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  1. Showeekka, sinäkö siellä?
  2. Can play forward too.
  3. LW : Puantso, Pleemaker, Joukki, Kriketsi, Jakurrii (Vilupoika) C : Penatski, Patzlaf, Dominointi, Antti, Playmaker RW : Flyerkungen, Eki, Indi, Nikkedangles, itspardytime (Foppa pls come Back) LD : xDoumi, Nassuttelija, makeaxl, jTorro, AlfaFuryan RD : Willekunq, Loimu, Ilmari, Viljo, Samza96 G : Cappe, Jombb, Rundqvist, Hansulinho, Sibelius 2nd squad Rimpe - Maise - Martindale Supremski - Sakkem95 Swagx88
  4. Rumour says that @Ollizhki is no longer part of the Fysical.
  5. Hullued


    I did some calculations... Every player can't play in same team.
  6. Hullued


    Well... Even Swag would be top3 goalie If play in top2 team.
  7. Home games should be played on the home team server. Fair to both. Problem solved.
  8. Hullued

    The eSHL guide

    It's 2point system.
  9. Give him a chance pls.
  10. In my opinion... there have to be some "rule" about this "loaning" thing. Maybe something like u cant go back to next tournament same team where u left off for one tournament. This would prevent "top players" jumping on these tournaments, when they cant play with their real team in next tournament. And this would keeping these leagues on the right track.

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