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  1. Does anyone have any clue where we can find more pics from this event? There should be plenty of them, right?
  2. Love the story, Captain! ❤️ But, fuck... this feels bad man. 😭 Elite needs more top teams, not less. Also missed esports org. contract is a huge loss for this community at this point. I'm happy I know you personally, Jere! I've seen so much myself in you, while I've been watching you doing your captain things during all these years. It's inspiring... also I know I'm not only crazy human being out there. Cheer up brother! Tomorrow still exist!
  3. One thing is fact for sure, LHC got awesome group of guys to work with. I've waited this day, well deserved! Y'all need to chill and get your ass down. I hope people are happy with SHL even investing to this at first place. Give them time to learn things, that's the part of the process, you usually learn from mistakes you do at season number one. And hey, we can't really talk or even hope SHL teams doing things with long term right from the start since the future for eSHL is kinda unknown, right? I see SHL teams have used kinda different and careful angles when creating a teams for eSHL, maybe they learn something from this, as I said. If you close Swedish Leagues from Finnish People, or start blackmail people with new transfer rules (so they don't wanna move), then Finnish Leagues will be (need to be) closed from Swedish players aswell. I don't wanna see that, best for the NHLGamer would be that the everyone has possibility to participate. Some kind of roster limits for foreign players in both, Sweden and Finnish League would be easiest and maybe best solution, imo. I still wanna hug @ICappeI or maybe even @jtorro1233 in Finland after Finals and so on. And I still wanna have a chance to go play with awesome Swedes if some team gives me that opportunity! Heja AIK! Heja Malmö! In FCL/eSM there is 99% sure a rule about Swedish orgs. not allowed to participate but it will be probably solved if LHC is FILA and Luleå is NOR, for example. Since you can do new team for those tourneys. My point is, at the moment all the SHL teams with few Finnish players are in good situation since they can participate to every tournament they want and use the same roster all the time. It's good for LHC/FILA at competitive wise and it's not their fault. I just want the game to be fair for everyone, what comes about that who is allowed to participate different tournaments and who is not and etc... There is good talk going on and you can see people care about this, I really hope this thing will go on with a bang! And be even more bigger in future seasons. Just, don't bury it before it even started.
  4. HAVU Gaming IN: eKoskii from Raccoon Rampage OUT: VesKuLiNe to Checkmate kriketsi17 to PARRU
  5. Team name: HAVU Gaming Team abbreviation: HAV Team captains (PSN IDs): FlyerKungen (C), willekunq (A), Dominointi (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Dominointi FlyerKungen Hansulinho Nassustelija Puantso Roisto999 topikeranen willekunq EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=147&platform=ps4 Previous team name(s): Written In The Stars (SKY) Team Logo:
  6. HAVU Gaming We are looking for back-up Defender Requirements: Finnish nationality Capable to play at least RD with Left-handed player (Capable to play LD with Right-handed also is a plus ofc) Questions? Interested? Contact FlyerKungen asap via DM since the season is starting sooner than we can score!! 🌲
  7. This makes sence since I've been always wondering why Central Europe is recommended for me when doing club search...
  8. I don't really care about amount of ECL Divisions, but the wise amount of ECL tournaments per NHL depends so much how many other Leagues Mr @Kenu is going to host in NHL 20. Ofc as many as possible, but I am still that type of player who wants to participate to every money tournament out there & playing ECL/FCL/SCL tournaments at the same time is not an option, imo. Those tournaments needs their own value & LAN events. At least 2x ECL Elite, FCL, SCL, IS Cup (?), any possible new Leagues with prizes? With good organizing, three ECL tourneys is possible for sure, but the real question is, is there really time for that in NHL 20? I don't have any inside news about amount of the different Leagues in NHL 20, but from what I've heard, NHLGamer is going to keep us as active as possible in future. 😎
  9. HAVU GAMING We are probably looking for Defender & Goalie. After tight team talk, we decided to check if there is potential ones out there & instead asking player by player, we wanted to make this public. Defender: Finnish Nationality required. Handedness doesn't matter, ofc it's a big plus if you can handle both. At the start you will be behind Nassustelija & willekunq, but depending your skills and development with our teamplay, you may have a chance to play your way to "starting six". It's not easy, be ready to be a "back-up" & learn things at least whole first season. But as I said, this depends so much what is your current skill level. Goalie: Finnish Nationality required. At the start you will be behind Hansulinho, etc... Tbh, after two last LAN-events, it's hard to see how any Goalie in this scene would take #1 spot from him so... yeah, you will probably be back-up until some miracle on ice happens. For regular seasons & group stages we can promise 50% of games. We can offer you Professional esports organisation from Finland, which gives us best possible tools to play and practice NHL. Main focus is just to play the game itself. You will hear more about our benefits if we take you on the team. I have rights to not answer back to you if we are not interested. No rude, just busy times. Contact FlyerKungen here or PSN if interested.
  10. I agree with you. I personally just love to play playoff games in 6v6 more than anything. Thats why I prefer BO5 and BO7 much much more than BO3.

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