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  1. 2, 1 just sounds unfair for elite captains and I think u should ask the elite captains option not the community. They are the ones who this rule is going to hurt Edit: maybe I go captain and vote nr 1 so I can get 2 elite players ez
  2. Sama karalahti I can play till 21 fin time
  3. Puolen tunni päästä pleikal jote siel vaa viestii ku pelille
  4. Tänää kerkeen ehkä pelaa 18-19 yhe tai 2 pelii muute menee huomisel päiväl kerkeen pelaa sit koko pv
  5. Ite tuun vasta espanjasta 10.7 jote sen jälkee koitan keret pelaa. ens viiko to-su kerkeisi pelaa varmaa kaikki pois alta
  6. Free g for fcl and future. Can play d if needed
  7. Ok one thing more guess its too late but maybe someone in nhl productors can find this🤷 Hut: please bring a phone app for hut like fifa 19 companion. Thanks
  8. world of chel: all the errors during the whole nhl of the year is too much. too much tuners which change the gameplay completely. Also the practice mode would be amazing to have back. when penalty coming and goalie going to bench, the goalie can come in as a 6th player Hut: same with the tuners. also I think the player amount is ridiculous, how easy it is to get a good team. maybe competive seasons should have player prices more often than packs. Vs: same servers like in hut and chel pls. saving lines and strategies so u dont have to change them everytime franchise mode: - gameplay: puckpickups, random bumbs (animations), server problems (still sometimes) menus: The menu is not as smooth as is was like in old gen😄 doesn't matter how simple the menu is imo if it works good other: spectator mode to 1v1 and eashl. there would be more but these are what comes first to my mind:)
  9. free g for spring cup and ecl
  10. free g/d, backup is fine
  11. The Next Gen In: Alluujj Ilikkaa Tominointi Erholtzi Kumisaapas22 Koppipelaaja (welcome back home🥰) And more to come
  12. The Next Gen (pro) Looking for starting LW/C and an allround player contact me here or psn ramseyy2
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