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  1. My top 5 at every position since EA released NHL 20 No players from Linköping HC LW: Puantso, Joukki, Vilupoika, Krike & Mukimaisteri. C: Dominointi, Beniittto, Tbnantti, Jergelli & AnhelKuru. RW: Flyerkungen, KingofApes, Eken, Indi969 & NikkeDangles. LD: xDoumi, Nassustelija, Makeaxl, Janzuh & Furyan.. RD: Willekunq, iIlmarii, viljo, Lehmannens, Temuuyy. G: Hansu, Jombb-, Sibbe, Rundqviist & Supreex. Honourable mentions Jorma - Maise - MartindalexC Antoniomannen - Re_Wenger UhhNikke
  2. Cama Nylberti! @nylanderi
  3. 👍🏼 There will always be people who loves it and people who hates it. We just have to deal with it and do the best we can to make the oppurtunity with Linköping as successful as possible 💪🏻
  4. Well, we’re happy with our 130+ new social media followers in under 24 hours. Linköping have been amazing with promoting our Twitter. You can’t base one comment on Facebook to an entire fan base bud. We had a bunch of LHC fans in the stream last night also cheering for us.
  5. Still have to remember that this is a business too. This isn’t some charity project... FILA will give Linköping the best possible way to work with esport and that’s something that was important to the club. As Loimmu said - We’re so excited to get this going with Linköping and to represent them in upcoming international tournaments. It feels great 💪🏻

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