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  1. The Next Gen In: Kaneyh from Almost Famous Out: Hazard-laser to Nordic Stars
  2. ramseyy2

    ECL Pro - Registrations - ECL 8

    Team name: The Next Gen Team abbreviation: TnG Team captains (PSN IDs): ramseyy2 (C), Thounidinho (A), NikkeDangles (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): • kriketsi17 • Hazard-Laser • Thounidinho •NikkeDangles • Veikkonator • Mrniceguyeddie • devilfish333 • ramseyy2 •FINSeRe •oGBioLan EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/The Next Gen Logo: Same as last season
  3. ramseyy2

    Clubs looking for players

    and Starting goalie
  4. ramseyy2

    ECL 7 - Rules

    rule 10.7, so fighting is allowed in ecl🤔
  5. The Next Gen In: • Kriketsi17<-- Infinity • Lambu89<-- Murohoki
  6. ramseyy2

    ECL Lite - Registrations - ECL 7

    ŧTeam name: The Next Gen Team abbreviation: TnG Team captains (PSN IDs): Captain: ramseyy2, Assistant: Thounidinho, Assistant: Nikkedangles Team roster (PSN IDs): ramseyy2 Thounidinho NikkeDangles Ninjawiq Koppipelaaja xteemuzz Lycki10 MG_80_ EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/The Next Gen Previous team name(s): - ECL Pro application: Yes Team logo:
  7. ramseyy2

    Clubs looking for players

    New team looking for defender or goalie. Ecl time quaranteed. More info here or psn: ramseyy2
  8. ramseyy2

    Errors at matchup NHL19

    I think that allows (maybe) nat1 to your playstation. Me and my friend have nat1 and we haven't had any errors, maybe it's just luck or I don't know:D
  9. ramseyy2

    Tequila Sunrise

    cama koppipelaaja😍😍
  10. ramseyy2

    Send us your questions for the NHL developers!

    Will the practice mode ever comeback to eashl?
  11. ramseyy2

    Rainbow Six Siege

    Yeye, ps4
  12. ramseyy2

    NHL 19 Beta - We want your feedback!

    My own opinion about deflections when I'm playing a goalie: 1) I think the best way to stop deflections is sit in butterfly trying to be as close to the player who gets the deflection, but still sometimes the goalie pulls this wierd animation which leaves your five hole wide open even if you are holding butterfly. This usually leads to goal and I don't think you can do anythink about it. 2) If a slapshot or wrister is released at the point even if there is more defensive guys than attackers between the puck most of the times to puck shouldn't bounce to the net or attacking players. So let's say that the puck is more bouncy than ever 3) We've seen in this beta teams starting to use more "throwing shit to the net" tactic and it seems working. But for me in goal and I think most of the players thinks that it takes a little bit of skill out of the game and rip's moti. Sure it was nice addition but It is so op that everyone uses that instead of making better plays. Hope they will fix couple of things and this game will be so awesome🤤 EDIT: Maybe the game should bring some kind of addition that you can somehow in goal affect to save the deflection, because now it's only sitting in the net and hoping for best
  13. ramseyy2

    Free Agents - PS4