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  1. Luleå Hockey highlights from Matchup 4 & 5 in ECL 9, against Butterfly Effect and the first ever SHL matchup against Färjestad BK (NHLGamer broadcast with commentary by F5Penguin and @SUPERVIRTA). *** 21/11 vs. Butterfly Effect 24/11 vs. Färjestad BK *** Editing by @pentsaa (Kanelipena), published at Luleå Hockey Youtube.
  2. Great work @Kenu, @jahajaha93 and everyone else involved with NHLGamer Staff. I can only imagine how much time and effort must have gone into putting all of this together. Kudos!
  3. Luleå Hockey highlights from Matchup 2 & 3 in ECL 9, against PARRU and Brayce Phantoms. *** 19/11 vs. PARRU 20/11 vs. Brayce Phantoms *** Editing by @pentsaa (Kanelipena), Music by Hinkik ("Time Leaper") and posted at Luleå Hockey Youtube.
  4. LULEÅ HOCKEY 👋 As I'm sure most of you have seen, Northern Ascendancy has recently become Luleå Hockey 🐻 Announcement in Swedish: https://www.luleahockey.se/artikel/xikwak2vu-30c4d/lulea-hockey-startar-e-sportlag Announcement in English: https://nhlgamer.com/community/news/nhlgamer/welcome-luleå-hockey-to-nhl-esports-r535/ ***** HIGHLIGHTS Here are the highlights from our first matchup in ECL 9 Elite, vs. Miracle. Video edited by our very own @pentsaa (Kanelipena):
  5. FILA - VESA next! 2018 Finnish Champs vs. 2019 Swedish Champs 🤠
  6. I🦀I What's next for NOR - NHL 20 and ECL 9 I🦀I Long time, no see... said the Crabo to his knife 🔪 Anyway. We have something to share. With NHL 19 coming to an end, we would like to announce that Northern Ascendancy and ECL Elite team Northern Stars will be merging for NHL 20. The team will retain the Northern Ascendancy name, abbreviation and colour scheme, while taking up Northern Stars' spot in Elite for the ECL 9 season. With this merger, long-time NOS stalwarts @cHIIMEERa and @ma0niii will be joining a NOR roster consisting of team founder @MartindalexC; Swedes @eyebiz, @Tacterz, @The_Alpha_Furyan and Finns @Supreex, @pentsaa (Kanelipena) & @Tehh (TehhAhola). The captain for the new-look team will be cHIIMEERa, with MartindalexC and The_Alpha_Furyan acting as the assistant captains. ***** We’d also like to give thanks to our "loan" players who’s worn the Crab for SCL, Spring League and FCL but won’t be back this fall. To @David McSavid (Rundqviiist), @jtorro1233, @minokin, @ICappeI, @Supremski, @Aze and @Nampa77 – Stabo salutes you all. Good luck in your future teams, it was a genuine pleasure having you with us!
  7. ... aaaand the legendary Falun Coal Miners 😍 Although to be fair FCM was somewhat of a special case as the promotion Lite -> Pro came by way of application and "strength of roster". But yeah, afaik those three teams have made that journey - with teams like GHETTO FIREBIRDS and Supernatural candidates to do the same in the near future (imo).
  8. Hard to find the words... I'd like to extend my deepest condolences to all of Daniels family and friends ❤️ I am truly sorry for your loss, Mattias and Viktor. While the rest of our NHL community will mourn his passing with heavy hearts, none more than you and the rest of NOS who had the chance to enjoy his company on (and off) the virtual ice for the better part of a decade. While it must have pained you to do so, I thank you both for writing this beautiful text. I feel like it gave me one last chance to get to know the man behind the controller just a little bit better. I'll always be thankful for that. Rest in peace floorbandy_king, you will be missed ❤️
  9. 🦀 SCL PLAYOFFS 🦀 Tonight at 20.45 CEST, we have a shot at advancing to the SCL Quarterfinals: https://twitch.tv/NorthernAscendancy
  10. 🦀 SPRING LEAGUE HERE WE COME 🦀 The time has come for Northern Ascendancy to enter the NHLGamer Spring League of 2019 and for Stabo the Crabo to hunt and kill some butterflies (Butterfly Effect, we are looking at you). For #NGSpringLeague (phew that's a mouthful - who came up with that hashtag, @Kenu?), we are tweaking our roster a bit to include some of that Finnish Flavour all the big-time teams seem to enjoy. We kick things off right away by taking on SOPPAJENGI tonight at 21.00 CEST. As always, our games are broadcasted at https://twitch.tv/NorthernAscendancy. TONIGHTS LINEUP #26 @MartindalexC – #10 @Tehh(Ahola) – #4 @pentsaa #77 @The_Alpha_Furyan – #55 @eyebiz #22 @Supreex
  11. How is this going for everyone? 😂
  12. 6v6 - Practice mode - Spectator mode (!!!) - Goalie controls 6th skater with goalie pulled (actually makes it effective!) and on delayed penalties - More customization for the club - No more dressing room errors - Quicker, smarter menus - Quicker cuts between whistles to next faceoff - dont need the option to shoot the puck after the whistle and cause a fight
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