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  1. Still looking. Contact here For tryouts.
  2. Free LW/RW looking for a pro team (considering offers from competitive lite teams also). Prefer back-up because availability is changing much weekly. Can also occasionally play C/LD/RD. Playing LW as a leftie and RW as a rightie, so called @Awptim style in the groups i have played with. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=1003
  3. Old ping: 31-34 New ping: 29-33 Location: Southern Finland
  4. Free LW/C/RW/LD/RD looking For a back-ups back-up spot. Unavailable More than available. Prefer good pro team, but mid-pro and good lite teams can send offers too. Previous clubs i played In are Banterfield Battalion and Alliance HT. Might be a bit Rusty since havent played this version much. Positions i prefer are marked with this.
  5. Rusty Blades: Supreex Falun Coal Miners: The_Alpha_Furyan SJK Esports: Dominointi Northern Stars: Tbnantti Unlucky Boys Hc: Anhel_Kuru SIKA: vSilenttio Alliance Ht: awptim Shameful Knights: Migo_boo99 Baltic Sea Eagles: TheFakiiR1 Monarchs: Pajenc32 Quality: Valta15 Almost Famous: Ikavalko
  6. Goalies who i find hard to score on: (After number 1, not in particular order) 1. Supreex S_Wild_Rus Ranta83 Hoiggaa Hullued Mehiiss Nuija98 Zande95
  7. Mystery is looking for few backup players, 1st line LD and goalies. We WILL participate in lite next season. 😉 If u are interested, contact me on psn: miguli36, or pm here
  8. Hi Because of Mystery broking up, im looking for new team. Positions: LW,C,RW Division doesnt matter Back-up is fine also, since im this late If you are Interested, contact me on psn: miguli36
  9. Looking for tryout in team, that plays in ecl/is going to play. Playing currently in SK (Shameful Knights) as LD. But for now, im playing FWD (if i get a team) Prefer C but can sneak up the wing too If interested contact on psn: Miguli36
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