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  1. Speedy Bros Hockey (Pro) Looking for very active center who can play with fast moving passes and see all players in the ice. We play normally every night, so you can come to tryout exc. today 😊 Feel free to send msg in here, or PSN: Ampuhaukka78 🏒 ♥️
  2. Speedy Bros Hockey was under the soil, but we digged up that and yesterday we harnessed it for a new beggining. Our roster is quite unknown, but the chemistry isnt -better than ever. Forwards: * JusaSoLow, Kusimaakari, Lowryy8, mir02k1, Tuuski_36 and Zundeh Defenders: * Ampuhaukka78 and Taunomaisteri Goalies: Jabmodes, Jormatsefiina and Sohvaperuna_ 💣💥
  3. 👆 All those stats are from Lite and RCL, so cmon man... 🍃♻️
  4. Every kind of tournaments and even one ECL game with this DNA-situation is pure madness. Ridiculous.
  5. Termos! Speedy Bros Hockey is buried, so its time to find a new team. Im experienced and very active RD (I can play like every day). Back-up roles doesnt interest, starting positions welcome instead. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=80 Ready to play, letz go. Contact here or PSN Ampuhaukka78
  6. Kenu is the right guy in the right job -just brilliant for all of us!!
  7. If mir02k1 (Elamam Kiekko) will play a lot and have even a bit motivation, he will score more than others together. I will watch HIM. Go EMK 🤩
  8. Team name: Speedy Bros Hockey Team abbreviation: SBH Team captains (PSN IDs): Ampuhaukka78 (C), tzon93 (A) and riihimaenharski (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Ampuhaukka78 Eetu999 FinBarkov Jabmodes Jimisebastian Lambu89 LastMandalorian Mpaukku_ riihimaenharski tzon93 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Speedy Bros Hockey Previous team name(s): Finnish Roosters Team Logo: by tzon93
  9. Congratz Fila! Just amazing job 🤘 And plz forgive me, I voted SYM to win, but hey, there's no black horse, only a little worse. Nothing off from SYM, wp you too!
  10. Just friendly question: why almost new roster? I mean, u had strong team and good individuals. Its quite hard to build new roster and find chemistry. But best of luck to Cowabunga 🤘
  11. Yup, mir02k1 was 15 points behind of his linemate tzon93, but he played four games less than tzon93. So, quite even IMO. ❤️
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