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  1. Joukki

    ECL 10 Pro Season Recap

    @Hazard-laser jejee , @sannteri
  2. Hanaa HC 😍 #EPV
  3. Biggest hitter in the game/ Rest in peace!😔
  4. Great guy, Great Player ❤️
  5. I literally meant that this is not where we want to be, i understand and accept that if it is new team even if the team is filled of experienced players they should start in pro and prove why they belong in elite.
  6. How are we disappointed? No one from Delusion has stated anything like that here
  7. Joukki

    ECL 9 Lite: Preview

    Hanaaa Jeje😍
  8. I have 35ping and im from scandinavia and that imo is rly good atleast for me (was used to 42-55) before that then i got a decent working network (Crisu turpa kii) so if any non scandinavian AND scandinavian have bad ping.. HANKI FLANDERS (NED)
  9. Free Lw for next ECL/NHL20
  10. eSM for finns, SHL for swedes and ECL for everyone
  11. We are here. We are waiting.

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