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  1. JanneK.

    Future tournaments - we need something new

    3 tournaments + summer cup would be the best solution imo.
  2. JanneK.

    Free Agents - PS4

    Found a club
  3. JanneK.

    Send us your questions for the NHL developers!

    When will you add the feature that human goalie could use 6th player when he goes to the bench?
  4. JanneK.

    NHL 19 Beta - Haluamme mielipiteesi! (Finnish)

    Maalivahtina pelaaminen tehty liian helpoksi, kerkee liikkumaan liian helposti lähes jokaiseen vetoon. Toisaalta nyt menee entistä helpommin ripulimaalit, josta miinusta.
  5. JanneK.

    SJK eSports vs. Written in the Stars - LA Decision

    That's just so stupid.
  6. JanneK.

    NHL18 Beta codes - PS4, XB1

  7. JanneK.

    Free Agents - PS4

    Still looking for summer team!
  8. JanneK.

    Free Agents - PS4

    Looking for active summer team! I can play any pos, but prefer G. (top10 in all time stats) My playercard: https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=35 ECL All time stats pos: 6th I have played in every ECL tournament and also in couple of EHL tournaments. ECL2-4 I have played in Mukimiehet and couple of games in Carlsberg. I'm going to the army in july, so before that I can play very much, however after that I can only play on holidays. If your team is looking for active goalie for couple of months. Contact me on here or on PSN: JANURI98
  9. JanneK.

    Season 4 - Multiple violations of rules

    Which we have done multiple times before this tournament, so just deal with it and stop talking shit and yet again there is a reason for 8 player min.
  10. JanneK.

    Season 4 - Multiple violations of rules

    Just deal with it?
  11. JanneK.

    Clubs looking for players

  12. Mukimiehet is looking for a defender! You are going to get ECL playing time if you pass our try-out Contact me on here or on PSN: JANURI98
  13. JanneK.

    Free Agents - PS4

    Goalie looking for a club! I have played EASHL since NHL 13. I played in NHL 16 for The United Knights and Mukimiehet. Also this was my first version, where I played mostly as a G. Played as a backup goalie for Mukimiehet in the 2nd ECL tournament which we won. I played 6 regular season games and 4 playoff games with record of 8 wins and 2 losses. My GAA was 1.59 and S% 82. I'm 18-years old finn and I have mic, skype, what's app etc. Contact me on here or on PSN: JANURI98 Edit. Already found a club
  14. PSN: JANURI98 Position: G, LD, RD, C in that order About me: I am 17-year old Finn from Kuopio. I have played EASHL since NHL 12 and have played in 3 EHL tournaments and in both ECL tournaments. Played for TUK/ACE in first ECL tournament as a D, and played for Mukimiehet as a G in the 2nd ECL tournament. Currently playing in Easy Win, with my 2nd acc Poromiehia. Not interested in being a captain.