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  1. Miguli36

    Sign Up For ECL 8 Now!

    Agreed 100% 👆
  2. Miguli36

    Free Agents - PS4

    Free LW/C/RW/LD/RD looking For a back-ups back-up spot. Unavailable More than available. Prefer good pro team, but mid-pro and good lite teams can send offers too. Previous clubs i played In are Banterfield Battalion and Alliance HT. Might be a bit Rusty since havent played this version much. Positions i prefer are marked with this.
  3. Rusty Blades: Supreex Falun Coal Miners: The_Alpha_Furyan SJK Esports: Dominointi Northern Stars: Tbnantti Unlucky Boys Hc: Anhel_Kuru SIKA: vSilenttio Alliance Ht: awptim Shameful Knights: Migo_boo99 Baltic Sea Eagles: TheFakiiR1 Monarchs: Pajenc32 Quality: Valta15 Almost Famous: Ikavalko
  4. Goalies who i find hard to score on: (After number 1, not in particular order) 1. Supreex S_Wild_Rus Ranta83 Hoiggaa Hullued Mehiiss Nuija98 Zande95
  5. Miguli36

    Clubs looking for players

    Mystery is looking for few backup players, 1st line LD and goalies. We WILL participate in lite next season. 😉 If u are interested, contact me on psn: miguli36, or pm here
  6. Miguli36

    Free Agents - PS4

    Hi Because of Mystery broking up, im looking for new team. Positions: LW,C,RW Division doesnt matter Back-up is fine also, since im this late If you are Interested, contact me on psn: miguli36
  7. Miguli36

    Free Agents - PS4

    Looking for tryout in team, that plays in ecl/is going to play. Playing currently in SK (Shameful Knights) as LD. But for now, im playing FWD (if i get a team) Prefer C but can sneak up the wing too If interested contact on psn: Miguli36