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  1. It's 2point system.
  2. Give him a chance pls.
  3. In my opinion... there have to be some "rule" about this "loaning" thing. Maybe something like u cant go back to next tournament same team where u left off for one tournament. This would prevent "top players" jumping on these tournaments, when they cant play with their real team in next tournament. And this would keeping these leagues on the right track.
  4. Free Agent G / NHL20 Sometimes lose, always win.
  5. Elite players vote #2. Other players vote #1.
  6. Free G for finnish champions.
  7. Change manual goalie button! L1+X not working, always taking tripping penalty because L1... I want GMC online back too.
  8. Huge respect for the real FRANCHISE team! Sadly they are rare nowadays.
  9. Normally this have been made by @The_Alpha_Furyan, but since he didn't yet this year, I decided to help him. I guess no need to explain this more, you already know how this roll! If you don't, just Google it. Remember to use your psn id as name, so we know who is who So... here comes the NHLGamer Bracket Challenge 2019! https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/leagues/nhlgamer password: nhlgamer2019
  10. If you have already qualified, u cant play again. So u didn't yet.
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