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  1. Loving the beta and the 6v6 gameplay. The things that are bad are not really gameplay related. For example, when going in to a 6v6 game you shouldnt have to ready up two times? I know it’s always been like that but it’s just unnessecary and makes everything take more time. After the captain has pressed search for game, there shouldnt be any more buttonpressening. Just show the opponent and start the game :). Or make the timer max 30s and not 3 minutes. Look at fifa - you can play sooo many more games during 2hrs than you can play in NHL. Same with like shootout mode (rarely play that but still), you should be able to play a rematch against your opponent so you dont have to go back to main menu and search again. Summary: make everything more fluent menu wise and we will have a great game! Dont change the pokes etc.
  2. Is this the guy who called himself ”Tactical_Face” before?
  3. Sooo retarded to do it that way.. We want to see it live
  4. Yeah moneyleague legooo🤑
  5. Since my team was waaaay too inactive I decided to leave them. I usually play LW/C. Looking for: top lite team good pro team any elite team Hit me up here or on PSN.
  6. Keep an eye on @Zalaz. Best RW in the game😍
  7. The league started yesterday.. And we dont do 3s. We do 6s
  8. Still looking for team. LW/C and RW works as well. Hit me up here or on PSN.
  9. Wheeey Free Agent again :). But I’ve heard third time’s the charm! Dont really care about division anymore but would prefer pro/elite. Can play LW/C/RW. Swedish player but have no problem with speaking english. Hit me up here or on PSN. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=1020
  10. Bra jobbat @IsakTuvesson. Du är duktig du. Hoppas det går bra även denna säsong💘
  11. Hello my name is Katten and I want a new team for ECL 6. Lavetten is now in a graveyard somewhere in Sweden. 😢 I usually play C/LW but can adapt to RW aswell. I would prefer to play in pro/elite but I guess many teams have finished their lineups by now. If there’s any hot Lite team that might be interesting! Contact me here or on PSN (prefer PSN). Peace homies
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