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  1. The_Alpha_Furyan

    Falun Coal Miners

    Well, the experts were right - FCM did finish 15th, hah! 😂 ECL 7 was a really, really tough season for us. We didn't even come close to meeting the expectations we had set for ourselves. That said, as a team we take some pride in being able to finish the season - even when it looked like we wouldn't be able to. Thanks for having us, Elite. Anyway. Not completely related to our Elite relegation but - let's be honest here - somewhat connected to it, we have a short message to present: To quote the great Bilbo Baggins from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring: "I regret to announce — this is The End". After 8 tournaments (ECL 1-7, OEHL 4) and over three years of jokes, mining and great (well... good) hockey - Falun Coal Miners is folding and will therefore not be participating in the upcoming ECL 8. All players on the FCM roster are now to be considered Free Agents. Snatch them up quickly if you can - those who will continue playing, that is - because they are terrific people with good hockey minds. I can personally vouch for that. Who knows, perhaps FCM will even be back some day. You never know. Until then, thanks to everyone who has suited up for the Red, White 'n Coal! Good luck to all the teams and players out there and a special "keep it going for ECL 8" to TIKI TALK, Gotham Knights (Refuse To Lose), Silver Sword Griffins, Northern Stars, Sjukstugan, Synergy Hockey, SIKA, Dynasty, Northern Ascendancy - who are now set to become the last nine teams to play in all ECL tournaments. We dug coal together ⛏️
  2. Thanks @Kenu! Glad you guys can check it out, took many long hours to compile - haha. I would like to add that the individual stat RECORD BOOK hasn't been updated for some time so there might be inaccuracies there. Which is to say; perhaps a few of the records were broken since I made it. The "historical" lists for both teams and individuals should be 100% though. Would also like to give shoutouts to @MartindalexC and (I believe) @Panarinz who worked on and added stuff to this. If anyone wants to pick up the torch and keep updating it, go ahead! @Juizki perhaps?
  3. The_Alpha_Furyan

    Team Radical disqualification

    Confirmed: FCM won't finish 16th in ECL Elite this season 🧐
  4. The_Alpha_Furyan

    Falun Coal Miners

    HIGHLIGHTS ECL 7 ROUND 1 vs. SIKA (0-3, 4-1) [Seems like the music might be blocked in Finland - sorry about that. Will try new audio next game!]
  5. The_Alpha_Furyan

    ECL Elite 16 in 16: Sjukstugan

    @Patovic_ 😱 'tis a huge loss for the EASHL World 😢 Also, rumour: @Norpee -> FA Wat is goin' onnnnn???
  6. The_Alpha_Furyan

    NHL 19 Patch 1.2.0 released - Welcome Challenge Room!

    Probably but... one can hope, right? Surely they wouldnt bring back the L1?
  7. The_Alpha_Furyan

    NHL 19 Patch 1.2.0 released - Welcome Challenge Room!

    Wait, why does it say the opposite in our story? Who is right? "Fixed some cases where a skater is exiting Crouch Block would not trip opponents"
  8. The_Alpha_Furyan

    NHL 19 Patch 1.2.0 released - Welcome Challenge Room!

    They cant be serious. Now they're bringing back the L1 spam? They release a perfect fucking game and then proceed to do everything in their power to make it below average.
  9. The_Alpha_Furyan

    Falun Coal Miners

    ECL 7 Elite - a.k.a "the season where nobody believes in us… again" So, a lot has happened for the Coal Miners lately. That's why I'm going to tell you an incredible story, kids. The story of how I met your m... iner. Jokes. Fun. Laughter. Anyway, stuff HAS happened over at Coal Miner Central so to get any (hello?) and all readers up to speed, here's a quick rundown: We said good-bye to one of our "heart-and-soul" players 😥 Remember us, @minokin. Always! We partnered up with a Spanish professional football team 😎 Our captain (me!) somehow made the EA SPORTS Gamechanger program 🤯 We scored our first goal of NHL 19 🤑 We gained a new assistant captain 👨‍✈️ Attaboy, @pentsaa! We signed a Norwegian and a German ✈️ Welcome @Panserhagen & @Asche! We signed up for ECL 7, Elite license and all... …only to be predicted to finish 15th out of 16 teams in the division. Thanks, Elite captains 💩 Anyway. Once again us Miners are deemed a hopeless case - not prepared for what is to come in ECL 7. In response to that I'd like to quote my personal Lord and Saviour; Richard B. Riddick on two occasions. First: "Don't know how many times I've been crossed off the list and left for dead, so this, this ain't nothing new. So yet again, we play for blood". I'll get to the second quote soon. But if you thought putting us at the bottom of the rankings was going to make us lay down and die, well… I hope we won't. That would be awkward. (Haha.) No, it won't. But you know what it will do? It'll put us right back in the position of being the plucky underdog, which is where we prefer to be anyway. We're used to working underground for eight hours a day so striking from below suits us just fine. The second quote? See for yourself... OH AND WAIT, I almost forgot… here is our lineup for this season: Over n' out, Cap
  10. The_Alpha_Furyan

    ECL Elite 16 in 16: Falun Coal Miners

    Hahaha - fantastic clip!
  11. The_Alpha_Furyan

    ECL Elite - Registrations - ECL 7

    Team name: Falun Coal Miners Team abbreviation: FCM Team captains (PSN IDs): The_Alpha_Furyan [C], LastMandalorian [A], onecorner95 [A], pentsaa [A] Team roster (PSN IDs): Aschebas4hor Berger-I88I BiggestEight iscojr94 LastMandalorian Meeertz onecorner95 panserhagen12 PatzyDrake pentsaa The_Alpha_Furyan EA SPORTS Club Overview: https://www.easports.com/se/nhl/clubs/ps4/Falun Coal Miners ECL Elite License: Yes Team Logo:
  12. ⛏️ Falun Coal Miners [FCM] - ECL Elite ⛏️ IN: @Panserhagen (panserhagen12) from Bucketeers [All-rounder] @Asche (Aschebas4hor) from EV Duisburg [Goaltender] Welcome to the Mine!
  13. The_Alpha_Furyan

    NHL 19 Competitive Review: 'The NHL series has grown up'

    Awesome in-depth review! Agree with pretty much everything.
  14. The_Alpha_Furyan

    Clubs looking for players

    Falun Coal Miners looking for versatile forward ahead of ECL 7 [Elite] With the recent departure of "minokin-", FCM is now on the lookout for a high-level, versatile forward to join us ahead of ECL 7 Elite in October. If you can play all three forward positions, that's a huge plus. Regardless if you've played in Lite, Pro or Elite previously, send us a message and let us know why you should be the next player to join our roster! Nationality doesn't matter but a basic knowledge of English or Swedish is required. Please include myself and @LastMandalorian in your message ⛏️
  15. ⛏️ Falun Coal Miners [FCM] - ECL Elite ⛏️ OUT: @minokin to Sektion K (ECL Pro) IN: To Be Announced... Full story on FCM Facebook 😔