check which is a penalty 99% of the time Also need to drastically reduce tripping penalties when the puck is between the attacker and the defender (e.g. 1v1 zone entrance without L2)
  4. thats when the draft will reach halfway
  5. Doesn't look like 2019 is Eki's year so far Still, well played by Havu & especially Brenti "Hansulinho" Burnsi
  6. isn't the 1st of august tomorrow (thursday)?
  7. i think there is a bit of confusion because some people interpret #1 as non-elite captains can pick two elite players in the first 2 rounds, which is not the case. (by the way it is written in the article, i can see how someone would confuse that.) But it should be worded as such: Captains in the first two rounds get to pick one player from each of the two divisions that they do not play in. So then every team after round 2 should have 1 elite, 1 pro, 1 lite player. my vote is with #1 because why not try something different.
  8. no practice mode in EASHL was confirmed by the way 😥
  9. up next: continental championship league 🤣
  10. Small change, but still would be nice if they got rid of the smoke in the background of the World of Chel menu that makes my ps4 become louder than an airplane
  11. Free F/D for any SCL/GCL/RCL/any other non-ECL leagues
  12. good luck finding a game to anyone who is even a tiny bit recognizable 🤣
  13. An English football's ''FA cup'' type tournament could be interesting. Put all participating teams in a home-away 2-game series knockout bracket and last one standing wins. Potential for some crazy upsets and storylines.
  14. PSchibra

    Welcome to the NACL

    "NaCl" love the appropriate name for a North American league 😂
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