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  1. Joukki

    ECL 9 Lite: Preview

    Hanaaa Jeje😍
  2. I have 35ping and im from scandinavia and that imo is rly good atleast for me (was used to 42-55) before that then i got a decent working network (Crisu turpa kii) so if any non scandinavian AND scandinavian have bad ping.. HANKI FLANDERS (NED)
  3. Free Lw for next ECL/NHL20
  4. eSM for finns, SHL for swedes and ECL for everyone
  5. We are here. We are waiting.
  6. R.I.P Nor... Free LW 😫
  7. Joukki

    ECL 7 Pro: Season Preview

    Veteraani Jeje 😍
  8. Joukki


    He is suspicious because the creators name is cometomyteam , finnish profile with 0 psn friends 🙃
  9. Makee 😍 Hyvä Jeje!
  10. Free LW For NHL 19🙄
  11. when will this stop!?
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