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  1. world of chel: all the errors during the whole nhl of the year is too much. too much tuners which change the gameplay completely. Also the practice mode would be amazing to have back. when penalty coming and goalie going to bench, the goalie can come in as a 6th player Hut: same with the tuners. also I think the player amount is ridiculous, how easy it is to get a good team. maybe competive seasons should have player prices more often than packs. Vs: same servers like in hut and chel pls. saving lines and strategies so u dont have to change them everytime franchise mode: - gameplay: puckpickups, random bumbs (animations), server problems (still sometimes) menus: The menu is not as smooth as is was like in old gen😄 doesn't matter how simple the menu is imo if it works good other: spectator mode to 1v1 and eashl. there would be more but these are what comes first to my mind:)
  2. free g for spring cup and ecl
  3. free g/d, backup is fine
  4. The Next Gen In: Alluujj Ilikkaa Tominointi Erholtzi Kumisaapas22 Koppipelaaja (welcome back home🥰) And more to come
  5. The Next Gen (pro) Looking for starting LW/C and an allround player contact me here or psn ramseyy2
  6. Now that next gen is dead (maybe coming back) I'm looking a club to represent as a goalie. Im in army atm but I can play during weekends and some days maybe. Looking for backup or backups backup spot😄 More info from me via here or psn
  7. top 5 (nhl 19) zande95 hansulinho sandr0hh swagx88 villamies95 (never heard of this guy before ecl 8😁)
  8. THE NEXT GEN is looking for lw and rd/ld. After huge disappoitment in second round playoffs and losing two of our players we are searching active and pro/elite level players. Contact here or psn me or kriketsi17
  9. young guy with HUGE potential❤️
  10. Team name: The Next Gen Team abbreviation: TnG Team captains (PSN IDs): ramseyy2 (C), Thounidinho (A), NikkeDangles (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): • kriketsi17 • Hazard-Laser • Thounidinho •NikkeDangles • Veikkonator • Mrniceguyeddie • devilfish333 • ramseyy2 •FINSeRe •oGBioLan EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/The Next Gen Logo: Same as last season
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