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  1. ECL Elite - The teams that made it to the playoffs PleeMaker, Filadelphia -, Symphony Jtorro1234, Written In The Stars Mukimaisteri, Dynasty Hullued, Sjukstugan Vilupoika, Butterfly Effect cHIIMEERa, Northern Stars Foppatofflan, Northern Ascendancy
  2. Top 3 at every pos (No Symphony players) LW: Plee, Vilu, MukiMaisteri C; Flyerkungen, Patzlaf, Penatski RW: Foppatofflan, Dominointi, Jumalpeku/Eki LD: Torro, Janzuh, Haldeem RD: Vata, Willekunq, Snapu G: Hullued, Sibbe, Supreex
  3. Congratz DPH and welcome to the big stage 🔥
  4. Legend, MVP, boss and king 🤙🏻 Update us with some Vlogs!
  5. GGs Lavetten @JaikenK 112 legend
  6. ICappeI

    Sign up for ECL 7 now!

    100% agree! If we want NHL as an e-sport to move forward we have to take new steps. 120 euro is basically nothing for a team with a minimum of 7 players imo. Hopefully all 16 teams feel the same way 💸
  7. MY updated list with NHL 18 coming to an end: LW -Pleemaker, Puantso, Vilupoika, Joukki13, Mukimaisteri. C - Penatski, Flyerkungen, Tbnantti, Norpee, Patzlaf. RW - Foppatofflan, I_Eki_I, Dominointi, Indi969, KingofApes. LD - Janzuh, jtorro1234, vSilenttio, DieCutterMC, Nylanderi. RD - Vatalisti, Ilmari30, Snapu48, Totalii, Gustafsson7. G - Supreex, Hullued, Poliskontroll, Zande95, Chavelski. Some honourable mentions: Bugimir(Welcome back), Martindalex, Anhel_Kuru, Pajenc32, Jumalpeku, jm_98, Azestine, Klingen45, Haldeem, Willekunq, Laurilion and Januri98. Thanks for this season, hope to see everyone on the beta 🔥
  8. @Eki I think i speak for all of us when I say congratulation to the world champion title! To win every game and dominate the games that you did was so impressive. ENJOY VEGAS! #EzzzEki 👑👑👑
  9. We’ll see next season... 😆😎 #Drouinshow
  10. 😶😶😶
  11. @chavelski 🤫🤷‍♂️👑
  12. SJK looking for an active LD. Send a PM to me here or at PSN if you are interested!
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