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  1. Mehiiss

    Free Agents - PS4

    Free goalie https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=1058
  2. Mehiiss

    Youtube Montage/Highlight Videos, etc.

    ECL 6 Elite relegation game 7 White Trash-Nordic Stars goal compilation: Including a bunch of very questionable goals from both teams. 😳 (0:29 and 1:12)
  3. Mehiiss

    Elite relegation WT-NS

    I haven't been able to report our games (White Trash) vs Nordic Stars. With EA API I can't submit stats and with old tool there is no games to report.
  4. Mehiiss

    White Trash-Sika game5

    I can’t report our stats (WT) to the game: https://nhlgamer.com/match.php?matchID=9020 It says stats already reported. Solved!
  5. Mehiiss

    Sika-White Trash Game4

    https://nhlgamer.com/match.php?matchID=9012&leagueID=28 The secondary assist in WT 2nd goal belongs to goalie Mehiiss (V.Toskala). Now it is marked to CPU.
  6. Mehiiss

    Free Agents - PS4

    Free goalie Played ecl 5 pro with Baltic Sea Eagles. Pm here or psn for more info. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=1058