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  1. Team name: Team Frosty Team abbreviation: TFR Team captains (PSN IDs): MCH_98 (C) imosi1 (A) yrjoo (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Naikou88 yrjoo Jjonij imosi1 MCH_98 SpiderRoyal Nikge_89 M3izzi85 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=198255&platform=ps4 Team logo: ECL Pro application: Yes
  2. Bump this old thing up. Now looking for a Starting defender to get more games going. RD or LD are both fine. Finnish players only.
  3. Team Frosty is looking for a backup Defender. Both handedness is a plus. Contact me here or PSN
  4. Yeah, just don't update it like Epic or we are f**ked 🌚
  5. This started as a joke but it's funny that the typo is still not fixed Would be nice to know if finals end 9.9 or 7.9 (9.7 in the post atm)
  6. Really hope finals don't end next years July🌚
  7. Juu pelataan sillo @indi969
  8. @indi969 @Iltapeli Pelaatteko vielä? Ite peleillä klo 16-20 tänään (tiistaina).
  9. Meikä vois tänää johki 19 asti pelailla. Viestiä PSN: MCH_98
  10. Lomalla joten arkisin pääsen aika hyvin pelaa, viestiä vaan.
  11. Free RD/LD (RW/LW) for FCL. Pm here or PSN.
  12. SIKA Welcome back home: vSilenttio from Symphony imosi1 from Old Farts 🐷😍
  13. This exactly. Nice to see i'm not alone with the problem😂

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