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  1. Hi folks! Im looking for an active team for the upcoming ECL games/ NHL gamer events. Im always willing to improve my game and I understand that building chemistry takes time, in most cases. I played my last ECL season as a Center but I can learn Right Wing if needed. I speak finnish and english. My stats: https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=3762 You can contact me here via PM or PSN: Lowryy8
  2. Old: 22-25 New: 5 Finland We are getting 25ms in some games though. I have no idea why. Home/Away doesnt make a difference, sometimes we just seem to get connected to the old servers for some odd reason even though our entire team is based in finland. Go figure.
  3. Well, well... Every system has its flaws. "Harkijuhy"
  4. Hello everybody, I just discovered this community and this looks amazing. This is what NHL needs. Since Im a "newbie" here and I dont know this community well enough, maybe someone could shed some light on why not have: ECL based on relegation? You know for example lets just call it ECLM (European Championship League Minors). Then at the end of the season lets say the worst ECL team plays the best ECLM team. Winner go to ECL and loser to ECLM. All the new teams should start their way up from the ECLM. Also in case there are some big clubs out there they could have a second/affiliate/development team playing in the "minors".
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