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  1. I had the chance to play with Ampu while being part of my first summer cup adventure here on PS4 and we kept in touch over the years, occasionally filling a spot when it was needed. He stood out to me as a calm and caring gentleman and showed his many strengths on the virtual ice. It's sad to hear these news, but hopefully you are in a better place now ❤️ My deepest condoleances to the family and friends of Sami. May you rest in peace
  2. # Goaltenders G 30 - benjamint737 G 64 - Tauri64- (A) # Defenders LD 2 - David_ovic (C) RD 15 - minokin- # Forwards LW/RW 13 - el_cisne_loco RW 14 - BlizzakDevine C/RW 38 - Jarvinder_ C 57 - AG_Jarl LW 71 - Strumpan87 (A) SOCIAL MEDIA 🐦 https://twitter.com/TheSyndicate_GG 📺 https://www.twitch.tv/syndnet
  3. Here is my somewhat late observations from the beta: NHL Ones Played against the reigning champion (Griefff something) at one point and it seems that he had found a way to perform the insta-wrap consistently and in the process make the goalie jump out of his crease and thus creating an open goal. In every other aspect it was business as usual in Ones. In my opinion this game mode is unneccesary as it is not something you could build a scene around NHL THREES Drop-In (Arcade Threes) Same as above, might be fun for a bit but nothing that can be played competitively due to it's higly scripted nature compared to other modes EASHL Drop-Ins (Please specify if it is in 3s/6s/both) 6s and 3s: Could not spot any difference compared to last years edition. I am now talking about finding a game and the lobby. Gameplay and dressing room will be covered under other headers EASHL Club 3s Same as above except that this is NHL Threes unscripted and probably the preferred version of 3s for warmups in this community EASHL Club 6s The dressing room is kinda buggy as it does not refresh itself in real-time. This was easily fixed by either pressing unready/ready or by selecting a position. This has to be fixed until release though Nice feature that you could now switch between builds and gamertag of all the players present in the dressing room and in waiting lobby when an opponent was found by using the right analog stick Loading into a game felt smooth and I can't recall that anyone ever lost connection in any of the games I launched into Still miss the feature of a goalie becoming the 6th man when he is pulled A practice mode (It was promised? If it was, make it really happen!) AI skaters in World of Chel (specify mode + how many AI) EASHL 3s/6s/Drop-in: The only feedback I have on the AI skaters is that they seem to have a hard time scoring on breakaways and the seem to always do something "unnatural", meaning that they always resort to some kind of weird shot instead of challenging the goalie with a deke or a well-timed shot that is a bit harder to read AI goalies in World of Chel (specify mode) EASHL 3s/6s/Drop-in: As mentioned earlier, some players seem to have found a way to use the insta-wrap consistently and in the process make the goalie jump out of his crease and thus creating an open goal. This must be fixed until release! This will be devastating for people playing with/against AI goalies and I guess that this applies to versus/HUT as well. I don't have any video material available but maybe it's possible to reach out to the champ of Ones or something AI goalies in EASHL (specify if in 3s/6s) Same as above Customization: Player Classes + Traits/Specializations I don't know if this was a mistake but I really like the fact that the face-off trait was removed. I think that it limits the center as it was almost compulsory to have if you wanted win faceoffs Remove the need of leveling for traits/specialzations If the enforcer class is to included in this game, well then it needs an overhauld. I guess that you could buff the effects of hits and a fight won or that you could switch builds mid-game. But the bottom line is that this class is utterly useless at this point in my opinion The traits are quite balanced but of course there are traits more used than others. I would like return to this argument when the "meta" has been found and see what traits are less used and see if they could use an overhaul The goalie traits seem to be somewhat broken as the negative effects outweigh the positive in most cases and it seems that many goalies only use the specializations. An overhaul maybe? Customization: Gear (Casual + Pro gear + Gear Bags) They are good as they are and I would not put a penny on these if microtransactions were implemented Other World of Chel related feedback There should be some kind of function that you could re-map the menus so that one could load into the dressing room with one click instead of like 10 Online Vs. - AI Skaters in Online Vs. - AI Goalies in Online Vs. - Skating Feels smooth and I really like the fact that defenders are punished if the are facing towards the opponent when they receive the puck in transition. The pivoting is a bit slower and this is positive in my opinion as defenders probably are less prone to pinch thus creating a new dynamic in the game The backskating needs some more attention as it is still the go-to move for competitive players. It still is ridiculously effective Hitting (Collision Physics) A bit broken to be fair as the line between charging and a good hit is too thin. It seems that you need some speed regardless of weight to even be able to hit and that kinda defeats the purpose of having a physically stronger build Pokechecking Better than in NHL 19 as you seem to get punished for attempting a poke when positioned incorrectly but not as unforgiving as in the NHL 19 Beta Shooting Massive improvements! It's so nice to see that snipes finally work on manual goalies. Mainly because goalies now are punished more for bad positioning than before but it still feels as if the shooting mechanism has been revamped and they certainly feels good to be able to use the sniper class again. The animations also look great Rebound shots now look more natural Offensive Play (i.e. how did it feel to play offense? How easy was it? Was there a skill gap? Were there limitations?) I think both offense and defense are quite balanced and it seems that we may have a new kind of offensive dynamic coming up as shooting is more effective. In NHL 19, you could almost survive with just clogging up the slot but as a well aimed shot from the outside now is a major threat, teams might be forced to play more balanced Defensive Play (i.e. how did it feel to play defense? How easy was it? Was there a skill gap? Were there limitations?) Same as above Some of the defender builds may need some more work as it clearly is too popular to use grinder or even playmaker on defense. It should not be the first choice when playing defense Human Goalies in EASHL I really like the fact goalies now are punished even further for not challenging the shooter. For instance, if the opponents have the puck in the corner and you are just standing at the nearest post without holding it you will most likely be punished hard if you don't challenge the shooter if they happen to shoot it through the gap between you and the post or if they get a one-timer off the slot and shoot it to your far post. It seems that you can't rely on the animation to take care of the one-timer to the far post. This was way more lenient in NHL 19 in my opinion The animation made by the goalie when receiving a shot from the neutral zone is horrendeous. It's slow and you can in no way cancel it. I would much rather have the goalie move freely until the puck collides with the goalie and a plus would be if you could manually control the reception by manually using the right analog stick to shove the puck to the corner (timing it) instead of waiting for the animation by sitting in the butterfly position The new presentation and scoreboard (if you're having problems with it, let us know if you did the configuration properly when starting the beta for the first time) I actually like the placement of the scoreboard, good decision to move it to the bottom I mean, it's kinda hilarious with the pre-game dances and all but was that really necessary? Remove the unskippable replays and consider an observer function with replay controls Other (anything not covered here) As stated every year these feedback threads appear - consider adding an observer function so you can join games a spectator. This would take broadcasts to new heights Another thing that would be benificial in live tournaments - the ability to pause the game without a 30 second timer and instead only use a "ready"-function (players need to press ready to resume the game). Only viable in tournaments though, would be a drag in normal EASHL The automatic spin-o-rama when clicking L2 - why is it not an option? I want to turn it off! And while we are at it - why can't we manually assign buttons? No need to tamper with the analog stick functions, but remapping the buttons would be a nice feature
  4. My deepest condoleances to Daniel's family and friends Many times have we battled on the virtual ice and the memories I have are truly great ones. You will be missed, rest in peace ❤️
  5. - Overhauled menus. Too slow to move around and the logic when for example a player is forcibly moved to the start menu of World of Chel in case of a game crashing/someone losing connection is bad. Also would like to see separated functions, meaning that path is no longer World of Chel --> Play ---> EASHL and so on but instead have it laid out on the launch menu where you could choose drop-in, EASHL (maybe even a shortcut to dressing room?) or whatever - Spectator mode for all of the modes but mainly EASHL - Practice mode for EASHL - HUT really needs to slow down on it's micro-transactions and the easiness of acquiring a good team. I get that this is probably EAs main source of income when it comes to the NHL-series but it's depressing to see that it has basically become a pay-to-win model. Not always true though, but you get what I mean - Goalie becoming the 6th skater when skating to the bench on a delayed penalty
  6. minokin

    Sektion K

    ROUND 8 LINEUP @Svanen - @BeastBenn14 - @Darkic01 @HambergD - @minokin @Freakmund
  7. minokin

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    A little late but better that than never
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    ROUND 7 LINEUP @Zaedon - @minokin - @Svanen @HambergD - @nyllah @Freakmund
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    ROUND 6 LINEUP @amadee21 - @BeastBenn14 - @Darkic01 @HambergD - @minokin @Shift497
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    ROUND 5 LINEUP Zaedon - BeastBenn14 - amadee21 nyllah - minokin- Shift497
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    ROUND 4 LINEUP Zaedon - mons3223 - el_cisne_loco David_ovic - minokin- Freakmund
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    ROUND 3 LINEUP: amadee21 - minokin- - darkic01 David_ovic - nyllah Freakmund
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    ROUND 2 LINEUP. amadee21 - mons3223 - darkic01 nyllah - minokin- Freakmund
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    HI NHLers! As promised, we would release an interview with Captain David_ovic and also take a look at the projected line-up Due to ECL PRO starting today and the short time-frame we had to do the interview, we decided that the line-up part shall be discussed in more detail another time so this will be an interview and gameday post combined @Zaedon - @mons3223 - @Svanen @HambergD - @minokin @Shift497 FOCUS K We also want to introduce you to FOCUS K, a kind of magazine that is being released by us in Sektion K at a weekly basis. This is the format used for the interview in question Bare with me as I am taking on something that I have not done for years: writing I hope that you will enjoy this new way of posts and please give us feedback! Is it bad? Is it too much? Is it good or maybe excellent? A snippet from the interview: It all started in a small room in Södertälje. On a rainy day, the Hamberg-brothers were locked inside to play NHL95 on Sega Megadrive. As per usual, little brother Dante was in charge of the infamous 2nd controller whilst big brother David reigned supreme with the 1st controller. The sound of the buzzer ended the game. David_ovic had won again. These battles were fierce. Sometimes so fierce that sacrifices in terms of toys were made. Competitive minds is what has driven the brothers to where they are today. In todays FOCUS K, we take a look at big brother David_ovic, also captain and founder of Sektion K who is entering their first season in ECL PRO after a strong season ECL LITE. Hello David! First and foremost, congratulations on the promotion and making it up to the PRO-division! - Hi! Thank you! Yes, we had a good run last season and we are most happy with the outcome. Can’t wait for ECL 7 to start So how was your summer? Any hockey-related activites? - The summer was spent mostly with my family, so not that much hockey-related. We did have a team meet-up right before the summer though where we just hung out and had some beers and just enjoyed each others company. It was a fun night and it’s always fun to get a face on the players you spend your time with on the virtual ice Please visit our FB-page for the full article!
  15. WELCOME! ECL Season 7 is drawing near and we thought it would be a good time to present ourselves and also give the team a bit of a facelift not only in terms of new signings, but also in the terms of appearance So to kick things off, we wanted to thank NHLGamer and the whole staff for a wonderful job with the site and all things concerning ECL and what not. Keep it up boys, it makes it so much more worthwhile to play! What has happened since last season you wonder? We start with the obvious one, which are the INs and OUTs ROSTER CHANGES OUT: @Edhoolm97- ➡️ Sjukstugan @Tauri ➡️ FA @Ifaaar ➡️ FA @djstorm09 ➡️ FA @Sickan (L1VSNJUTARE)➡️ FA @Claudi27 ➡️ FA @goagubben1964 (Otrevligtyp) ➡️ FA IN: @Darkic01 ⬅️ Korpens Finest @amadee21 ⬅️ Korpens Finest @Freakmund ⬅️ Sorvankylän Pastorit @BeastBenn14 ⬅️ Puck Panthers @minokin ⬅️ Falun Coal Miners Big thanks to the guys who helped the team last season to get us up to PRO. Good luck in your new teams and future endeavours! A warm welcome to the new guys joining us in the quest for a play-off spot and a shot at climbing the ladder to virtual hockeys finest room called ELITE SOCIAL MEDIA As we have the formalities cleared, we wanted to let you know where we can be found in social medias! FIrst off we have our brand new channel over at twitch: We will be broadcasting every game here and also be featuring other games and projects during the season, so stay tuned! Follow the link and hit that follow button so you can be notified when we go live We also have a FB-page where we will post news and feature upcoming games, interviews and other stuff that relate to Sektion K: https://www.facebook.com/sektionk/ Be sure to give us a like and stay tuned for more articles! LOGO I myself with the help of @Svanen (el_cisne_loco) designed a new logo: What do you think? YAY or NAY? Bra eller anus? We are ready for ECL Season 7, are you? NEXT TIME: Player interview with Captain David_ovic and a look at the projected line-up

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