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  1. I'm the biggest fan of Jussi @Migo_boo Koivuniemi
  2. ^This. For me the controller plays big part & it's hard to say which controller I would like more (I loved the X360 controller, but I have to say, DS4 is not bad either). If I'm right, in these days you can basicly use any controller you want via adapters, right? Being honest, I would love to use Xbox Series X as a primary console in next gen. Arguments above are all pure facts, PSN is dogshit & I've hated it since I was forced to move to PS4 from X360. With Xbox Live I've had so much better online experience, can't deny. And if the console is also more powerful than PS5 (not so big thing for me), then it's only a benefit.
  3. I'm glad it's Elite teams, players & captains who can decide how things work in Elite. At least with this current meta & gameplay, you just need to play one season in Elite & you will understand why three point system wouldn't work. But you can use that in Pro, Lite & Neo, I don't mind. As Eki said, games are too short & as Juizki said, game is not competitive enough to support 3p system at least in Elite. And tbh, the difference is quite huuuuuuuge! 3p system is not a saviour which reveals that Elite is really more even league, it would only take points away from unlucky teams, which didn't manage to score before game went to overtime. We all know how this game works. Better idea is to cut 4 teams away from Elite, if you wanna make it look more even. 2p system is not perfect, but 3p system is not solution. If people thinks Ghetto is full of criminals because of OT fights, then we should probably talk about giving 0 points from OT losses in future, but idk if Elite players want that. I don't know if I would support that either. Probably not. We just need EA to make better game, not new point system. Peace.
  4. TOP 5 at the moment in ECL Elite: LW: PleeMaker, kriketsi17, Joukkiii, MukiMaisteri, JaKurrii C : Patzlaf, Beniittto, tbnantti, jergeli, TackleControl RW: I_Eki_I, indi969, NikkeDangles, eken45jr, Foppatofflan LD: xDoumi, jtorro-_-, Janzuh, antoniomannen_, Makeaxl RD: loimmu, iilmarii, vviljo, Lehmannens, Teemuyy G: ICappeI, SibeIius, Juizki, swagx88, Rundqviiist Tosikko huuru lineup: Herqqu99 - TackleControl - Anbtbl JOHTAJAVIRTANEN - pelimies80 Puantso

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